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  1. PoniesRock

    Billets or Buckles?

    I’m having a wild New Years 😆 and am shopping for new Pelham roundings. I’ve always had billets, purely as that’s what I’ve always had. No real rhyme or reason. But seems that it’s really difficult to find English leather roundings with billets. What’s your preference? Buckles or billets?!
  2. PoniesRock

    Show Jump Books?

    I’m looking for recommendations for a Xmas present. I have a friend who events and is aiming to go novice next year. Show jumping is their weakest phase so thought for Xmas I’d get her a book of sj exercises/Gridwork ideas. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks.
  3. PoniesRock

    Waterproof trousers recommendations

    I’m looking for waterproof trousers recommendations. I’m a freelance groom, so they need to be suitable for riding out in as well as general yard work. I need them to be waterproof not Just drizzle proof! Very bored of buying ones which only stay waterproof for the first few times of being worn...
  4. PoniesRock

    Fly masks to fit connies?

    I’ve got a 14.2 Connie with a difficult sized head! Not sure if this is a Dusty issue or a generic Connemara issue?! She could really do with a fly mask but I cannot find one to fit! Pony ones tend to be the right size on her ears (she has tiny ears) and around her face, but they are too short...
  5. PoniesRock

    Has anyone clipped yet?

    As per title. Was just wondering if anyone has braved first clip yet? My little Connie is getting pretty fluffy and I'm wishing I had rugged her a bit more the last couple weeks while the weathers been so patchy! I just know the sooner I start clipping the more I'm going to have to do it and I...
  6. PoniesRock

    Waterproof exercise sheets?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for waterproof exercise sheets? Given the lovely wet weather the last couple of days I realised yesterday mine is as waterproof as a sieve :( I want one which goes under the saddle flaps and velcro in front of the saddle rather than sitting under the saddle...
  7. PoniesRock

    Feeding hunting ponies!

    Those of you who hunt on ponies what do you feed them?? I spend the rest of the year resticting her grazing and letting her live off of hay! And through the summer she seems to get enough out of the limited grass and good hay to compete and do fun rides all summer. But this year the grass has...
  8. PoniesRock

    Horse rider insurance?

    Just wondering if any of you have got insurance to cover you as a rider? My horse is insured but I was just wondering if anyone has insurance to cover themselves if you fall off and cant work for x amount of time? Or something like that. Ive done a quick google, but been a bit confused...
  9. PoniesRock

    Tucking up?

    I took my pony cross country schooling yesterday, she was such a gem!! We hacked to the xc - about 30mins and then were on the xc for about an hour and a half and then hacked home. So ovbs quite alot of work and alot of fast work and jumpies. But she was keen and up for it the whole time...
  10. PoniesRock

    Experience with lami?

    Basically I'm doing an equine degree and I'm doing my IRP on laminitis and the ethics behind treating it in horses and ponies. And I am after a massive favour - please could all of you who have a horse or pony who has had it fill in these questionnaires?? Sorry there is two!! Thanks in...
  11. PoniesRock

    Riders insurance

    Just wondering if any of you have riders insurance and if you do who are you insured with and would you reccomend?? I'm currently working as a groom so really need insurance which will cover my wages if I fall off and can't work for a period of time. And I'd like the insurance to cover me...
  12. PoniesRock

    Accidents DO happen....

    I have just got back from riding. I was riding with a friend as we went for a canter across the common as we have many times before. And her horse spooked - she was thrown and her horse legged it. I pulled Dee up (so proud of her at this point!) and jumped off and started shouting to my friend...