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  1. fankino04

    Dogs and the heat

    Well of the 7 dog walks I had booked in today only 1 of them went out, to me it's just not worth the risk maybe I'm overly cautious sometimes but hey.
  2. fankino04

    A Hard One To Swallow!

    What a brilliant update, well done you 👏
  3. fankino04

    Dogs and the heat

    21 degrees here at the moment and I've just seen a guy set off on his lunch time walk with his 2 long coated alaskan malamute, poor thing 😢
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    So sorry to read this update, she was beautiful, sending hugs x
  5. fankino04

    Which bedding would your horse choose?

    Mine would choose straw but only as she sees it as another food source lol, she does love a roll in shavings though.
  6. fankino04

    Frankie dettori

    So Facebook is full of keyboard warriors saying that frankie needs to retire after some bad rides at ascot this year, and some before ascot too. What do you guys think? Is he past it now? Or are his "bad days at the office" just noticed more because of who he is? He certainly seems to be making...
  7. fankino04

    Goodbye Keaton

    Bless! He looked so cute with his half and half face x
  8. fankino04

    Farewell my lovely Jonna

    Oh FL your posts have me tearing up for you, can't really offer any advice on how to get through it, I still cry regularly over mine. Sending you virtual hugs xx
  9. fankino04

    Sleep well Ffion

    Sorry for your loss x
  10. fankino04

    I need healing vibes for Beans please

    That sounds positive x
  11. fankino04

    Farewell my lovely Jonna

    So sorry you had to say goodbye, she sounded such a lovely girl and you clearly loved her more than words can say x
  12. fankino04

    I need healing vibes for Beans please

    Keeping fingers and toes crossed x
  13. fankino04

    Thoughts on Librela?

    Fingers crossed it was just an initial bad reaction and that now it's been in her system a while she has acclimatised and you continue to see good results x
  14. fankino04

    Shameless new ex racer post!

    What lovely updates, I love an ex racer and he seems a real sweetheart x
  15. fankino04

    Proud owner!

    Yay! Well done you and the doggos!
  16. fankino04

    Run free Flicka

    So sorry, sending you hugs xx
  17. fankino04

    Finally didn’t muck it up 🤣

    Yay for you and boggle!!
  18. fankino04

    Name Suggestions for Filly

    Tehya means precious, in one of the native American languages so sadly not Italian but I think it's a pretty name for a pretty girl.
  19. fankino04

    Diabetes Insipidus update + borrowed time limbo.

    Such sad news FL, I get exhausted just worrying about 1 pet not sure how I'd cope with 3 elderleys. You've done so well to get them to the age they are still so happy, especially jonna. They are so lucky to have such a caring and attentive owner. Sending hugs xx
  20. fankino04

    I need to break the news

    So sorry you are having to sort this without the support of your OH, my partner was very head in the sand when our dogs time was coming, I kept bringing up that we were getting to the end and would have to make the call soon and he would keep telling me that we weren't there yet and he was still...
  21. fankino04

    Update on Lari

    When I hadn't fully decided to retire my girl and still had her stabled at night we got evicted from a yard as she was so bad to bring in from the field. She was crowding the gate, bargey and bad mannered, running through / over people to get to her stable at night (she only did this with the...
  22. fankino04

    Having a horse put down - Injection or Gun ?

    So sorry you are going through this. I was the same years ago when mine I had to be pts, I know shot is quick and effective but I just couldn't bear the thought of it so went with injection. She was sedated first and then 2nd injection quickly, it was very straightforward and as peaceful as it...
  23. fankino04

    Update on Lari

    So sorry to read that things didn't go to plan but so pleased for lari that he has an owner who can and will give him a nice retirement x
  24. fankino04

    Badminton XC thread

    When we were at the vicarage v on Saturday there was a loose horse that set itself up on a pretty good line to jump it but then thought better of it when it got a better look but it does go to show that after losing the rider the horse still wanted to continue their day of cross country, until...
  25. fankino04

    Another "how much" question (sorry!)

    Just to add, you are talking about all the improvements you have made but the owner has said she doesn't expect you to pay for the work you have done so you really need to be asking what was the horse worth when they came to you with ALL their issues.
  26. fankino04

    Badminton XC thread

    I used to really like him, he was entertaining to watch ride across courses ( very like Tim and jonelle) and always came across well in interviews but that clip has really put me off him, I'm sure there was a flash of anger that he had come off and looked like he was about to sock the horse in...
  27. fankino04

    Badminton - traffic / queues?

    Anyone any idea how early do I need to be at j17 of the m4 to get in before the queues on Saturday?
  28. fankino04

    Dog ate half big bag of kibble

    She's been absolutely fine since, no idea how.
  29. fankino04

    Dog ate half big bag of kibble

    She was brighter when I went back, and then handed over to owners partner haven't heard anything since this afternoon so reckon she must still be OK, her stomach didn't feel hard or swollen like noodles did after her gorging episode ( and she ate less than this dog) so not sure how she got away...
  30. fankino04

    Dog ate half big bag of kibble

    I was more than miffed with my OH who having spotted that noodle had eaten a fair amount of kibble when she broke into the box, filled up her water coz she had drank it all, she then proceeded to drink another bowl full and spend the night at the vets with me getting updates every 2 hours on...