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  1. PoniesRock

    Leather or Synthetic saddle - pros and cons please?

    I’ve got two horses, one in a synthetic and one in a leather saddle. I prefer riding in the leather Bates saddle. But The synthetic fits absolutely fine, so no need to change it, and it’s comfortable enough for fun rides/popping the odd fence etc.
  2. PoniesRock

    best brushes

    I’ve got cheap and cheerful for everyday brushing off. But I do have some HAAS brushes for hunting mornings/days out. Which I love! I find the shimmel (not sure if that’s how it’s spelt) is great for lifting stable stains or any grim!
  3. PoniesRock

    Has anyone tried 'naturally' weaning foals?

    We have weaned at 6 months, providing the foal is ready to leave its mother. In all fairness, we’ve generally found that by 6 months the mare has had enough and in one situation the foal had been such a greedy guts he had really taken his toll on the mare despite her being given all the correct...
  4. PoniesRock

    Best hoof products?

    Lard. Cheap, cheerful and works really well.
  5. PoniesRock

    Cantering on the road

    I still find it very bizarre - I’ve groomed for hunt kennels in jumping country and the horses were there season after season.
  6. PoniesRock

    Cantering on the road

    Three seasons 😳 what do they do to them?! Mines just finished her fourth season and she’s done 30 days this season. We aren’t a jumping pack but she’s done the miles. As for cantering on the roads, I would never intentionally canter the roads out exercising as I think it’s slippy and it would...
  7. PoniesRock

    Are single dogs happy?

    Cassie very much thinks I am her human. So I totally agree with you on the not sharing humans well front! She’s trained me well…. she shares my lunchbox with me everyday, to the extent that I now have to take something in the lunchbox specifically for her to have. I can’t imagine her tolerating...
  8. PoniesRock

    Are single dogs happy?

    I have a Jack Russell who firmly believes she is a princess. She is more than happy to be sociable out and about on walks, and she comes to work with me everyday where there is lots of dogs, some of which she totally ignores, others she enjoys playing with. However, at home she would be...
  9. PoniesRock

    Advice on the warmest hunt coats

    Absolutely worth splashing out and buying new. I never bothered before thinking it didn’t make much difference, but it really does. And like someone mentioned above, buy a size too big to allow for the extra layers of thermals/waistcoat ect.
  10. PoniesRock

    Advice on the warmest hunt coats

    I have a shires one, can’t remember which model it is, but it’s new to me this season. Have to say after spending the last however many seasons in a very second hand jacket, I’m really noticing the difference this season with my new jacket. It’s sooo nice that the ‘waterproof’ outer actually...
  11. PoniesRock

    Do you feed chaff with your pre mix feed?

    I’ve got one horse I feed chaff purely to give something to chew so she doesn’t scoff her nuts and choke on them. My other won’t eat chaff, so she has a mash instead. Like you say, if they have access to forage they can fill up on that, I don’t think you need to fill the bucket to fill their...
  12. PoniesRock

    No turnout

    Our turnout gets very wet, as in standing water on it. This winter we have been lucky and they have been turned out till just before Christmas. But in all honesty mine haven’t wanted to go out since about November, I’ve been dragging them to the field in the mornings telling them it’s good for...
  13. PoniesRock

    Sudden problem with clipping.

    Agreed. I do a lot of clipping and I do think clipping is a good tell tell sign of when they aren’t happy and/or are sore.
  14. PoniesRock

    Billets or Buckles?

    I’m having a wild New Years 😆 and am shopping for new Pelham roundings. I’ve always had billets, purely as that’s what I’ve always had. No real rhyme or reason. But seems that it’s really difficult to find English leather roundings with billets. What’s your preference? Buckles or billets?!
  15. PoniesRock

    Have you bought anything really nice lately?

    I was spoilt for Christmas and my other half bought me these Ariat county boots. I love them! Sooo comfortable and nice to have some none horsey going out footwear!
  16. PoniesRock

    Horsey people and there jobs

    I left school, went to do my A levels because that was the ‘right’ thing to do. I applied to uni to do business management because again I thought it was the ‘right’ thing to do…. Then I lost my Dad. My world fell apart and I decided doing the ‘right’ thing to do flew out the window. I declined...
  17. PoniesRock

    DIY - do any of you lock your feed bins?

    Wouldn’t even cross my mind. Potentially need a yard move is missing feed is a issue!
  18. PoniesRock

    Can I assume none of you give rawhide treats?

    We have a very old school pet shop near us and it sells some somewhat interesting dog treats, ranging from chickens feet, stuffed cow hooves and bull pizzles….. I normally pick the tamer ones like goat stripes, cows ears which our terrier very much enjoys.
  19. PoniesRock

    Hosting Meet - recipes needed

    Roast potatoes are my fave thing. Honestly tho, don’t panic about it, they will just be grateful to have somewhere to meet and anything extra is a bonus!
  20. PoniesRock

    Freelance grooms need a rant!!

    I think you’ve been unlucky to have a selection who haven’t replied ☹️ As much as you say it’s not a 20 min job it may end up much more than that if someone has to deal with a horse who has cut itself/got stuck in their rug or something that suddenly requires the vet in which case £25 doesn’t...
  21. PoniesRock

    Freelance grooms need a rant!!

    As a freelance groom myself I’d always make sure I message back, even if it’s to say that I’m too busy/dont have any availability. Unfortunately I would imagine that just a ‘welfare check’ properly isn’t financially worth doing unless it’s for someone who you’d normally work for. Time wise if...
  22. PoniesRock

    What size and make of rugs are your connies in?

    My 14.1hh Connie wears a 5’9’’ and she predominantly has horse wear rugs.
  23. PoniesRock

    How long do you take to do a full clip on your horses?

    I take about the same to take the full lot off. So much quicker to leave half a head and legs on.
  24. PoniesRock

    Mole Valley Feed is milled by Spillers

    That makes sense. I personally buy spillers feed for the approved by the laminitis trust stamp - I know what I’m getting in every bag then, well it feels like more of a guarantee anyway.
  25. PoniesRock

    Mole Valley Feed is milled by Spillers

    I’ve heard this before. But from what I gathered the MV own brand is any batches that don’t meet spillers standards. Please do correct me if I’m wrong!
  26. PoniesRock

    Livery yard

    Warwick farm is at the bottom of Culmstock beacon/wrangway. Big livery yard ranging from DIY to full livery. I’m not a livery there but a freelance groom and have ridden horses for clients who have been liveries there in the past.
  27. PoniesRock


    I’ve got heiniger cordless ones - the xplorers are the ‘modern’ equivalent. Love them. Really reliable, totally cordless. Easy to use.
  28. PoniesRock

    Hay prices this year.

    We make hay/haylage to sell. As much as we’ve had plenty of grass, the window to get it cut and baled has been so much shorter this summer. It’s been a really tough season. Our haylage prices will be increasing as the price of wrap has gone through the roof, hay will be the same prices as last year.
  29. PoniesRock

    No suitable thread title

    This has made my morning 🤣 I have a Jack Russell who is very much a terrorist at times, creates much entertainment and embarrassment all at the same time. Though she’s yet to top your story! 😆
  30. PoniesRock

    Irish horses - how much do they grow?

    I bought a 5yr old bog pony - apparently half new forest pony. Potentially half cow 🤷‍♀️ She’s now 8 and has out grown her turnout rug and has considerably bulked out.