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  1. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Unsettled Mare

    Hoping that the wise ones of HHO can help a friend of mine in need: Older mare (mid to late 20s) has been rehomed due to bereavement about 4 weeks ago. She lived in her previous home for over 14 years with one gelding pony companion (who wasn't rehomed with her) and had contact mainly with one...
  2. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    EHV-1 Outbreak in Spain

    How worried should we be? Social media in the South East has comments about horses returning from Valencia where the infection is occurring.
  3. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Boundary Hedge Planting

    With the opportunity to plant a new boundary hedge of horse friendly plants, where should it be planted? On the boundary? Inside the boundary to enable it to be trimmed by us without having to go onto the neighbours land or require them to trim it? There is no ditch and it’s a new boundary on a...
  4. The Bouncing Bog Trotter


    Hi all A local farmer has decided to buy some rheas. We saw one in his field when we rode past and he explained to us that it escaped out of his barn and he was unable to catch it or round it up - its been loose since mid December. Said rhea has been grazing happily on his field but in the past...
  5. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    New dog showing aggression

    Following the death of my sister in law we have taken on some responsibility her dog. He is a neutered 6 year old and has never really mixed with other dogs and spent all of his time living alone with his late owner. We knew he was poorly socialised and had displayed some food aggression in the...
  6. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Feather Mites and Ivermectin/Dectomax

    As the active ingredient of dectomax is an ivermectin derivative, has anyone tried an ivermectin only wormer to treat feather mites? My cob is suffering badly and I wondered if this is a possibility? Thanks in advance.
  7. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Boswellia and Behaviour

    Has anyone feeding boswellia to their horse seen a distinct change in behaviour? I have been feeding 100% boswellia to my 19 year old cob for 2 weeks now to help with joint issues and she has become quite anxious and is box walking and gazing into the distance when stabled.
  8. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Annular Ligaments and Surgery

    Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of an annular ligament healing without resorting to surgery? Thank you.
  9. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Help. Stressed, anxious and worried horse

    I have owned D for about 18 months now. In the time that I have owned him he has become progressively more stressed, nervous and anxious. When I bought him he was described by his locally based breeder as sensitive but the behaviour that I am now experiencing goes beyond this and I am open to...
  10. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Another dog insurance question...

    Have just had the renewal through for my 6 year old springer and they want an increased premium of 45%, this is despite making no claims ever for this dog since I took insurance with them in 2012! They now want an annual premium of nearly £520. I have shopped around and can get better cover for...
  11. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Badminton Red Button Recording

    For those on SKY you can set channel 980 to record all the cross country on Saturday. Apologies if already posted. Enjoy.
  12. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    BS Points v Actual or Notional

    HI, I am getting very confused reading the BS website. Can anyone explain to me in simple terms how points are comparable with Actual or Notional Winnings? I am trying to work out if my new mare is eligible for the riding club teams. Her BS record shows Home Actual as £170, Home Notional as...
  13. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    PLEASE HELP Missing Horses TIVERTON, Devon

    Please can you share as much as possible. Hopefully these horses have just gone walkabout. 3 horses have gone missing from near Rackenford, Tiverton, Devon this morning. A fourth horse was left behind in the field. They are: 16.3hh mare, 6 years old, dark brown with blaze 16hh filly 2.5...
  14. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    WEG Dressage

    Anyone else watching now on FEI TV?
  15. The Bouncing Bog Trotter


    Hi, anyone know anything about this illness? My springer's litter brother who lives in our village just a few doors away is suspected to have just died from this. What can I do to protect my dog? His owner/my dog's breeder is devastated. Thanks in advance.
  16. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Best diet for cats

    My bengal is just over a year old and is a very active outdoor cat. I think he could do with carrying some more weight, so, aside from the regular worming sessions, what are the best dried cat foods out there? Has anyone tried a raw diet for cats ? Thanks in advance.
  17. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Bengal Cat problem

    We have a neutered male bengal cat that is nearly a year old. As we live in a quiet cul de sac backing onto woods he is an outdoor cat. Everyone locally knows him as he comes with us when we walk the dogs and is very friendly. However, we have had our first complaint about him. He is so...
  18. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Towing problems with a Volvo XC90

    Hi all I tow my Ifor Williams HB506 with my Volvo XC90. I have only towed it 3 times, once when I collected it from the dealers and twice with my cob inside. Unloaded it is fine but with the cob on board it feels like it is lurching backwards and forwards, even on a straight, flat road. Today...
  19. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Exceptional Customer Service - Ariat

    We often talk about poor service but I want to tell you about the amazing customer service I've just had from Ariat. I needed a new zip for my chaps (following a chewing incident with a puppy) and emailed them to ask if they had a repair service. They replied the next day to say they don't...
  20. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Stallion Choices

    Please can you let me know your thoughts and comments on the suitability of the stallions listed below for my mare. Mare: 15.1hh coloured Irish cob (homozygous). 10" bone, good competition record show cob, BS and BE (with a best dressage score of 19.5 :D). Can be quite sharp. I want to...
  21. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Passports and Breed Societies

    I intend to breed from my mare this year but she has an ID passport only with no indication as to breeding. I want to breed from her to keep the offspring for myself and she has a successful competition record. I am also looking into getting her graded by the SPSS based on her competition...
  22. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Dressage Running Order

    Apologies if already posted but here is the link to the Dressage times for Thursday and Friday. Carl - 11:54 Thursday Laura - 15:11 Thursday Richard - 12:15 Friday Charlotte - 14:10 Friday...
  23. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Help - bitch mismated

    Help - my 10 month old springer bitch has just been mismated by her litter brother - with a full tie. I am off to the vets for the required injection but what are the time limits???? Is tomorrow too soon, too late, can I get her speyed at the same time? Thank you
  24. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Training classes in East Sussex

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of some good training classes in East Sussex??? I have a Springer puppy that I intend to work but I want to take her through basic obedience classes first. Having had recently had adult rescue labs I've not had a puppy for about 13 years and I can't...
  25. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Introducing a puppy to poorly socialised dog??

    We have a 10 year old rescue labrador who is a retired brood bitch (puppy farm rather than breeder). She is a fabulous family dog and is very gentle with our children but is very poorly socialised and is aggressive towards other dogs. Before we rescued her she did a close pair bond with another...
  26. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Help with a receipt for youngstock

    Good morning all. I need some advice about a receipt and I felt that you were the best people to be able to help. I’ve just sold a young unbroken horse to someone based on her breeding, video, photos, lots of conversations and emails and her Futurity results. He’s not see her in person and...
  27. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    What makes you 'an international' rider?

    Just musing on a Saturday afternoon after playing on the internet. What constitues being able to call yourself an 'international' event rider. Is it when you compete (and complete the class) at a certain level, compete in a class/section in which an overseas rider also competes or when you...
  28. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Dectomax Injections

    My cob has rubbed herself raw this week with feather mites. Her legs are totally clipped out, I've taken her off straw bedding and I've been using pig oil and sulpher - all to no avail. It's been getting worse over the last few weeks and is now causing her distress. I'm planning to call my...
  29. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    I hate the decision I've just made.....

    I’m sat here in bits. I’ve just placed an ad for my beloved horse and I am dreading getting any calls. I have read so many sad posts about people losing their horses and I totally appreciate that I am only selling her, but my horse has a future and I always saw myself as being part of that...
  30. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Bareback & Bridleless in the snow

    I've never posted a link to Facebook before so I hope this works - love the flying changes and the halt at the end........ I am in awe!!/video/video.php?v=10150335411145128&oid=246809561854&comments