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  1. OrangeAndLemon

    For Sale Ideal VSD 18" XXW Saddle

    I have replaced my saddle after my boy slimmed down and out of his Black Ideal VSD, 18" XXW saddle. Saddle is well used, so much so that I can't read the serial number anymore. I bought it second hand from a saddler nearly 5 years ago for £500. It's in good working order, but has a few minor...
  2. OrangeAndLemon

    Going for an MRI - any advice?

    My 11yo Suffolk gelding is going to Oakhill for investigation into lameness on the front left. He'll have nerve blocks followed by some rest then an MRI. He'll be there for 3 days (2 nights). He's generally a calm and easy going character but can be a bit 'full of himself' at new places. I...
  3. OrangeAndLemon

    Hope Valley Online Auction

    Hope Valley are running an online auction starting 8pm tonight and ending tomorrow evening. No reserves. You have to register first. Delivery £5.99 per item, additional items increase postage costs by £1. I didn't look at overseas postage costs. This is the first one so 80 lots, not a huge...
  4. OrangeAndLemon

    What to do with an old helmet

    I got a new helmet for Christmas. No fall or damage to the old one, it was just too old and didn't fit as well and needed replacing. Previously I've bought an old beagler and upcycled it into a lamp but I'm not sure an old Navy Charles Owen Pro2 will look as good. Does anyone have any ideas...
  5. OrangeAndLemon

    Shopping help - comb spurs

    My new coach has suggested spurs and after reading lots of advice on here I wanted to find some comb spurs but they seem to be out of stock everywhere. Background in case anyone requires and may be able to suggest an in stock alternative; horse is nicely reactive to leg aids everywhere except...
  6. OrangeAndLemon

    Bitten by a dog - no good deed...

    Heading out for an evening run and I come across minor traffic chaos in my tiny village. Over a hump back, single carriageway bridge a dog had decided to simply sniff around in the road. Not the safest place to make a nuisance of itself. As a pedestrian it was easy for me to move it on. Once...
  7. OrangeAndLemon

    Countryfile 19 Jul

    This evenings countryfile at 4.30pm will include a piece about the first birth of a Suffolk filly using sexed semen. The filly foal was born to Easton Ruby, the sire is Holbeache Iggy and the AI done by Stallion AI services. I think there will also be something about Adam's mare, Lexi, being...
  8. OrangeAndLemon

    Dublin VE day offers

    I just had an email from Dublin about VE day offers. I had a quick look and there are a couple of bargains on there. I was looking for the gel cool it riding tights but they weren't in the offer. Some other breeches and riding tights from £12.50.
  9. OrangeAndLemon

    Lifting leg in carrot stretches

    After a mild back strain I noticed E started lifting his right hind when I stretched him to that side. He doesn't do the same the other way. The background: The injury was a mild strain on his back. He was treated by physio who was happy there was nothing serious but I gave him a couple of...
  10. OrangeAndLemon

    Use of stable boots for a filled leg

    Possibly a stupid question but just want to check... Background: 9yo Suffolk, otherwise healthy had cellulitis in rear right pastern followed by dermatitis, caught very early but treated with antibiotics for 6 weeks. Swelling only started after 4 weeks. It improves with exercise, particularly...
  11. OrangeAndLemon

    Showing Our first (and second) show

    Sorry, this is very long. Owning a horse like a Suffolk comes with a sense of responsibility; these rare horses are amazing. Its important as many people as possible see him being the perfect ridden horse he is. Being a nervous rider, taking him to a show myself was always going to be tricky...
  12. OrangeAndLemon

    British Ridden Heavy Horse | Which Bit

    I'm tentatively thinking about a bit of British Ridden Heavy Horse Showing. From the rules I'm not sure if I need a double bridle / Pelham or if a regular snaffle is ok. If I do need to use a Pelham, I currently use a French link hanging cheek snaffle, is the sideways move to a Pelham to use a...
  13. OrangeAndLemon

    Best stable door bolt for an expert equine escapologist?

    At the moment we have a kick bolt and a simple draw bolt at the top. It took him a day to learn how to kick the door gently in just the right way, and the simple draw bolt at the top took minutes to figure out. Can anyone recommend a mensa level draw bolt, or somewhere I can buy one of those...
  14. OrangeAndLemon

    Horse fly bites in saddle area only???

    Yesterday little Ernie was turned out first thing with only his mask on because it was a very warm and windy day with no horseflies seen around, and his rug doesn't fit brilliantly (it is the best available for a horse like him) so any playtime without it is better. When he came in he had...
  15. OrangeAndLemon

    Idolo ties - they aren't for every horse

    Particularly, not for big clever horses. Ernie thinks undoing quick release knots is a game. To be fair, his favourite hobby is escapology. I thought the Idolo would be a safe and horse-proof option. E realised gentle, constant pressure on the Idolo meant freedom. Realising my mistake...
  16. OrangeAndLemon

    Ride on Fly Rug for a Heavy Horse?

    Does anyone know if these exist? My Suffolk is very sensitive to flies and is already covered in every fly spray and gel going, unfortunately he is huge so flies never fail to find him. They don't even seem put off my his gentle scent of garlic. Ruggles rugs fit him better than Epic but...
  17. OrangeAndLemon

    Overreach boots on the back?

    My lad has caught himself just above the hoof on the right rear. The damage was caused by the left rear hoof. He doesn't wear shoes at the back and, being a draft horse, it's not too unusual for his back feet to be relatively close. As it's the second time he's done it in as many weeks, I was...
  18. OrangeAndLemon

    Happy Customer - Totally Tack

    Just a quick note to pass on some good feedback for Totally Tack. I haven't used them before, I ordered an extra large equiami and got some horse treats too (it meant I could avoid shipping charge by going over minimum free delivery cost saving me about £5). Delivery was slow at first but...
  19. OrangeAndLemon

    loose shoe or not?

    Sorry, this feels like a really stupid question. Yesterday one of the girls at the yard asked when E was due to see the farrier because she thought it sounded like he had a loose shoe. I checked, it seemed well attached and I walked him around and it sounded normal to me. Picked his feet...
  20. OrangeAndLemon

    preparing for a photoshoot

    I got some very exciting news the other day! I've been asked if Ernie could have his photo taken to be in a book about endangered native breeds (he's a Suffolk) He loves having his picture taken so I'm looking forward to it. As a thank you, I get a free picture session too. TBH, not as...
  21. OrangeAndLemon

    Experience of a sore tummy

    Just thought I'd share this, it was my first experience of Him not feeling well. He is completely back to normal now. E is on full livery but only moved here two weeks earlier. Nearly a fortnight ago E had a lesson booked. I got to the stables early to groom him, When I got there he seemed a...
  22. OrangeAndLemon

    Moving Yards - any advice?

    I've recently moved house and have now found a lovely new yard for my boy to move to. I love the yard he's at now and I've been very happy there but it's now an 85 mile round trip to see him so I have to move him. Both yards are busy riding schools and both have lots of hacking but the new yard...
  23. OrangeAndLemon

    10% off at Ruggles

    Using the code HORSELIVE until 23.59 12 Nov on all full price products.
  24. OrangeAndLemon

    Are you owner of black pony kept by Jn24, M60?

    I've just driven passed and the pony looks very lame. I've called Pugh auctioneers who recently sold the land, and asked them to contact the land owner urgently. Hoping the power of HHO can help try to find the owner so they can get there sooner (because if it was mine....) Every other day...
  25. OrangeAndLemon

    Any suggestions on finding bigger bits?

    My Suffolk has a 7" hanging cheek, French link snaffle which he goes well in. The first day I put it on him I knew it was only just big enough; there wasn't enough spare at either end beyond his lips. Yesterday I noticed a slight sore patch on a corner of his mouth, not where the hanging cheek...
  26. OrangeAndLemon

    Using a Tail Bandage to improve hind leg action

    In last nights group lesson, as we were finishing, my instructor suggested we try using a tail bandage while riding in lessons, to remind my horse he has 4 legs to think about and use. I didn't have time to discuss it last night and will discuss it more on the weekend but, I thought I'd google...
  27. OrangeAndLemon

    Ruffles need a HH to model new rugs

    Just seen on Facebook, Ruggles (LE7) are looking for a heavy horse to model their new rugs for online adverts. Ideally not a shire (already used a shire) and must take 7'0", 7'3" or 7'6". I think they'd want someone available 19 Oct or soon after. I think you just add a comment to their...
  28. OrangeAndLemon

    Ruggles end of season sale

    I haven't looked yet but I'm told 15% discounts on already well priced stuff. I have an unclipped native, fighting the urge to look cos I'll buy stuff he doesn't need so if you lot could go and buy everything 7'6" so there's nothing left for me, it would help.:D:D:D
  29. OrangeAndLemon

    Any advice : small cut on hock, field injury

    He's my first horse and this is the first time I've had to deal with an injury so any advice would be welcome. I've got home after checking him and come up with loads more questions I should have asked. E came in this morning with a small field injury. Looks like a kick to his hock. Small cut...
  30. OrangeAndLemon

    Recommend a vet near Brackley please

    I posted this first in the regional board but no suggestions so trying again here. Can anyone recommend a vet for a 5 stage vetting on a ridden draught horse, near Croughton, Brackley, NN13. Thanks in advance