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  1. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Senior BS affiliated on a pony

    I did it with my Connemara in British Novice/90cm amateur classes but he did struggle in 2nd rounds in combinations if the second element was an oxer. Go for it if your pony is a scopy.
  2. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Aghh! Potential new pony failed vetting!

    What a shame, sorry this has happened to you. Is it worth going back to the vendors and talking to them? I have had 2 with heart murmurs - one had a huge murmer but it improved with exercise (the vet called it a lazy valve) and the other (a 3 year old) developed a heart murmer when she had an...
  3. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Another electric fence question

    That is what we have, brilliant piece of kit.
  4. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Gerty Tynan Irish Sport Equine

    if it is Connemara check the HWSD test results. A friend’s pony from Gerty is sadly positive despite being told verbally that it’s ‘blood’ test was ok. Friend was told that the Irish test for HWSD is a blood test.
  5. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Insurance needing a valuation after horse been pts

    Ask the insurers who they will accept a valuation from, otherwise you could spend a lot of time getting valuations that won’t be accepted.
  6. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Horse not quite as described

    He could be a Connemara that is positive to HWSD and so his passport has been 'lost' and so he is now non-pedigree passport. What are his feet like?
  7. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Quick question of the Day - what sort of planning permission do I need for stables?

    Definately one for a planning consultant used to dealing with listed building planning applications in your local area. Look on your local planning authority website at live applications and get some names of potential consultants from those or speak to a local country type estate agents to see...
  8. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Yard planning advice/experiences needed please!!

    I would say that you should store up your ideas, live there for a full 12 months and then decide. Yes, the first 12 months will be full of compromise and chaos as you make things work around what is there now, but I do recommend waiting. You need to see and experience what all 4 seasons do to...
  9. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Nice to see more professionals taking a stand..

    I was recently on a yard with a 'showing person'. Their horse was grossly overweight, was never allowed to be without food - 20kg haynets were the norm, and the condition of the horse was referred to an investment. Whenever weight came up I was told that I just didn't understand the showing...
  10. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Nice to see more professionals taking a stand..

    Or for all of the welfare organisations to work together and put an end to this. It is abuse. I talk to a person who condition scores horses and ponies as part of their job and they tell me that obesity is far far more of an issue for them than underweight horses. We see endless photos from...
  11. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Pony price for a cob. Unsure what to advise.

    Just sold very similar but 15hands, so I would say 4-5k easily. didn’t even need to advertise.
  12. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Badminton XC thread

    Ok up And walking
  13. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Badminton XC thread

    Screens all round the poor Horse 😢
  14. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Badminton XC thread

    It is very very very busy here. We queued to get into the car park at 0745 and there are rows of cars in front of us
  15. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Badminton - traffic / queues?

    We always aim to get there at gate opening time each day. We then have no stress and can have a bacon roll and coffee while people watching.
  16. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Being present at a vetting?

    My mare is being vetted today and the potential new owners are not going to be there.
  17. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Field shelter

    I put rubber mats inside mine and then straw on top....but my sheep are very fussy! ;)
  18. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Any legal beagles?

    Just for clarity, did your daughter and her friend buy the horse from a 3rd party, your daughter paid for the horse in full by instalments on the expectation that the friend would reimburse her and now the friend is not reimbursing your daughter or paying livery?
  19. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Mobile field shelters

    Definitely check with your local planning authority as to what their rules are regarding mobile field shelters for the location you want to have one - the rules are so variable across the country.
  20. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Mobile field shelters

    It depends on the size/weight of the shelter, terrain of the field and on gradients and surface conditions. We were going to use either a tractor or Land Rover 110 to move ours but never got the chance thanks to Eunice. I'd also check on your local planning authority rules: some are happy that...
  21. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Badminton 2022 course

    Did think that price was a bit o_O
  22. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Help me find a new horse

    Shame you say no to cobs as I am selling exactly what you are looking for but she is a LW cob.
  23. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Renting out land, legal responsibility?

    Blimey, that article was only written 2 years ago and we are currently being quoted £10 per metre for stock fencing IF he can get hold of materials. We've been told it may well be a long wait. I'd be getting formal legal advice on the implications of taking on land with tenants already in...
  24. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Horses and Alpacas?

    Someone else who says sheep are better. Much easier, cheaper and friendlier.
  25. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Where to purchase ground anchors for a shelter

    The demise of my shelter was witnessed. The wind blew it over onto its side and the poor sheep all rushed back inside it. The wind then took it again and rolled it over which smashed it up. Fortunately the sheep were ok, they were very lucky! The ground anchors may have contributed to the metal...
  26. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Where to purchase ground anchors for a shelter

    Our shelter was 6 months old :( so again, not rotten. Our ground anchors were all pulled out of the ground and the metal skids were bent.
  27. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Where to purchase ground anchors for a shelter

    Mine had several ground anchors similar to those in the link and it was tethered to fencing posts but it still got destroyed by Eunice.
  28. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Field shelter

    Loved mine (for the 6 months we had it) but it was totally destroyed in Storm Eunice despite ground anchors and being tied to/surrounded by fence posts etc. It is worth getting planning advice as to what your planning authority accepts. Some do not accept mobile shelters at all because of...
  29. The Bouncing Bog Trotter

    Have the days of the have a go fun show disappeared?

    They do exist - I am on the organising Committee for just such a show in East Sussex, a much loved village show that will be running its 67th Annual show this year. We ran it last year after a few years off and were overwhelmed by entries - so much so that we had to close entries early. Yes, we...