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    How much weight do I need to lose...

    As well as the usual fitness work, I'd consider putting some time into her core / back strength. Pole work etc. There's a good presentation from the National Equine Forum about the importance of this type of training:
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    Men's winter wardrobe: boots and breeches recs?

    I like the Equilibre ones from Kramer. Had them a couple of years and they have lasted well. I prefer them to pleated baggy types. I would love some seal skinz gloves but unfortunately their largest are too small. Anyone know any makes suited to slimmer long hands?
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    Horsey Podcast

    The horse hour and Daily strides both good ones
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    How good can I realistically get (opinions/experiences?)

    I found that working on my overall physical condition (strength, suppleness/flexibility and cardio fitness) made a significant improvement to my riding and the rate of progress and improvement I'm making. I don't do loads but a little running, Pilates, yoga etc using the numerous free YouTube...
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    Another British Horse Society c**k-up

    Do we have email contact details for those willing to act as proxies who are going so the we can cc. them on our nomination?
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    reins - how to use them?

    Here's a really good video that I think you'll find helpful (Robert Dover):
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    Products for smelly frogs/hooves

    Thorough scrub with povidine, dry off as much as you can then stockholm tar.
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    Croft Riding Centre Reviews/experiences???

    Have you considered Eccleston Equestrian Centre? They're pretty good.
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    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - To Be Continued

    I really enjoy reading these too. Thanks so much ��
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    Liverpool International Horse Show - tips/advice for visitors

    We went to the dressage evening yesterday (first time I've been) and thoroughly enjoyed it. We arrived a 3 hours before the show and enjoyed a leisurely walk around the shopping plus spent some time watching the warm up ring (which is in the same place as the shopping). There's a pizza van and a...
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    Hello from Manitoba Canada

    Hello and welcome :-)
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    Hello nice to meet you all!

    Hello :-)
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    Stable fans?

    If you have the £ then the Dyson fans look like a safer alternative since they don't have any blades or exposed moving parts.
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    Hello and welcome
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    Hello and welcome ��
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    Horses to share

    Thanks for your reply Serena2005, it's really helpful.
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    Hello from Norfolk..

    Hello and welcome :)
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    Horses to share

    Hi serena2005, Sorry I can't help with you (I'm no where near your area), but I'd be really interested in what you (and others reading this) consider experienced. I'm going to be looking for a share in the next couple of months and would like to get an idea of what people mean by terms like...
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    Hi and welcome from another new member :-)
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    Hi all

    Sorry, can't be any help with your question, but hello anyway ��
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    Feeling upset

    Thanks for sharing those photos, he's lovely. It's 20 years since we lost our horse, I can get tearful even now when I think about him (which I often do) but I'm sad for me, because I miss him. When you think about the life and love you gave him and all the special times - that's so much to...
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    Hi there David, from a cold Derbyshire :-)
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    Old Racehorse form/information help: Orchard Hero

    Thank you Beausmate :)
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    Old Racehorse form/information help: Orchard Hero

    Thanks for the helpful replies so far, I'll join and ask of the FB group suggested. Racing post didn't come up with anything sadly.
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    New User: Hello

    Thank you Faracat
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    Old Racehorse form/information help: Orchard Hero

    Hi everyone I had an ex racehorse many years ago and would love to find out what races he ran in (and any other info. I can find) I've found some basic information from equiline (Sire, Dame) but that's about it. As the title says, his name was Orchard Hero, born in 1971. Any help on...
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    New User: Hello

    Hello everyone I have lessons once a week and I'm currently training towards my Stage 1. I'm hoping to find a part loan in the spring. Probably goes without saying.. I love horses :)