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    Saddler Frogpool

    I've always used David, often late, but worth it.
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    Bringing a horse back into work after tenosynovitis?

    Ralph developed tenosynovitis in May of this year, he was on box rest for 6 weeks and then restricted to a small paddock. After 5 weeks, he was given the all clear to be ridden; however, I was then informed that I required surgery which will include a 6-8 wk recovery, so I decided to give him...
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    Equine you use practitioners?

    I'm considering a career change, having worked in the NHS for too many years I need to change and do a job that can incorporate my hobby. How many people use massage as a form of therapy for your horse?? If so, do you see a benefit in your horses well-being/performance after the massage? Is...
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    Best 4x4 for towing?

    My trusty old discovery died last year and I had a wee accident, so was out of action for a while. I now need to get back into showing and have a great trailer, but nowt to tow it? What do you guys recommend?? I was considering an old defender as I've always had Landies, but even old ones are...
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    Ridden Hunter Classes

    Lord, I didn't realise I was going to cause such a debate...I have a French link Rugby and a French link pelham, will give both a go and see how he goes, tends to over bend a little too much in the double and is a well schooled beast, so sure the French link will be fine... Thanks for your...
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    Ridden Hunter Classes

    Not competed in Ridden Hunter classes for a few years and hope to have a go this year....My question is, is it ok to use a pelham bit instead of a double?? I think my horse will go better in one, rather than his double. What's the general consensus?? I hope to get back to PUK events and maybe...
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    Cost of running 3.5t lorry and Co2 emissions

    I have always had a Landrover and trailer, however, it has become expensive to run a landrover on a daily basis, plus it has died :( I am thinking of getting a 3.5t lorry for Ralph my 16.2hh hunter type (stocky) and wondered what would be the best type of lorry to buy?? I live in Kent and...
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    Wear High Vis - even in the summer...

    Very well said and as my friend on FB said yesterday in her post, we need to be mindfull of all the St Georges Flags that are flapping in the wind at the moment, very patriotic but not horse friendly......
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    What is GOOD about your livery yard?

    Nice people and horses are well looked after when you cant get there :)
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    Fractured patella....has anyone ever done it?

    Blimey, didnt realise it would take that long....:(
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    Who Keeps Their Horse In 24/7 ?

    Ralphs on restricted grazing, goes out for 4hrs a day, would love for him to go out longer, but I worry he may get laminitis, he lives on fresh for his own good, seems quite happy with this, once the grazing has gone down a bit, he will go out for longer
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    Fractured patella....has anyone ever done it?

    Thanks for the replies guys, unfortunately I know all about knee injuries as this is now my third! But, never a fracture so a new one on me!! Hey ho, just go with the flow again :(
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    Welsh section Ds

    You can never go wrong getting a Welsh Cob, they are so versitile and good doers. I bought Flyer as a 2yr old, he stopped growing at around 6 and filled out into a nice chunky beast. I backed him when he was 3yrs old, he was very naughty but settled into dressage and showing (county level)...
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    Fractured patella....has anyone ever done it?

    Having just got fit after 2yrs off of riding, I managed to have another accident and fractured my patella (knee cap)! Has anyone ever done this and how long was it before you was back riding??
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    thought i was having a bad hair day !!!

    Now that is just the cutest pony I've seen in ages, bad hair day or not :)
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    Any riders here with arthritis? Looking for advice...

    Well, if I was a horse, i'd be put down or at least not insurable:) I have a bad back, knees, hips and shoulder, but I find that riding helps with my symptoms. I also take glucosamine, codliver oil and calcium supps and find that they help. Keep riding, the more exercise you do the better...
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    Best riding club to join in KENT

    Thank you will have a look at all of these ;)
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    Calling all gelding owners. . .

    I clean Ralph's when he developes grease down a leg or smegma is visible. I use warm water and a small amount of hibi scrub (vet has used this also), sponge. He's fine with it, clean sheath until no more smegma comes away and then rinse with warm water again ;)
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    human names for horses

    My boys called Ralph, but we also have a Bob, Poppy and Archie :)
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    Best riding club to join in KENT

    For many years I belonged to Wrotham and District riding club, but this folded last year. Can anyone suggest a good one around this area?
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    How does your horse make you laugh?

    Ralph also does the itch me here please mum :) But he also has a really girly squeal, pig like if he doesn't want to do something! He will squeal, then run off.....mad 16.2 beast :)
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    For those that moan about kids on yards...

    Please send her to my yard to teach our children how to clean tack and put away rubbish :)
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    Do you view looking after your horses as 'a lot of hard work' and 'effort'?

    The only time I find having a horse difficult is when I'm on night duty and its like ground hog day, work, sleep, 1/2hr drive to yard, sort horse, drive home, bath, eat and back to work again!! Only because I dont see daylight for a week and its depressing. Otherwise its great and I could...
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    Horse eating poo?

    Ralph did this a few years ago, I was both disgusted and worried, so emailed my vet for advice. As previously stated it can be that the horse is lacking in something vitamin wise, boredom or generally just a disgusting horse! Having discussed diet etc, we came to the conclusion that Ralph...
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    Sand school etiquette

    Thank you to everyone who has responded, have suggested to the YO that at peak times there should be no jumping and perhaps in the summer a designated jumping paddock. The proof of my argument about jumping at night came to a head last night when a child fell off because horse was spooked...
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    Using thinning scissors on a mane.

    Ralph has a really thick mane that he wont let me pull and I would not twitch him just to pull a mane. I use a solo comb, fantastic I've had mine for 10yrs and its great, get a nice neat mane.
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    Sand school etiquette

    I stable my horse at a large livery yard and generally ride during the day, so have the luxury of schooling during the day. However, my shift patterns have changed and I tend to finish work at 4pm and get to the yard at around 5pm. Since October, I've not had much oppertunity to ride due to...
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    Single People - How do you afford livery????

    Easier to be single and have a horse than be in a relationship where the OH is constantly nagging about how much money and time you spend with the ned! I've never had a problem with funding even when I was a student nurse on £400 a month! I used to work at the yard on my days off to pay for...
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    Recommend me a hoof supplement?

    I swear by biotin, Ralphs feet were really bad and have used it tor years and now use the the NAF product.....great
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    How do you all revise?

    Cram..... and then forget about things 4 weeks later