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    Vibes needed please

    Famous H&H vibes needed please for Madam_Max's beautiful Corroy Girl who is lame ( first time in 10 years ) and is being X -rayed this afternoon.
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    BRC vaccination rules

    My daughter was picked for her riding club dressage team, but was told tonight that as in 1998 when her mare came from Ireland there were 14 months between vaccinations she could not now compete as her vaccinations were not up to date. Can anybody shed any light on this ? Her vets have never...
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    Does any one know of a Julie Anderson ?

    As title really, believed to live in the Harlow area, I believe she bought my mare Kildalton Lass in 2003/4. Would love to find out how Molly is.
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    I couldn't believe my eyes!

    I've just seen a coloured cob being led trotting down the road- being led through the window of a 4X4 !!
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    Lorry parking charges

    Following on from the posts about livery charges, do you have to pay to keep your lorry at the yard, and if so , how much?
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    PM's please!! Just typed a long reply to you, you popular person you !!