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  1. mollichop

    Abscess healed yet or not?

    Thanks - have been dry poulticing since yesterday. Fingers crossed he'll be sound once reshod!
  2. mollichop

    Abscess healed yet or not?

    Horse came in hopping lame last Tuesday so 1 week today. Farrier was fab and was there within half an hour to remove shoe and make a small exit hole. Have been using Animalintex, hot poulticing and keeping it covered but he's been turned out 24/7. Started to weight bear much better after...
  3. mollichop

    Bespoke Hack up

    Mine had been on the calm/digest/detox since January with no improvement. Tried the stepfree but he won't touch his food with it and he cannot be syringed. Had formula tweaked but still no difference after more ££££££££'s spent! Have now given up and am back to googling alternatives.
  4. mollichop

    How old was your horse when they started going grey from old age

    This is my 28 year old mare - she has next to no grey hairs - one or two in her mane but none on her face yet. The same can't be said for me! (Sorry photo is tiny - click on it to view it)
  5. mollichop

    reccomend me a hot horse shower please

    Hippo horse showers! Take a look:!our-story/cfvg
  6. mollichop

    Please help shoeing nightmare

    Agree - pain/discomfort was ruled out and in my horses case it was a behavioural issue and that worked for him. Once op has got to the bottom of this horses reason (if she can or indeed decides to persevere with it) then this is just an option I was recommending.
  7. mollichop

    Please help shoeing nightmare

    I have had amazing results with Naf magic paste on my tb who was very quick to rear and strike out when having his feet done. didn't manage to get it into him soon enough to begin with but last shoeing he had 2 syringes an hour before and he didn't even lift his head - farrier was amazed! You...
  8. mollichop

    Horse needs sedating to be shod - would you go and try/buy?

    Horse I purchased in August really surprised me first time I had the farrier to him. Nothing was disclosed at sale and he is so placid in other ways I really didn't expect it. Chatting away to farrier, no tenseness or sign that he wasn't keen, then BANG! Up in the air and snatching all 4 feet...
  9. mollichop

    Would I fit in a 16.5" saddle?

    Try it first. My new tb is short coupled and couldn't take bigger than a 16.5" which his previous owner had made for him. My saddle didn't fit him and thought there was no way I would be comfy in it as 5'8" and medium build but it's the lovliest saddle i've ever sat on so don't rule it out!
  10. mollichop

    jappeloup dvd

    He was also one of my favourite showjumpers :) I saw the trailer online which looked great (and very dramatic!) but like you will try and get an English version DVD.
  11. mollichop

    what do you think of this horse (to buy)?

    Cracking horse but yes, that yard is just down the road from me - it is Imperial so your choice whether you take a look or not. He does look a super type though!
  12. mollichop

    Best wedding ever...

    Beautiful pictures, and what a fab surprise! No way would I have looked that elegent perched on the back like that in heels! :D 3 time changes on a circle? Crikey - no wonder the grey looks drenched!
  13. mollichop

    Few pictures of my lot :)

    Did Belliche come from cheveral? I recognise her :)
  14. mollichop

    Bug goes hunter trialling <hatcam> a dilemma & some Dottie pics

    I think he's fab! I'd be seriously interested myself if I hadn't recently found one. Love the headcam - what a nice course for a baby to go round :) I agree, let them come and try him and you'll get a gut feel as to whether you want to part with him maybe.
  15. mollichop

    Cleanly shaven pony!

    I can't see any pics - have they been removed? :confused:
  16. mollichop

    For those who use rubber matting

    I don't - but this seems cheap. Not sure about the quality or sizing but it may be of use to someone! :)
  17. mollichop

    Where do people find their ex-racers?

    Mine was a private sale via a preloved ad from a lady who worked at his yard when he was racing and bought him for herself but sold on due to change in circs. He has been fab so far although only had him for 6 weeks so just getting to know each other. Second Darley rehoming as an option...
  18. mollichop

    Horse lame, only in trot and only on right rein

    Brilliant! It's horrible when you're going through all possible scenarios of what it might be. Pleased it was an abscess and hopefully all infection has worked it's way out :)
  19. mollichop

    Yard duty charges

    I was estimating around the £10.00 mark plus travelling so that's great - thank you!
  20. mollichop

    Yard duty charges

    Due to a change in circumstances, I may have to get some help with my horses this winter. What would you expect to pay someone for the following jobs? 2 horses, easy to do in all respects. They live out 24/7 but have access to 2 large bedded down barns. so rug check - poss change, top up...
  21. mollichop

    who has horses our 24/7 through winter? reassure me!!

    Mine live out all year and I wouldn't have it any other way. Rug according to clips and weather. They do have a couple of big barns they can get into that are bedded down and have ad lib hay plus hard feed in winter. One of mine box walks and hates being shut in so it suits her fine. Plus the...
  22. mollichop

    Health and saftey fanatics .. cover your eyes!

    Ignoring the fun police on here :p My friend and I used to ride a couple of Dartmoors round her Dad's farm when we were young. We used to cross our stirrups over to the opposite sides of the saddle (to make them really short) and race jockey style down the tramlines in the wheat - it was...
  23. mollichop

    Training session 8

    I'm sorry, I could not allow my horse to be ridden like that - very unforgiving rider who is trying to force results rather than work with him. What a shame you are set on continuing with this trainer when she is clearly not communicating with him in a way that he understands. Also agree with...
  24. mollichop

    Companion ponies

    Thanks - would need to be a gelding and pony rather than a horse - native type preferably. I do not want something to ride, he would purely be a companion that could be left when I hack out. Had a look on WHW website and they have some fab sounding ponies, will maybe look into that more. Thank...
  25. mollichop

    Companion ponies

    Will be moving my mare soon to a field I am renting. Currently she has a gelding in with her and 2 other horses in the filed next to her. The field she will be going to has no other horse fields nearby so I will have to get something to keep her company. I have done a search on here to see...
  26. mollichop

    Its been a year.. before and after

    She looks good, slight tum but nothing to worry about. My bay mare has lovely dappling like her too! :) The yard in the 1st pics looks really pretty - lovely barns!
  27. mollichop

    following on from my last post, what do we think to this lad?!

    He looks a sweetie, but hunted as a 3 year old? Yikes! I know that's par for the course in Ireland but it's a bit much IMO.
  28. mollichop

    Ebay ad made me laugh!

    THAT would be brilliant! Actually would be a good addition to the ad - pics of pantomime horse cribbing and scratching it's arse on the door frame! :D
  29. mollichop

    Ebay ad made me laugh!

    Ah but did you wee in the corner first? :p
  30. mollichop

    Ebay ad made me laugh!

    Try before you buy :D