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  1. dreamcometrue

    Grazing muzzles

    I don’t ever enlarge the hole. My mare is a pro at using a muzzle. I lent one to a friend whose horse stood for hours not even attempting to try to graze but within a week she was grazing like a good ‘un. They all learn pretty quickly.
  2. dreamcometrue

    Beware old riding hats

    That’s fantastic! Are they bees?
  3. dreamcometrue

    Happy gentle falling off stories please!

    Hacking along a country lane past a house. A Rottweiler suddenly threw itself violently at the gate. My pony spun left and deposited me over her shoulder onto the beautifully soft and springy grass verge. It was really pleasant!
  4. dreamcometrue

    Pictures Flower turns five...

    Flower is stunning! Happy birthday and well done to those who raised her.
  5. dreamcometrue

    What bit do you all ride your Connies or Connie x's in?

    Loose ring snaffle for mine.
  6. dreamcometrue

    Dog owner being sued for £5m after rider was thrown from horse

    There is only one person to blame for this and that is the dog’s owner. The dog was the aggressor and the cause of the events that led to the awful injuries of the rider. The dog’s owner allowed this to happen by not having his/ her dog under control. I’ve been thrown from my pony by a dog...
  7. dreamcometrue

    Dog owner being sued for £5m after rider was thrown from horse

    My pony did kick a dog. It was a border collie off lead. I knew what was going to happen because it approached us on the bridleway in a stalking position, eyes fixed and head low. I turned my pony to face the wall so she wouldn’t bolt as the only direction was towards a main road. The dog...
  8. dreamcometrue

    Another "how much" question (sorry!)

    You know her well and you want to buy her so I'm guessing you like her a lot despite her little ways. She also has lots of positive points as she suits your needs and the activities you want to do. I would offer £3k and be prepared to go up to £4k. x
  9. dreamcometrue

    What's your nervous riding song?

    Songs from my childhood like Lavender's Blue and The Ash Grove. I’m sure my pony recognises these now and takes them as a sign to go steady 😊 With my Welsh cob it was Brown Girl in the Ring as it suited her footfall.
  10. dreamcometrue

    Nervous about yard move??!! WWYD

    I think you need to move. The new yard sounds much better for your horse. Everyone gets dithered before a big change but so glad they did it afterwards. X
  11. dreamcometrue

    What percentage of your horses weight are you and your tack?

    Me and my tack are 60kg which is 15% of the ideal weight of my pony (400kg)
  12. dreamcometrue

    Non sticky breeches!

    I’ve just bought two pairs of Wessex breeches that are exactly like breeches used to be and were less than £30. Got them from Hope Valley 😊
  13. dreamcometrue

    What saddles do you all have on your Connies?

    Mine has a Bates cob saddle x
  14. dreamcometrue

    Danger Ears (times two)!

    Brave ponies 😊 Loving ‘danger ears’ 😂
  15. dreamcometrue

    EMS and metformin

    Mine was prescribed Metformin when she was fat and diagnosed with EMS. It was to speed up her weight loss but I don’t know if it had much effect as she would have lost the weight anyway with the diet and exercise regime I had for her. It was a chore getting that many tablets down her every day...
  16. dreamcometrue

    Shoes on a pony?

    You can only try it and see how the pony goes OP. I’ve just taken the plunge! Had the farrier to my pony a couple of days ago and asked what he thought. He said should be fine so he took her hind shoes off. I dithered a lot as I hack for miles every day and she has EMS (but no problems for...
  17. dreamcometrue

    Keratoma advice

    My daughter’s horse had a keratoma removed from a front hoof. Vet and farrier worked together on the recovery process. I can’t remember how long it took but he is fine now x
  18. dreamcometrue


    I have a lace up pair. I have wide feet and they are very comfortable for me. My problem with them is that they seem to slip through my stirrups more easily than other boots I have had, even though I have Venice Tech stirrups with a cheese grater style tread. I am used to chunkier boots like...
  19. dreamcometrue

    Full Livery People - Do you see your horse daily?

    I feel the same as you OP. I’ve always been on DIY until recently so I think the guilty feeling is linked to that. I do take an occasional day off every now and then but really I always feel better for having spent time with my girl because she is my best friend and peaceful place 💖
  20. dreamcometrue

    Sorry another "am i too big" post

    Connies are quite finely built. I would look for something with more weight carrying capability.
  21. dreamcometrue

    Taking off grazing muzzles

    I stopped using the muzzle at the beginning of November. Our yard is in a moorland area so the grass isn’t too lush. We are on alternate days turnout too so I decided it was safe.
  22. dreamcometrue

    Face protection from freezing wind

    Wow, that’s quite a unanimous recommendation for Buff. Thank you all so much. I’m on the hunt for one of these now. 😁
  23. dreamcometrue

    Face protection from freezing wind

    I have lots of thermal layers for my body but I need something to stop my lower face freezing. All I can find when I search are balaclavas where only your eyes are left showing or actual COVID-type face masks. Has anyone found anything that works well?
  24. dreamcometrue

    What size and make of rugs are your connies in?

    14hh mare. Horseware Amigo pony rugs fit her best as she is narrow at the front. Size 5’9”
  25. dreamcometrue

    Pony/small Cob Sized Knee Boots?

    My pony has these too. They are good quality knee boots. We use them every time we hack.
  26. dreamcometrue

    What size horse do you ride?

    14hh and I am 5’2”.
  27. dreamcometrue

    What a year, what a horse!

    What a beauty! I really enjoyed reading your story. 😊
  28. dreamcometrue

    Footwear challenge

    Ariat used to do a long boot with a curved zip that would take a prosthetic leg with no ankle joint. I’ve forgotten the name. The zip started at the back then curved round to the front. It was also a beautiful boot. Maybe they still make a similar style.
  29. dreamcometrue

    Tips with a mare?

    My gelding was like that. My mares weren’t. Must be a ‘mare thing’.