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    Loan fallen through again....And I still live in a different country.

    Well, the beast has done it again. If you don't know the deal, I moved to the States and left the pony in the UK. Bad idea, but she is unsellable due to having had spavin. Anyway, found a novicey person, who loved her dearly. But...she is now randomly rearing. I have had back/teeth/vet out, and...
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    'Pante Mayer' Anyone? If you say it as it is spelt, there is a very good Southern States accent there. Can't believe the spelling though!
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    Calling Dressage Tests - Help - Also in NL

    Hi all, I have been roped into calling very nervous as have never done it before. It is just a basic walk/trot test for a Beginner's Combined Eventer Training here. So please, can I have some pointers/instructions? How long before move is executed etc? Thanks!
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    Calling Dressage Tests - Help - Also in CR

    Hi all, I have been roped into calling very nervous as have never done it before. It is just a basic walk/trot test for a Beginner's Combined Eventer Training here. So please, can I have some pointers/instructions? How long before move is executed etc? Thanks!
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    Horse with navicular...

    Can anyone tell me anything about it? I tried to figure it out through websites (wiki!) but need an idiot's guide. Anyway, is it a progressive problem, or can it be 'treated' with remedial shoeing? (I know it can't be totally stopped). May have been offered a free beast, but probably a very...
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    Progression from simple to flying changes (rider question.. horse able

    I have started riding a rather nice 7 y/o Trakhener (sp?). He is much better than I am, and I was just wondering how you are meant to ride a flying change, as I always thought leg behind girth ...but then sort of get confused and just lose balance and have to come back to trot. Anyway, before I...
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    For those who said that my beast ISN'T ugly! what happens when you leave the country and the pony goes native! Ha, I would have a field day with clippers and the like! From this: To this: (WARNING: UGLY, FURRY BEAST ALERT!) What does winter do!!! P.S Anyone else think she looks really young with the fluff? She's not...
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    Youngest British person up Everest and friend die.... Posted in SB, but wanted to make sure people saw it. They went to school with me, lovely guys. RIP. At least they died doing what they loved doing. xx
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    FUGLY horse alert... Look at those hind legs! And luckily, it will make a good broodmare!!!
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    Oh my god! *DELETED*

    Post deleted by Apalacia01
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    I just bought the ugliest hat.... Because I left my one in England. And the place had a horrible selection. Does anyone have it? I will say it is very, very comfortable, and did fit much better than any of the Charles Owen of IHP ones they had! But isn't...
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    Conformation Critique - You can be rude again! :)

    So yesterday I did the riding post, and here is the nekked pony. Of course, I don't have any good side shots, but think for the most part these are alright. These were taken back in August. She had all her feathers clipped off as you may notice - she looks much better with ankles! I am...
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    Position CC Please - You can be rude! :)

    Hey all, I have never done one of these before, so I would really like some constructive criticism. I know that I am bent through by shoulders and back, which has meant that I have never got the pony going straight in 6 years, but what other things should I work on? Thanks... P.S - Saddle is...
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    World's longest tail - 12 feet! Personally I would cut the damn thing so the horse doesn't pull its back out when it steps on it.
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    Katie Price Does Hoys!

    Yet another Daily Mail story regarding horses - it may be drivel, but sure makes me giggle! (ooh that rhymes!)
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    Evading contact/sideways head

    I am loaning a 5 y/o ex-racehorse out here in the States who has done some basic schooling, and need some advice (yes, I will be getting lessons, but I am a poor student, and would like to try and get some basic work done first). Anyway, he was in a rubber, non-jointed (rather thick) snaffle...
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    Oh no, loan fell through for Alice -In a different country -help!!!!

    Well, the inevitable happened and the loan fell through for Alice. So I have 30 days to find someone. Problem is I am in a different country. So I have 3 options 1) try to find someone through word of mouth and correspond via e-mail and phone only 2) Fly over (for 500 quid) and do 2days of...
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    So what now?

    If loan is going badly, and I am in a different country?
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    And...the pony 3500 miles away is lame. Great.

    Yup - problems we think with hocks again. Not quite sure what to do if she is lame again. Bum. What do you do if your beast is that far away, on loan, and hocks aren't covered by vet 'cos of spavin surgery 2 years ago?
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    New Loan horse - and he's an ex-racer!

    Haven't been on in a while as have recently emigrated to South Carolina in the States to do Graduate Studies.... so hi y'all!! Well...I feel a bit weird as I have already gotten myself a new beastie! The poor pony would be devestated! Anyway, his name is Timely, he is a 4.5 y/o ex-racer (guess...
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    Erm.....Olympics SJ...idiotic question.....

    If its a 3-Day event, why is the SJ tomorrow? Am I missing something....I thought it had to be consecutive days. Will delete post as soon as responses gotten so don't seem like too much of an idiot!
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    Argh - where are the Olympics online!? American TV sucks!

    American TV is crap - and commercials every 5 minutes during opening ceremony - gah!!!! . The dressage is on tonight at 6:30 pm and from what I gather, you guys are watching it already!!! Thats 9 hours I have to wait!!! (5 hour time difference). SO...where can I watch it online? On a MAC, so...
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    Horse theft - Cowfold/Horsham area

    Hey all - sure that you may have already seen this link, but know quite a few people in this area..... Think I know the woman as well who they mention Happy my mare is getting freezemarked soon, shame that I now no longer live in England!
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    Hickstead on Sunday?

    Is anyone going? Got free tickets from the Friday - Ad ...yeah! Last Hicktead I will be going to as emigrating to the States on the 4th!
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    How should hooves wear?

    Farrier just came out to trim my shoeless beast. She had been in Natural balance shoes but we took these off. Apparently she is wearing to the outside of her hinds. Anyone any ideas of if this is normal?
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    'Those' videos from this morning...Youtube

    Have really gotten a lot of activity today - maybe the horrible people behind it all will get what they want. I expect not. (regarding thread on page 2) A lot of irritated people. How dare they.
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    Horse Share - In America (South Carolina) How much?

    I am emigrating on 4th August to do an MA in Charleston, South Carolina, and am already thinking about what I am going to do without a horse. So I have been searching around and found this.... I have e-mailed the woman, who is lovely, and the...
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    Dry, cracking hooves - Cornucresine or Keratex? Quick answers please..

    Pony has recently had shoes off and front feet are cracking quite badly. She has been barefoot before, but taken off last time in winter, so they seemed alright. They are now quite cracked, and was wondering which dressing was better out of these two? Cornucresine is decidedly cheaper.....quick...
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    Update on riding rearing horse....RANT!

    Well it looks like I won't be able to ride the rearer anyway - because my own horse is being a total tit. She has been getting really bolshy and pully to bring in and out along with other things. I have found someone who was going to take her on loan to stay at present yard....but she's not very...
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    Have to ride a rearer....

    Had to borrow a beast tomorrow so that I can hack out with a prospective sharer for the pony. Was hoping for one of the fun little ponies but have been dumped with a coloured who I know for sure rears, and does biggies too. Not really what I wanted .....apparently she does it when she has to...