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    Can you refuse part of vetting- seller

    If your yard isnt suitable for a vetting ie no flat surface for trot up or hard surface to lunge on our vets prefer you to take to their yard so the vetting can be carried out on proper & fair surfaces for the horse & both parties.
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    Badminton Campsite

    Thats fab thank you - obviously the grey areas are the most popular spots but cant fathom why!?
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    Badminton Campsite

    Did anybody on here camp at Badminton this year? If so interested to hear how organized it was please as desperate to go next year. Were the pitches marked out - was it noisy & chaotic - did you get an allocated space? Thank you
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    Selling advice.

    Ive just sold mine & found the most useful thing was asking people to send me videos of their child/themselves riding using the Covid excuse too - saved so much timewasting as well as ensuring the advert spelt out all the facts & had videos & photos on it too - I used the pony club classified...
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    Mark Todd - what would you have done?

    At the end of the day whether you would or wouldnt smack your horse, these clinics with the best in the world professionals are blooming expensive & tbh if that's the only solution he could have offered to the issue I would have left the clinic - its one thing for your friend to use that ploy...
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    Professional Pony (14.2) Backer South East/East Anglia

    Many thanks havent heard of Simone but will take a look.
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    Professional Pony (14.2) Backer South East/East Anglia

    Oh yes Ive heard of Claire Fielding just hadnt thought of her for backing - many thanks will have a look.
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    Professional Pony (14.2) Backer South East/East Anglia

    Hello, Does anybody have any recommendations for a professional backer - 14.2 New Forest
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    Kent and Masters Saddles

    We had one so called fitted by local saddler - rubbish fit - tipped forward - trouble is changing headplate doesnt adjust the gullet which is far too narrow to fit the back correctly - cheap & imo a con sorry
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    Loading help needed

    My Irish Cob was the same with planting at the ramp - I bought a Richard Maxwell halter & read his book - it was all about getting her forward, listening, & obeying, before presenting to the ramp so lots of working on a small circle, forwards & backwards, then present her to the ramp & worked...
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    Mother and daughter share?

    Ive got a cracking Mother/Daughter share & it means just that - my daughter competes & schools her & I happy hack her - shes 14.2hh & has the temperament, versatility, & stamp, to step up or step down
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    Horse started rearing

    Sorry with such extreme dangerous behaviour I wouldnt take the Vets word for "doesnt think its kissing spine" - with my life on the line & possibly others I would want an xray asap - your life is worth far more than the cost of the scan.
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    Buying unseen ... tell me your good and bad experiences

    Absolutely Not & I wouldnt let anybody buy my horses unseen either - so any reputable dealer should think the same.
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    Pictures Update on my oops moment...

    She looks beautiful filly Interesting to hear peoples views on herd turnout as will be in the same boat soon! Its not easy when at a yard but hopefully some options will open up for you:)
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    Book Recommendations for Foals & Youngsters

    Many thanks for all your helpful recommendations - Ive managed to find 2nd hand cheap copies of both Foal to Five Years & Richard Maxwells so am going to start with those for now!:)
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    Book Recommendations for Foals & Youngsters

    Thank you peeps - taking a look now at your recommendations - I am a fan already of Richard Maxwell having used his loading techniques previously but wasnt aware he had written a book too!
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    Book Recommendations for Foals & Youngsters

    Hello, would anybody have some trusted book recommendations for ponies early years please :)
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    Selling for the First Time :(

    We are about to do the same! My advise would be that you are in control of their destiny so hold out for the home you ideally want for them - previously we found by asking for a riding video of interested viewers it really did reduce the timewasters - also we were totally honest in disclosing...
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    Pictures New owner/rider check in

    Oh he's utterly gorgeous!
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    Glandular ulcer supplements

    After our 18 months turn away when we were bringing him back into work over the course of a year I didnt use any supplements just made sure I strictly followed the forage at all times & feed before you ride - we were pretty sure the ulcers were caused by the sale/travel over from Ireland & he...
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    Glandular ulcer supplements

    After over a years treatment for Grade 2/3 Glandular ulcers with all the recommended meds ours hadnt gone. So we turned him away for 18 months. Rescoped & gone. Even the Vets dont know what causes Glandular Ulcers - I dont think supplements particularly help as somebody has said their very...
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    This happened to us a couple of years ago - 6 months after buying mare from yard we knew also had a stallion! Went into panic mode but for peace of mind got the Vet out to scan her - empty! Turned out to be a virus & grass belly! Hopefully you have the vet booked as its worth the cost just for...
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    Trailer or horse box

    Horses can be such contrary fairies! Some like trailers, some like lorries, some like nothing at all! Ive had both - I have a 6.5 ton lorry & have had issues loading 2 of mine, whereas walked straight onto trailer! I would highly recommend a Richard Maxwell training halter to overcome the...
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    How honest would you be in an advert?

    When I recently sold my Connie I did things by stage elimination. The advert clearly stated NOT a 2nd or 3rd type horse to put off those looking for the allrounder type which he wasnt as very few bother reading whats in the advert! In the phone call I declared the ulcers & loading issues. And if...
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    Horse Not Quite Right - Strange Diagonal Foot Pick Up - Anybody Else Had This ?!?

    Its like trying to look for a needle in a haystack isnt it sometimes! Since going barefoot almost 3 years ago she has the best feet ever, but she could have trod on a stone as started to up the fast work. Im sticking to guinea pigs next time!!!
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    Horse Not Quite Right - Strange Diagonal Foot Pick Up - Anybody Else Had This ?!?

    haha yes you do have a point about falling over! Yes Im going to get our Vet to take a look now thank you - its so minute & we have such an unlevel field now due to the wet then concrete scenario we cant even do a proper work up but will see what her opinion is
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    Horse Not Quite Right - Strange Diagonal Foot Pick Up - Anybody Else Had This ?!?

    Yes it would seem so, I was just puzzled as assumed she would rest the left hind when you picked up the left front, but now Im wondering when you pick up a front hoof if it pushes them towards the opposite hind - so yes thank you Im in the process of getting our vet who specializes in...
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    Horse Not Quite Right - Strange Diagonal Foot Pick Up - Anybody Else Had This ?!?

    Okay so our Irish Cob has gone under the radar somewhat due to huge company liability, huge feat of selling Connie, & consequences of Covid. But long story short, finished Autumn doing couple of hunter trials, hacked out through winter as no arena, no arenas open. She's barefoot, had some thrush...
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    Stuck, mis sold horse

    As poster above this too screams possible Ulcers to me. Ive had a particularly long drawn out saga of Glandular Ulcers - totally different type & particularly tricky to treat & vets dont know cause either. Our pony within days of buying changed as above - didnt bolt but was running through the...