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    Diamond Lad RID

    He is very much valued in Ireland as an outstanding damsire, and Diamond Lad mares are like hens teeth now over there! (And of course many of them are getting on a bit :( ) I have a book on Great Irish Mares which I'll dig out, as I think that it might have a photo of him and further details.
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    Need a TB or blood type stallion. Ideas pls?

    Watermill Swatch, stands at Kylemore Stud; take a look at the Dublin Show winners of the TB stallion class as well - sadly not all will be available AI, but some definitely are. Well Chosen, also at Kylemore, is a lovely type, with the qualities that you describe, and his offspring are really...
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    Irish draught Stallions - Scrapman and Inisfree the holy grail.

    I saw Scrapman a couple of years ago I think now, when he was standing at Drumhowan Stud, and really liked him. Lovely temperament, and a very nice type - athletic, not mega-chunky, but equally not one of the lighter boned IDs that seem to be fashionable at the moment.
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    Help! Which Showjumping Stallion??

    There are lots to choose from in the UK now, so it would be great to support British breeding if possible! Take a look at Brendon Stud, Sussex, as they have some very, very nice young as well as proven stallions there and have bred winner after winner themselves. Might be worth giving them a...
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    Stallion recommendations - ID mare

    There are some very nice ISH, TBs or TB X stallions standing in Ireland currently : have a look at Imperial Tiger (Puissance x Kings Servant) who is in his first year of standing and has an impressive international record; Barbara Hatton at Slyguff is getting some lovely (and very flashy!) stock...
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    Clover Hill Mare, Stallions 2016?

    You could consider one of the Cruising clones? Other suggestions would be Loughehoe Guy, Diamond Roller, or Carrick Diamond Lad (I *think* that he's still available...) Each one with impressive offspring results to their name, apart, of course, from the Cruising clones. HSI will also send you...
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    Does anybody know of this breeder?

    Other thoughts... what's the name of your boy's dam? You might find her on Capall Oir, together with further information about her owner. Or Horse Sport Ireland might also have contact information for him. Good luck!
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    Does anybody know of this breeder?

    GreyHunter, your best bet might be to join the IrishHorse Breeder page on FB, as when I've posted queries on there in the past someone almost always pops up who knows or has a contact with the breeder that I've asked about
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    "Chip", previously whipper-in horse with the Albrighton

    I bred Chip (OFS Amiro Blue) and would love news of him - he was sold to the whipper-in of the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt as a four year-old in 2013 and then sold on the following year, and I can get no news of him, which worries me as to his fate. If you know of him or have any possible...
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    Seeking "Chip" OFS Amiro Blue

    Breeder seeking very much loved 6 year old 17.1hh AES dark grey gelding, stable name "Chip", registered name OFS Amiro Blue. Believed sold on as a 4 or 5 year old by the then whipper-in to the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt. Have tried several leads but have been met by a stony silence which...
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    Easy lift x puissance mare - suitability for BSJA?

    Fabulous breeding for eventing in particular - his damsire Puissance has sired an amazing number of top eventers, amongst them being the international eventers Old Road, Sir Percival III, Horseware Bushman, Huggenstown..... and many more. Easy Lift has a great pedigree for spotters of sport...
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    Stallions for thoroughbred mare

    You might like to have a look at this boy for a full TB : He is doing extremely well on the eventing circuit himself, and his progeny are just starting to come through. Another option, which would give you the jump and keep your options open for...
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    Showjumping Stallions with talent and good brains?

    I'd second Kylemore - Olive is incredibly helpful and they have some very nice stallions of their own as well as offering links to VDL (Womanizer's offspring are starting to do very well on the showjumping circuit). It's important to do your research, obviously, and there are some...
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    Showjumping Stallions with talent and good brains?

    Where to start? You'll probably spend many a happy winter evening with stallion books! But one starting point should certainly be Brendon Stud in the UK who have a number of outstanding stallions who are successful competitors in their own right, and are also breeding very talented offspring...
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    Eurocommerce singapore x Heartbreaker, anyone with similar?

    Possibly the Heartbreaker influence.... it's always a bit dangerous to generalise, but Heartbreakers do have a reputation for being a bit quirky and a professional's ride. I don't know Eurocommerce Singapore, but the videos of him competing seem to show a very settled, calm and willing ride...
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    Does anyone recognise Chip, was hunted with the Albrighton?

    Chip, (OFS Amiro Blue) a 17.1hh going-grey 6 year old gelding, (his tail is part silver, and he has a "starburst" on his face) was hunted by the whipper-in with the Albrighton and Woodland over the 2013-14 season and then sold on, possibly to someone in an adjacent hunt. I bred him, and would...
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    Breeding suggestions for mare of alme bloodline

    Another suggestion would be Balou Star, currently based in this country with the Allens, and doing incredibly well with Millie Allen - they were in the GB team who have just won bronze in the European Championships at WienerNeustadt. He is Balou du Rouet x Quick Star, so has Galoubet on his top...
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    Seeking Chip

    OFS Amiro Blue, stable name Chip, 17.1 going-grey 6 year old gelding. Ridden by the whipper-in of the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt over the 2013/14 season and then sold on. I bred him and can get no news of him - would love to know that he's OK.
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    Royaldik for our mare? Please help, need to AI asap!

    Another great choice might be the TB stallion Sula Blue - he is now competing at Advanced level, and has the most fantastic temperament. He stands at 16.3hh, so would certainly add the height. This is him:
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    IrIs mare

    Looking her up on Capall Oir, she was born in 2003, and her sire was Harlequin du Carel, damsire the ID stallion Diamonds are Trumps (King of Diamonds). Capall Oir is a great source for researching Irish Sport horses. Her breeder was Grace Renehan, Kilkenny.
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    my o my stallion

    This is him : Very nice looking stallion, and a very tasty pedigree, with Cor de la Bryere up close. He's registered as being owned by Michael Quirke, (Ireland) and I'm sure that he would give you more...
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    What breed shall I call her?

    I fourth ISH!
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    Any info on Courage II?

    If it's the Holsteiner stallion Courage II, then he was standing at Kedrah House Stud in Ireland and they could tell you all about him :)
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    Templebready Fear Bui

    There's also a stunning young stallion that Cathy Wood has recently brought over from Ireland, where he was already winning in the showring and he has just won the Connemara Championship at the Royal Cornwall and the Cuddy qualifier - Contepomil Cashel. He has his own FB page ...
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    Welsh D x TB or TB X breeders?

    You might be more likely to find some really nice TB x ID/Connemara youngsters in Ireland... which is maybe not much more than 3 hours away on a plane?! Check out the Irish Horse Breeders page on Facebook.
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    Stallion Washington Postman

    If you think that she means the TB eventing stallion Washington Postman (who may well be deceased, as he was born in 1991) then he was registered on the NTR with Weatherby's, so I would try...
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    Fungal skin infection/rain scald

    Thank you all so much for the suggestions. When she came back to me she was in poor condition and I would guess had a fairly compromised immune system, so I'm certainly taking a look at possible supplements/dietary options for the "inside out" approach. Interestingly the soils in our area are...
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    Fungal skin infection/rain scald

    My little TB brood mare has what looks to me like rain scald or a similar fungal skin infection, having researched it on the internet. I've never had a horse with this before - she came back to me in January after having been loaned out as a brood mare, and she had dropped a lot of weight and...
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    Which stallion for my mares (SWB and TB)

    How about Sula Blue? (Sula Bula x Ascertain). A big-framed old-fashioned TB type who is doing extremely well himself in British eventing at the moment and would seem to have both the gaits and the talent to pass on to his offspring. This is him...
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    A Critical Shortage of Blood

    Really interesting read. Hope that its's OK to share the link Tom?