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    Issues when getting on horse!!

    Sorry this may be long!! First a little bit of back ground, I ride my friends 16yr old cob cross mare. She told me she has had issues in the past getting on the mare from the ground, so she will only get on her from a leg up. For the past 2 and a half years i have ridden her, and always got...
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    Would you pay this much????

    As titled, do you think this is a good price for this horse?
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    HOYS Who is going???

    I have just got home from an early birthday shopping trip, and the post man has delivered what looks like HOYS tickets. To my amazment it looks like the OH was paying attention. I am know hoping they are HOYS tickets and that they are for the Sat night preformance. So who is going????
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    Has any one got there tickets yet. Sorry if this has already been posted about but just got back off my holiday!!!
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    Iv just recieved my link for the Godiva pics, and i just wanted to say well done to all of you that took part. The pics are amazing and have i have enjoyed looking at them so much i think i may have a go myself next year!! I felt far too shy to do it this year, but now feel confident i can...
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    Who's going to HOYS

    Just wondered who was going and on what days. My O/H has just bought me tickets for the Sunday evening for my Birthday. I love him so much as he has bought Premium Ring side seats!!!!
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    Tatty Teddie!!

    I know this is total unrealated and in the wrong place, but does any one collect these???
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    Which would you do??

    My friend has offered me the use of her horse to do a dressage test on next Wed. I have not done any Stressage since i finished college 7 years ago. I ride the horse every week, but normaly only hack. I cant decide wether to do the P4 or P14. I know they are only very simple but i want to...
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    I am so excited!!!

    I went for an iterview yesterday for a receptionist position! I get a phone call from the company this morning to say they think i am too good for the role But low and behold i get offered a PA position instead!!!! Im am so happy, now i just have to get packed up and move 75 miles in to my...
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    What a why to die!!!( Chocolate)

    If i have to die i want to die like this!!!!!
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    Saddle Direct!

    Ok i know this is in the wrong place but, has anyone ever used them and what do people think of the service they offer. we need a new saddle for one of the horses i ride, and the back lady has recommended them!
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    Saddle Direct!

    Has anyone ever used them and what do people think of the service they offer. we need a new saddle for one of the horses i ride, and the back lady has recommended them!
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    BBC news web, 7 GCSE question on PE

    Lets see how well we do at this. I got 5/7 , better than i can manage on 7 days 7 questions!!!!
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    Nose Nets and riding????

    Does any one use the nose nets that attach to the bridle? How well do they work? Should i use anything else with it?? I have bought one for the mare i ride and just wondered what peoples opinions were of them!
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    Pelham Pilar Pleasure Ride

    Is any one going to this pleasure ride? Im going on my friends 14.3h Skewbald cob mare, and really looking forward to it.
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    Vibes needed pls!!!!

    My old dog Penny, who i had to rehome to a friend due to new job and not having the time for her, has got lung cancer. She is in the vets today to have part of her lung removed. I now she is in very good hands, but i still love this dog and im very worried about her!! Please can i have some...
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    Rollestone foal cam!!

    I cant see it, it buffers up then goes blank!!! Have i missed any thing???
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    Any one planning on going to Bramham horse trials????

    Just wondered if any one was planning on going this year. Im thinking of going on the Saturday for the cross country!!!!!!!!
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    Iv Bought A New Car!!!

    Sorry a little self indugent but im so excited. Iv bought a Fiesta Zetec S TDCI in metalic Black with half leather seats. Its so nice and i cant wait to pick it up!!!!
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    OMG This is horrific!!!!!!!!!!!

    Iv just been told about this, it happened yesterday just up from where i work!!!!
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    I HUGE Thank you to MizElz

    I really need to say a huge thank you to MizElz for doing this amazing drawing for me. It arrived in the post today, and it is better than i had hoped for. I really hope she does'nt mind me showing it to you all!!! I just need to decide were im going to it!! Once again thank you so much!!!
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    What Happened To The HHO Badges???

    A few weeks ago someone posted asking who would be interested in buying one. I posted saying i would like one, and iv still not heard anything back! Just wondered if these were still going ahead?
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    Acrecliffe Equestrian Centre In Menston!!

    Just wondered if anyone rides there or stables there. I used to work there a few years ago and would like to know how the horses are getting on. Especially interested to find out if Sapphire and Silver are still there, and to find out how Ann and Bruce are doing???
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    Wish me luck!!!!

    Later this Mornig i have my first appointment with a Rheumatologist to try and get to the bottom of what is wrong with my back and hips. Im really worried about it, as so far they have scaned and xrayd my hips and back and found nothing, so now im going to see the Rheumatologist and hope that...
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    Shock absorb safety stirrups!!!

    Has any one ever used these or any like them I have a problem with my hips and back and ridding can be very painful for me. I was told about these and just wondered if anyine has used used them and what your thoughts are on them!
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    Romantic dinner ideas!!!!!

    I have decided to cook my O/H a romantic dinner on Saturday, we have had a run of bad luck so far this year and not really had too much quality time for each other. We have decided to have a bit of a date night on Saturday and he is taking me to the cinema. So i would like to cook a really...
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    Anyone else hate 2009 already!!!!!!!!!!

    We are only 2 weeks in and just when i thought things couldnt get any worse, they did. To start off with i went to get a loan last week from my bank, only to be refused. When i asked why they told me i hadnt been making minimum payment on my credit card. The thing is my dad ran up the debt on...
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    Stolen and burnt out!!!!!

    Just to let every one know, i got to my mates this morning in Scotter just outside of Scunthorpe, to find out that her horse box had been stolen on Friday and burnt out. She is so upset as she only got it about a month ago. Why can't the scum bags keep the dirty hands off what does not belong...
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    Impacted Colic

    My friends mare started with colic yesterday morning. She called the vet out, who proceded to up set Bell that much she reared up and took a chunk out of her head. Without even doing a recteal has told my friend she has an impaction, and for some reason has told my friend to give her Epsom...
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    Pics of the horses i ride

    Sorry a couple are'nt very good