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  1. sam-b

    How do you overcome dog addiction?

    Can you let me know when you find the Answer? I have 9.... hubby would be very great full lol
  2. sam-b

    Working cocker growth?

  3. sam-b

    Working cocker growth?

    So Brook is 4 months and 1 week old. She is approx 28cm tall. Is this on the smaller side ? What sort of age do they finish growing ? My jack grew no taller after 4 months lol
  4. sam-b

    Poorly puppy

    I'm so very sorry x
  5. sam-b

    Pro photo of my 13 week old WCS pup...

    I am just so in love..... Had these done at the weekend, this is my preview one
  6. sam-b

    Puppy spam

    Her breeding includes Kilton Beck Warlord and Randalyn Black Jack. There are 42 FTCH in her pedigree, assume that's good?
  7. sam-b

    Puppy spam

    This is my 12 week old WCS, Brook. Gundog bred, but she will be doing agility with me.
  8. sam-b

    Puppy has a limited appetite?

    Finally I persuaded the other half (or got him to cave) and have this week picked up a wcs puppy. She is 8 weeks old, (almost 9) and is lovely and lively. However she does not seem that interested in food. I collected her Monday and I know it's been very hot but she just picks at her food. The...
  9. sam-b

    Buying a jack Russel puppy

    I had my first JRT from preloved , free to any home. He was 6 months old. I picked him up took her home and he is a complete precious little baby. We adore him. He is now almost 4.
  10. sam-b

    So very worried.. wrist injury

    Some of you may remember nor long after I got Oscar he ran into me as I was going down a step effectively meaning I kicked him (and quite hard) I was absolutely devastated at hurting him. He went to the vets after rest didn't appear to sort it and they were happy it was a minor sprain to the...
  11. sam-b

    Grass livery wanted, atherstone

    For my daughters 11hh pony who lives on fresh air. As close to Wood end as possible please. Not worries about having a school.
  12. sam-b

    Grass livery wanted, atherstone

    For my daughters 11hh pony who lives on fresh air. As close to Wood end as possible please. Not worries about having a school.
  13. sam-b

    Am I mad?

    As someone with 8 dogs (cringe when I type that!) not at all!!
  14. sam-b

    As others are... here is Oscar at 5 months (parsons)

    Awww thank you! I do absolutely adore him, he is so much fun, and I maybe biased, but very handsome!
  15. sam-b

    Who washes their cat?

    As someone else has mentioned, Sphynx cats need bathing regularly, my girl hates it - so it hubby's job.
  16. sam-b

    As others are... here is Oscar at 5 months (parsons)

    just doing the end of the contact trainer... [/img][/img]
  17. sam-b

    John Lewis advert

    The dog belongs to my friend's agility club, and yes believe the trampoline bits were CGI.
  18. sam-b

    Parsons Puppy!

    This actually made me laugh out loud at my desk. I do also have 2 JRTs but compared to him they are massively chilled, he is hilarious but the noise is something else!
  19. sam-b

    Parsons Puppy!

    he is very brave, he thinks he is a lion. If he gets frustrated at something he screams like something out of Jurassic Park. I have never heard anything like it.
  20. sam-b

    Parsons Puppy!

    He is absolutely cracking. I think the world of him, he already has a much better recall than the naughty spotty one sitting at the back >:(
  21. sam-b

    Parsons Puppy!

    Meet Oscar! He is 4 months old, I have had him about a month now. He was originally to be retained by his breeder to work but a change in circumstances meant that it would not be possible, so now he is going to be an agility dog with me instead (hopefully!!) He is very worky, switched on...
  22. sam-b

    Those with dogs fed on Millies Wolfheart....

    Can I ask why you feed egg/egg shell? Does it benefit the dog ?
  23. sam-b

    Dew Claw / Stiff Leg

    Rested and metacam, front leg.
  24. sam-b

    Dew Claw / Stiff Leg

    Young puppy suffered a dew claw injury which made him quite lame, it had bent back and into the leg/pad. That was cut, and instantly became sound again (was cut short so there was some blood), noticed since though if goes to sleep flat out, when wakes up is still on the leg for a couple of...
  25. sam-b

    Raised dog beds...

    I have a Hik9 and love it, no smell/hair collecting in it and the dogs love it too.
  26. sam-b

    Agility problem

    I have a young dog who is a complete nightmare. Very very talented, but a nightmare. I recently got the book , when pigs fly, which is all about none operent dogs and for me it's been a turning point. I strongly suggest you give it a read, and don't give up . I'm glad I didn't.
  27. sam-b

    Ollie video - agility training

    This is my young dog (21 months), he is a rescue from Many Tears - and trust me, he has given me many !!! He measures medium and I hope will do well in the agility world.
  28. sam-b

    Which breed...

    JRT are awesome. I was adamant they were never a breed I would have, then the other half got one, now we have 2 , and a spaniel x jrt (wouldn't recommend that!!) the jacks are cracking, lovely dogs, who ill have cuddles all day long, awesome at agility and great fun on walks - and they are...
  29. sam-b

    do sbt`s do agility?

    Gemma haycock runs a staffy very successfully, at Champ / Crufts ABC's etc. We have one train with us that's sweet, that one is not particularly fast, but have seen some at shows that have been good little dogs.
  30. sam-b

    Pics of my blue and white JRT

    Thank you everyone. I took her out to an agility show low today with a couple of my others, she was so perfectly well behaved. She is an absolute dream.