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    Treeless saddles - help please

    Is there such a thing as a treeless with knee rolls? I have a flat backed native pony, but saddles seem to slip round him. I like my old treeless on him - but I don't feel very secure! Any advice will be very welcome!
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    POLITE - think bike. Interesting reading

    Posted on the Guardian website by one of their reporters in October 2012 who has been wearing one of the POLITE think bike waistcoats: "Initially I was even concerned I might get arrested for impersonating a policeman but then found out it was actually a superintendent who devised this...
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    eBay saddle purchase update

    Just a quick update. Paid £720 for a saddle on eBay last week. Paid immediately & was promised despatch within 2 days. No despatch. Promised despatch on Saturday & then got message to sy saddle wasn't being posted on Saturday after all but would be posted today (Monday). Requested that it be...
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    Ebay saddle purchase - bad feeling

    how long would you wait before you started to worry? Basically, I bought a saddle on Ebay for a lot of money earlier this week. Listing said first class post. I paid for it immediately. Then got a message from seller saying they would post "within a couple of days" First bad feeling...
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    What brilliant service!

    After all the groans and moans on here, just thought it would be nice to have a GOOD SERVICE thread :) My vote goes to the Horse Bit Bank. Ordered a 5.25 inch (bizarre size I know) bit at 5.45 p.m. on Monday. Bit arrived this morning - how's that for service? Anyone got any more Good Service...
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    7.5 tonne lorry - sell or keep?

    I'm in a complete dilemma. Last year I had a lovely lorry built, but my life has become so hectic that I haven't even had time to use it. Should I sell it now before it's even had a horse in it and just hire one if ever I need one, or should I keep it cos I'll never ever have the chance to...
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    Which Haysteamer?

    After reading Dr David Marlin's article about home-made haysteamers and now that I seem to have 4 horses (how did that happen - last winter it was only 2), I am seriously considering investing in a...
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    Transport needed - Wales to Suffolk

    Can anyone recommend a transporter. I've just bought new horsey and need her moved from Pembrokeshire (Wales) to Suffolk. Thanks in advance!
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    Naming and Shaming - wouldn't you just love to?

    Ok, so I am fed up with being let down and treated like a moronic imbecile by some of the equestrian companies. Why is it me who always gets taken for a ride? If you advertise something for sale, please supply it - don't debit my credit card and then pretend you have sent it when you haven't...
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    trailer towing-training, East Anglia?

    Help - I need some trailer-training. Has anyone done any in East Anglia. I've got the test - but just need the training.
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    Spillers Diamond Club tokens?

    Anyone want some - I've got over 30 and I won't be using them as there is nothing I want.
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    Ryan Crumley, Sussex?

    Some nice looking horses on his website - any info on him please
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    Scam adverts - what is the point

    Just had a quick glance at and under Big Horses, nearly every advert is an obvious scam - Clydesdales for £1300, Fresians for £1000, Spanish horses for £1000 and a Palomino stallion for £400 - can someone please explain to me what is the point of these adverts and why don't the...
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    Buying unseen over the internet - shocked

    I have phoned up about a couple of horses recently and both have been sold, unseen, over the internet. Now after all the horror stories (remember Bombproof as reported in H&H?) - this is still going on. You only have to read people's experiences of disasterous horse-hunting on here to know...
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    Emotive and done before, but PTS question

    I know this topic has been done before, but I am reaching the end of the line with one of my horses. His arthritis has progressively got worse. Without the support of shoes, he is crippled and the last time he was shod, he really, really struggled inspite of double-dosing his bute. Over the...
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    Help - mare has hard teat

    My mare's teats are really swollen and one has a large hard lump in it. She can't be in foal, thank goodness. She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort but she is incredibly stiff anyway (arthritis) and seems to be resting her hind leg all the time which may or may not be related. I shall be...
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    I have decided that I must find a new home for our mini pony. He's been on Horsemart and not a single phone call, so where else can I advertise him? As he's only for sale for a token amount really, I don't want to spend much on advertising but want to make sure he goes to a good home.
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    Where did the Patrick post go?

    Can't find the post about the stolen 18.2 anywhere? Am I being particularly thick??? What happened to it?
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    Pony entered in Britains got Talent

    Your thoughts please Link here I feel very uncomfortable about this for many reasons, but would be interested in other's views
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    Question for Pergolide users

    Just wondered how much you pay and whether you get prescription from your vet and then get it filled at Chemist. Just picked up some from new vet and it seems so expensive, but price might have gone up. Just want a few comparisons - thanks
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    Scam or just plain bizarre? Now who's going to phone up and find out more....bit worrying about the loves to play and cuddle with little stuffed animals though
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    Vet recommendations please - East Anglia

    Am seriously thinking about changing my vets. I've been with them for years but have got totally fed up and disillusioned with them. I'm Beccles/Bungay way (so North Suffolk) - can any one recommend a good one. PM if you prefer
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    Low flying helicopters today

    They've been practising all day round here BUT every time they've come over, they have obviously taken action to avoid flying directly over the horses heads. Last time, they were over here, I actually emailed them to thank them and got a great reply. Have to say, the neds are now so used to...
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    How do you become a horse transporter

    Have just bought a smashing 3.5t horsebox and fancy doing a bit of legal horse transport. Can anyone help with the rules & regs. Obviously would need to be insured for hire & reward, but what else???? Am just planning to do local horse transport in East Anglia.
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    Having a horse on trial - advice please?

    Am going to look at a horse tomorrow - have recently had a bad experience and am feeling very low confidence-wise, but this chap sounds perfect for me. Am taking a friend with me and the owner has already said that she will be happy for me to have the horse on trial. Now I've never had one on...
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    Reputable dealers in East Anglia

    Can anyone recommend any please?
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    Which bit's the right bit

    For my new HW gypsy cob? He's got a low roof to his mouth and doesn't like the nutcracker action of a snaffle. He had his teeth done on Tuesday, so no problems there. He's been driven (pulled a bowtop), but has got quite a nice mouth and isn't overly strong. Help & suggestions please
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    Am I looking for the impossible

    All I want is a nice 15.2+ HW happy hacker... (prefer hairies) and I just can't seem to find even one to look at I've got a good budget and the only one I've found that I liked the look of was bought sight unseen over the phone . I think I'm checking all the usual websites, but are there some...
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    Electric powered wheelbarrows

    Anyone used one, got any recommendations or alternatives? Am getting too old to face another winter with large hairy horses and a hard-to-push wheelbarrow
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    How sad - less than meat money? Surely this is less than meat money - poor horse.