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    The Exmoor Pony Centre (Moorland Mousie Trust)

    This is a wonderful charity that is helping to preserve and utilise the Exmoor pony. I follow them on facebook and they have ponies for fostering at various stages of their lives (including ridden). See . This charity has nothing to do with...
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    I don't think I can ever have a dog - but would welcome help

    I would like to have a dog, but what I hate, when I am walking, is dogs running towards me and or jumping up on me and their owners not seeing anything wrong with it. I have walked a dog with a friend, and that is much worse. More dogs are attracted to her dog, who is as good as you could want...
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    horse manure

    I live in Malvern and would be very interested in well rotted horse manure for my garden and allotment. We could collect - we have bags - but also would pay for delivery because we want large quantities. We don't really want it mixed with woodchip unless so well rotted you can't tell. Does...