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    Strange lump on chin

    heya wondering if anyone can help. I went to check my little shetland earlier and he appeared to have a lump under his chin just about on the bone. It was the size of a small marble and it has come up in the last 2 days. There is no heat and the skin over the lump is fine if a little bit thin...
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    help needed

    im looking to make a picture of the NZ and AUS team members at WEG last year. problem is i am having trouble finding some pics So far I have Clayton Fredericks, Andrew Nicholson (although if someone could find a better one it would be great), Andrew Hoy. if anyone can help you will be stars...
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    Toggi Xtreme sponsorship

    Has anyone else noticed that Toggi Xtreme have reduced the amount of riders they are sponsoring. Most notebly missing from their list are Matthew Wright and Neil Spratt. Anyonw know why???
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    Pictures of two event riders needed

    <span style="color:blue"> sorry guys but I have been asked to make a wallpaper/banner for a mate using Neil Spratt and Joe Meyer, the Nz eventers. but the piccies I was sent are dodgy and grainy and i cant contact him so i was wondering if anybody had any of these 2 guys with on horseback or...