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    Exercises to balance out shoulder/neck inbalance? y

    I seem to have managed to get my 8 year old Haflinger asymetric. He has a build up of muscle on the offside of his neck and shoulder and is feeling very hard on the nearside rein. I have had his teeth checked, the physio has been out and his saddle is being checked next week. In the meantime...
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    Possible tieing up then lumps and bumps - any ideas?

    I have a Hafflinger on loan and have been hunting him all this winter. He came off the lorry on Tuesday very stiff through his hindquarters and sore. He went on ok and was heard bashing about in the lorry about 15 minutes before we got home. He was very uncomfortable and couldnt put his head...
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    Just a couple of odd scabby areas on hind legs.

    Mebbe nothing but these have come from nowhere it seems. Grey horse, hunted hard all winter, now turned away for a couple of weeks chill out. A dry scabby area has developed suddenly at the top inside of his near hind. Scabs can be picked off and skin underneath is pink and dry. Another area...
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    Hunt buttons?

    When are these awarded to someone in your hunt? I got mine recently (over the moon!) but was very surprised as I have only been hunting for 4 years, albeit enthusiastically - last one home, manage 90% of the meets etc. Interested to hear about other hunts. Trouble is now I've got to sew them...
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    Fat under the skin causing problem

    Has anyone heard of a problem being caused with sensitive skinned horses having fat stored under the skin making saddling/girthing/mounting uncomfortable. My friend's trainer used this theory to explain why her usually placid mare had a bucking fit after saddling and my gelding annually bucks...
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    I need some more boots for riding/walking around/feeding animals/going to Tescos/everything! I've been a big fan of Hunters - cheap, fit my foot shape, last ages - but my last pair have fallen apart in no time - apparantly they are now made in China and the quality has dropped. I aspire to a...
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    Wound healing

    I rarely post on here but I hope that someone can just give me a rough idea of the best thing to do. My horse got kicked in the stifle area (inside upper hind leg, right?) a week ago last Thursday. Wound about 2" long and a little open but quite clean. Vet said no need to stitch. Have kept...
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    Peripheral hunting stuff ..... all questions, questions..

    How do I best get really severe mud stains off my lovely new black hunting coat? Can I sponge it or just brush like my life depends on it? How do I cut down the time to clean muddy tack twice a week? Any tips VERY gratefully received! How do I best get a grey (fleabitten) horse clean? Any...
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    Hunt buttons

    Pondering on this one today....when are these awarded, why, by whom and what does it mean to the recipient? Thanks.
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    How much petrol money to pay for lift in lorry??

    Get a lift from a friend in a Bedford 3 horse lorry, reasonably old. Can anyone on here give me a ball park figure as to how much these might do the gallon/litre? I want to give her some petrol money each time and would like it to be fair for both of us. Thank you.
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    Turning out sweaty horse

    This might seem like a really stupid question but what harm might my horse come to if, as I have had to do tonight, I have to turn him out after a hard days hunting, without being able to wash him off? He has a trace high clip, got pretty sweaty and came home in a Thermatex so a lot of the...
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    Boots for a short a**e!!

    Can anyone recommend any long boots (or boots/gaiters combo) for a short girl? I want a pair smart enough for hunting/showing but easy to get on - maybe a zip up the back. Went to local tack shop today to try some on but they are all sooooo long. Think the short boots and gaiters might be the...
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    Fit for riding - do you do anything (apart from riding of course??)

    Working hard to get my horse fit but realise that I need to put a bit of extra effort into myself!! Getting on a bit (compared to lots of you on here anyway!!) and contemplating yoga and/or Pilates for suppleness, core strength blah blah (yawn!) Do any of you find this helpful or maybe gym...
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    Paddock management

    Got about 2.5 acres of grass that is fairly new. Got cut for hay last year and the year before that so we want to give it a rest this year. Only had sheep on it this summer and it is very long. Do we leave it until all the grasses have dried and set seed back on the ground and then cut it or...
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    Getting fit

    Ok, I'm sure this has been done before but I can't find what I need to know. I'm just after an idiot's guide to getting a horse fit for trail hunting in the winter. He's not been completely let down but has only had a couple of hacks a week from the end of last season and is now pretty fat...
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    Novice Ridden Hunter and In hand hunter

    Contemplating entering these two classes at local Riding Club show but I really have no idea what to expect. I guess I turn out much as I would out hunting (jacket, stock, long boots etc) but what about the horse? Plaited? Mane and tail? (Please God not the tail!!) Martingale allowed? Do I...
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    Swollen sheath on gelding

    Friend's 23 year old pony has a swollen sheath. Doesn't appear to be bothering him and she is calling the vet to discuss today so it will get sorted but has anyone had any experience in this department?!
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    Worm count - how often

    As my horse lives alone (apart from sheep) and his pasture is kept clean I haven't wormed him for over a year (apart from an annual red worm treatment), relying instead on worm counts from his droppings. Has anyone got any schedules for this that work for them? Should it be done around the...
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    Equestrian event photographers - East Anglia

    Well Norfolk specifically. Have been tasked with finding one for North Norfolk Horse Show - anyone out there got any recommendations?? I have tried google, yellow pages etc but soooo many out there !!
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    Best turnout rug.... your opinion for 16hh, high withered, fairly deep and short bodied horse. With an all in one neck. I bought him a rug with a separate neck cover and have been cursing it ever since. I have never used it without the neck cover (I have another turnout without one and tend to use that)...
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    Fabulous Albion saddle and fitting

    I recently posted about having problems with a new Albion saddle. Thank you so much to those of you who posted and pmd me with advice and help. I would just like to say that I have had the most fantastic help and service from Abion, saddle fitter and the company they work for. All resolved and...
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    Aluminium floor trailers

    Any recommendations? Is it Ifor Williams that do ali floors? Looking for a decent second hand one - two horse x 16.2hh - what model should I be looking for? (I really am full of questions this morning, sorry!!) It's just that you all know such useful stuff and it's loads quicker than lots of...
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    Trailer breakdown/recovery service

    Anyone got any recommendations for a breakdown/recovery service that covers trailers as well as the vehicle AND the vehicle(s) alone? AA don't, AutoAid don't - ok, I've only got as far as A but I'm not sure the RAC would if AA don't and not sure where else to investigate. Thankees!!
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    Bitless bridles

    I don't want to get into one of those long debates between pros and antis on this subject but I really would be very interested in hearing about anyone's experiences of changing from a bitted bridle to one without. Reasons why you did it, successes and failures, which type you used, guide to...
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    Saddle fitting - am I being taken for a ride??? (scuse the pun!)

    Sorry to post this here - I know it would be more at home in the Stable section but I know I'll get a better response here. Brief history as I have posted about this before. Bought brand new Albion saddle, professionally fiited. Very pleased with it. After 6 weeks use it caused my horse some...
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    Olney Saddlery

    Anyone use/used this saddlery - particularly for saddle fitting?
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    New saddle causing bad back - advice on how to approach saddler

    I bought myself, at vast expense, a brand new Albion K2 GP saddle on 14th December. It was professionally fitted. I thought this would be the best possible way of ensuring I had a saddle that fitted my horse. Today I had the physio out to look at my horse's sore back. She used the words...
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    Non rubbing girths/tail guards - recommendations please!

    Just changed back to a treed saddle and conventional girths (from treeless and dressage style girths) and find that the Cottage Craft ones I have are rubbing. Can anyone recommend a non rubbing/kinder style of girth as a replacement? I know that leather is meant to be more breatheable and have...
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    Very tatty Rice Trailer - your thoughts please

    I have a Rice Beaufort Double trailer. Bought it for £175 a couple of years ago and have spent another couple of hundred on new tow hitch, rubber matting, marine ply and tyres/wheel bearings. Really want to upgrade now to a trailer with an aluminium floor as we use it for transporting...
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    Cross country v showjumping style and videos??

    This probably sounds a bit of a numpty question but can somebody tell me the differences in techniques between cross country and show jumping and the reasons why? I kind of know most of it but as I want to do a lot of both and get a lot better at both I'd kind of like to have it clear in my...