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    correct bridle for in hand

    Please could someone advise me on the correct bridle in which to show my welsh d gelding in in hand mountain and moorland? He's 11 years old. Is his usual plain snaffle bridle with reins over head correct or is an inhand bridle better? Thanks in advance.
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    can anyone recommend an effective calmer?

    Can anyone recommend a calmer for occasional use for my horse who is generally fine at home but gets really excited and wound up at shows? I'm reluctant to add a supplement to his feed as he's fine at home so was thinking one of the single syringes, or would i be better adding it to his feed...
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    In- Hand bridle for M & M clases

    I am looking to buy an in- hand bridle for my Welsh sec D, for showing him in Mountain and Moorland and cob classes. All the ones that I've seen so far seem to have raised nosebands/ fancy stitching/ are very fine. Am I right in thinking that for a pony of this type they should have a flat...
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    Getting horse used to electric fence

    I have just fenced off half my horse's field with electric fencing so it can be sprayed with weed killer. This is the first time I have used electric fencing and I was wondering if there was anything I can do to get my horse used to it? Many Thanks!
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    Confidence Courses

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has been on a confidence course that has helped with confidence when riding? I have been looking at one run by 3 Intelligent Horsemanship RAs- has anyone any experience of this course...
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    Horse has 'asthma'- any experiences please?

    The vet has just been out again to my horse, and has diagnosed asthma. He has a selection of medication and will need to use an inhaler daily. The inhaler is on order- one that fits around his nose fully, not one nostril. Has anyone had any experiences of this, or tips, that they would...
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    Supplements for dust allergies

    Can anyone recommend a feed supplement to help horses with dust allergies/ stable cough? I have addressed bedding/ feed/ environment but wondered if there was a feed supplement that could help, that has worked for others. Thank you :)
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    Haylage, soaked hay or steamed hay for allergies

    Which would you say is most effective for horses with dust allergies- haylage, soaked hay or steamed hay? I seem to recall that soaking doesn't actually get rid of the spores just enlarges them? Does this mean that soaking is less effective than other methods? All thoughts greatly apreciated :)
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    Bedding Advice please

    Hi, I am currently looking into optiond for bedding for my horse. He has a dust allergy so I cannot use straw, and having used shavings he is sensitive to the 'dust' in them too. He is on Nedz Beds original at the moment, with soaked hay and as dust free as possible stable, but still has a...
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    Anyone been to Derby House this weekend?

    I spied on Facebook that Derby House saddlery- the North West (Wrightington?) one has some sort of bank holiday event. Just wondering if anyone had been and if it is worth a visit tomorrow? Were there any good bargains etc? Thank you!
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    Freezemarking- Experiences please

    I am seriously considering having my horse freezemarked. Please can anyone share experiences good and bad? Are there any negatives to having a horse freezemarked? Any recommendations about the company to use- have only heard of FarmKey and Freezemark. Would really appreciate any thoughts/...
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    Walk/ Trot dressage Cheshire/ Staffordshire?

    Hi, does anyone know of any dressage competitions which have walk/ trot (Intro) tests in the Cheshire or Staffordshire areas? Many Thanks!
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    Recommendations for 'best' bridle please

    Hi, I am looking to buy my horse a nice 'best' bridle- decent quality, to last. I have had Sabre bridles in the past but wondered what other makes people would recommend. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance x
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    When does 'spring' grass become 'summer' grass?

    Traditionally, we are warned of the dangers of 'spring' grass and associated weight gain/ laminitis. I have always been led to believe that 'spring' grass is more potent/ dangerous than grass later in the year. My question is, is grass growing later in the year less 'dangerous' to horses prone...
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    Anyone have a Land Rover Defender?

    Hi, does anyone have a Land Rover Defender that you use for towing and general work run etc? How do you find it- is it good to tow with, what is it like on work run- fuel economy etc? Any thoughts welcome. Thank you
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    Advice on feeding/ grass/ hay please....

    Hi, I wondered if I could have your thoughts on my Boy's diet, please? He is 15hh welsh cob and currently looks to be in the 'right' condition (my RI agrees) He is out during the day from 7am-6pm on poor grazing with a slice of hay in his shelter. At around 6pm he goes into the other field...
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    Weedkiller- buttercups- please help

    Hi, Last week my Dad sprayed half our field with Grazon weedkiller (horse is in the other half at the moment). The nettles and docks are curling up nicely, but I am concerned about the buttercups. Some of them have started to wilt, but the field was sprayed 9 days ago and they don't look...
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    Advice on mites please x

    Had the vet to my lad yesterday and was told that his itchy skin was due to mites. I feel terrible about it-poor boy. The vet injected him and gave me some wash which I did last night as it was still quite warm. He is still very itchy- does anyone know of anything else I could use to either...
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    Advice on correct turnout for dressage please

    Please can anyone advise me on the correct dress for the rider for prelim dressage? I currently only have a tweed hacking jacket which I wear with a yellow shirt and tie. Would this be suitable or would a navy jacket/ stock be more correct? Also, my horse is a sec D so form and m classes he...
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    Mitsubishi Outlander help please

    Can anyone help me please? I'm looking at buying a Mitsubishi Outlander for towing my single trailer. Has anyone had experience of there cars? Any info much appreciated! Thank you!
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    Help please with finding a bridle!

    I'm looking to buy my horse a new Sabre bridle. Had one for years and it lasted really well so would like to stick with the same make. The problem is, my horse needs a cob size noseband and browband, and full size headpiece, cheek pieces and reins. When I bought my original one years ago, I...