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    Hindleg Tendon injuries

    How common are hind leg tendon injuries? Is there a common cause? Thank you
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    Tying up

    Hi first time I've ventured in here. Um probably not quite the question your thinking of reading the title. But can dogs tye up like horse do (azoturia). My little Patterdale (4yr old)has start having what look like seizures (under vet) and they originally thought epilepsy but he's not...
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    Hey. Corns, and there causes? Whats everyone's opinion? Bad shoeing, or to much road work/not conditioned enough? Thank you
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    Clipping tips

    Hey, I always struggle clipping around elbows/armpit and then the flank area. Whats everyone's best tips? Thank you
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    Hound exercise

    How fit would you want your horse to be for early hound exercise before autumn hunting starts? Just plenty of trot work or canter work?
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    Stud/Hunt Groom

    Hi, just wondering if anybody on here is a Stud/Hunt Groom, or anyone else that is a professional groom or has been in the past? And wouldn't mind me dropping them a pm?
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    Travelling in a lorry (7.5t) with no partitions?

    Hi, As title, is this possible? Horse is good at travelling but for one reason or another all partitions are out and need to be so daily. I want to take my horse xc schooling one afternoon can I just pop him in with no partitions? Thank you
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    Best wormer

    As thread title really, just interested what people feel is the best wormer for this time of year? Thank you
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    Flexi Tree

    Hello, I'm going through some old saddles, and just wondering how much a flexi tree should give? These are fairly old cliff barnsby saddles, if it makes a difference. Thank you
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    Hello, I've just moved to Worcester for work and just wondering if there is anyone local? I'm in Fernhill Heath. Anyone nearby?
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    Hunting this season

    Hello, Slightly odd thread but just wondering what people's thoughts are on whether or not hunts will go this season. I am thinking in regards to covid 19 and no large public gatherings. I guess small hunts would be OK, but what about the big large hunts that attract upwards of 150plus people...
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    Online dressage

    Hey, As the title suggests looking into online dressage, this is completely new to me is there more than 1 place that does it? Which do people find best? Mainly looking for walk and trot and eas6 prelims. Thank you for any help
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    Constructive Criticism

    Hello, I have watched/followed the threads going up each week with different exercises to work on. I have been trying to use as much of the exercises as possible while Hacking out. I managed to get a video this evening having a little play/school on my boy what do people think? There aren't...
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    Badminton - coronavirus

    Hello, With all that is happening atm and the amount of sporting events and large public gatherings( what sort of numbers does this cover) being cancelled or postponed do you think badminton will go ahead, or should it go ahead? WWhat are peoples thoughts?
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    You know your horsey when...

    I seen this image on fb and instantly thought - yeah pretty standard when the purple spray leaks. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️😂 But the quote with it was 'only blonde girls know whats going on'
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    Electric Fence

    Hello, I currently have an un-fenced garden and am not able to fence it (rented from an estate) it backs on to fields or a lane. I cant let my dog out unsupervised because of this, I don't think the estate would fence it and i don't have the money to dog so in a fashion that they would deem...
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    String halt

    Hello, I know I posted about stringhalt before but I have a different question this time. Has anyone noticed horses being more sensitive to having legs hosed if they have string halt? I've a horse atm with string halt in both hinds but the left far more so and he's far more sensitive with...
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    Tom thumb bit

    Hello, I'm just wondering if you could offer me a bit of advice, I'm currently working abroad on a yard and have a limited supply of bits. Im riding a young horse who is a bit strong and un responsive in a snaffle, other than snaffles we have running gags or American gags and a tom thumb...
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    Yard groom

    Hello, I'm a groom and have been for over 10years, absolutely love it. I had rider insurance but the company I was with have closed down. Who do people recommend for rider only insurance? Thank you
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    Low grade pain

    Hi, If a horse was in low grade pain most of the time could this be a reason for them not to hold condition well? Not exactly poor but on the slimmer side and not really gaining any weight even though being fed well. Teeth are OK. Thank you
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    String halt

    Hello, Just wondering if anybody has successfully treated stringhalt through supplementation please. Thank you Ps I'm not sure you can but happy to be proved wrong. It's a debate between few people atm.
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    Lame horse

    Hello, Just a quick question, we've got a lame horse where I'm working, was initially a foot abcess, to the point where he was on 3 legs! (I've never seen a horse so lame in 20yrs+ of being around them) He's gradually got better (about 10 weeks since first lame) But is still clearly lame in...
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    Point to point

    Hello, I have always been keen to give point to point a go but just never had the opportunity. I'm wondering now if I'm a bit to old to be trying it for the first time, I'm 31. Any thoughts or opinions? Thank you 🙂
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    Clipper blades

    Hello How many times can you have a set of blades sharpened? Thank you
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    How long would you travel a horse for before giving them a break? Just looking for peoples opinions really
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    right horse right home

    Has anybody used the above site before? I am off traveling in 6 weeks and need to sort something out for my gelding but don't want to sell him, problem being he is currently turned away due to work commitments so probably not going to be the easiest to loan out. I put an add on the above site...
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    Anyone local?

    Hello I'm on the Gloucester/Wiltshire borders not far from badminton. Is there any body local to me on here?
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    Best yard coat

    Hi all, This has been done to death i think. But any recommendations? Ideally like something that cover bum but not much longer than that. And also has a draw cord waist. Must be waterproof I work on a yard so need to stay dry. Thank you
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    Ground work - How much do you do

    Hi all, Just wondering how much ground work people do, mainly before the backing process, but all opinions greatly received. I appreciate there is no hard and fast rule and everyone has their own ways/ideas but just interested to hear theses. Thank you Hr
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    Before and After Pictures

    Hello, I know this has probably been done to death but I've been looking back through old posts and you can no longer see a lot of the photos. Just wondering if people could post before and after pictures of there horses. Be that from youngster to adult or before and after backing and...