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    Mini heatwave

    It is going to be very hot down South the next few days 32 on Friday both myself and pony do not do well in hot weather. Pony full clipped yesterday to try and help him not over heat. I am wfh but will go the office Thursday and Friday as we have aircon. I was talking to YO yesterday and we...
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    How old was your horse when you retired and why?

    My pony is 20 and up to age of 17 no real problems. The in February 2020 when YO went to catch him she noticed he was lame went cantering over. It was left suspensory branch inquiry. 3 months box rest and controlled exercise followed by small paddock turnout back to herd turnout and off rehab...
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    The last 2 years has been very difficult with my pony's health. He has spent a lot of it on rehab for injuries. It has been hard not just doing the rehab and financially but also making the decisions and emotionally. We are taught to ride, we are taught stable management, we are taught how to...
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    Doing the right thing

    I am finding it really hard to balance the needs of my pony with my own needs to be objective and not let my emotions dictate my decision making. So I have a 19 year old pony on box rest for a tendon injury. Prior to last year he had never had a soft tissue injury. Last March he had 4 months...
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    Why are rectals so expensive?

    Pony has had to have emergency vet for colic a couple of times so far whilst on box rest. Cost of colic exam rectal is £120. Cost of scan of for tendonitis is £175. Why are rectal exam so expensive compared to cost of a scan which involves expensive machinery and shaving of legs. Rectal exam...
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    Nature or Nuture

    I have been around horses a long time from childhood, I am now 48. From this forum and from being on livery yards as adult there just seems to be so many ailments horses seem to have compared to when I was a child. Things like kissing spines and ulcers were not something that I had really...
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    Are more expensive hats worth the money?

    I want to get a vented riding hat. There seems to be so much choice. I currently have 2 hats a HS1 and show hat which is a champion and is velvet covered and navy. I got the HS1 as it is Snell, and I do hacking which is obviously quite risky as opposed to riding on a soft school surface. 19...
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    Champion air tech delux hat

    I have always had gate HS1 but I think I might get a new hat my for my birthday as I would like a vented hat. HS1 is snell and I got it for that reason as I think the level of safety is higher than anything else. I don't do cross country, jump or do any fast hacking any more as my pony is now...
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    Do you have retirement plan for your horse?

    My pony is 19 and had some injuries in the couple of years - currently on box rest for his 2nd soft tissue injury in 18 months. I was chatting to my vet about possibly retiring him as he is said the less exercise he does the less likely he is to get injured and with age the tendons and ligaments...
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    Age related degeneration

    My 19 year old pony is now on his 2nd round of box rest and rehab following a soft tissue injury in the last 18 months. Last year he had a hind suspensory injury in March 2020 recovered, back in full work and herd turn out Sept 2020 and now has tendon injury in his fore and back on box rest...
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    Transport hire with driver for shows and covid rules

    I hire a lorry and driver/helper to go to shows. Haven't been out to a show for a very long time last years was write off due to Covid and pony having a suspensory injury. I would now like to go to a show on the May bank holiday Monday however before I start asking around to find transport I...
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    Allergic to new haynet

    Have any of your had an issue with a horse being allergic to a haynet? I got a very nice fancy continental style slow feeder haynet from a different company than usual. I used to use haywell but they are no longer made and then the horze ones were not being shipped when I looked due I think to...
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    Low level laser for suspensory injury

    My vets have recommended Low Level Laser and ice spa's for treating a hind leg suspensory injury. The injury is in a hind leg and is fibre misalignment, no tear or hole. The vets offer the laser as service and my yard can do the ice spa's. The cost in total for these services is nearly £3,000. I...
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    Lunging how bad is it for horses

    I try and avoid lunging where possible as I have heard it is really bad for horses and their joints. However every winter it gets cold and I feel tired and a bit lazy and think about perhaps doing more lunging as it is so much quicker no need to get changed after work, or unlock tack room and...
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    I have just started doing the SSADL classes and am really enjoying them. I did two last year and one this year. They have a marking system and the ones I did had two judges as they were either direct Olympia qualifiers or round twos. It is great to have the marking system as you can see what...
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    Riding holiday in Jordan

    I am thinking of going on a riding holiday to Jordan. With the flights it would end up being ££££ and so it would be a big treat one off type of holiday for me and I need to make sure that it would be good! Has anyone been to Jordan and how does it compare with say Egypt? I went backpacking...
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    Tesco Leather cleaner - suitable for cleaning tack?

    Just seen this product in Tesco - Tesco leather cleaner Do you think it would be suitable for cleaning tack, it is really cheap only £2.
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    SSADL Classes

    I am planning to do some SSDL veteran classes this year. They are strict about the products allowed to be used so no oil based products. Can anyone recommend any coat shine/mane & tail spray that doesn't contain oil?
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    Attitude towards people who like hacking best

    Had a very exciting hack today - starting out with half way through the hack pony getting spooked by a loud noise leaping into the air loosing his footing and falling over with me falling off. Got back on friends confirmed pony fine and continued hack to enjoy a nice canter and then a jump over...
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    Biopro v Protexin

    I want a pro&pre biotic product for my native pony. Protexin has been recommended as good by a few friends but I have choosed Biopro by feedmark as it says suitable for laminitics and as my pony is a native pony I try and always get products that are suitable for laminitics. Protexin may...
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    giving your horse and yourself some time off

    I have come home from the yard and feel totally exhausted and realised for the last year how busy I have been either working late or being at the yard or socializing most nights as well as the weekends without a proper rest. In a lot of ways it has been great as I get bored quite easily so like...
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    Riding in windy weather

    Now it is winter unless I have a day off the only time I can ride in day light is at the weekends and as it has been so windy I have not been hacking so sticking to the school and mainly in walk. Pony is fairly steady sort normally but he is not keen on going near trees in windy weather {very...
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    warm long lasting socks not too thick

    I get very cold feet but if I wear several pairs of socks it is difficult to get normal riding boots on. So what I am looking for is some socks that are really warm but not too thick also hard wearing as my socks never seem to last that long. Does such a product exist or do sock companies...
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    Rambo ioncic liners

    My pony normally wears the rambo wugs and for 6 years he has wintered out and they have been great. He now is in at nights and so his rugging needs are a bit different as he gets more hot than he did when he was living out as there is no wind chill factor in his stable. His wugs are no fill...
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    How to clean air filters on clippers

    I have lister star clippers. In the instruction manual it says the air filters need to be cleaned regularly but it does not give very clear guidance on how to do this. There is a picture but I am still not 100% how to do it. On the lister website there is video on setting up the clippers...
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    Science behind worming

    I like science and understand most of the science behind worming such as refugia and resistance but I am struggling to understand how horses develop immunity to worms. I can understand how different horses on the same worming program in the same field may have different worm counts as egg...
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    I am going to purchase this saddle company girth to go with my saddle company saddle. I was just wondering how one would attach a normal style martingale to this sort of girth.
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    waterproof jods

    Does anyone have any experience of waterproof jods. I saw these advertised in your horse and they sounded good. I already have an old pair of normal decathlon jods that are good and still going strong after over 10 years and I managed to fit in the child's size as well...
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    How long to recover from cough

    My pony has a cough probably viral as one of his fieldmates has had something similar which clear up in just over a week without needing treatment other than rest and another one of his fieldmates has been coughing for 10 days but today seemed much better. I know horses like people have...
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    Benylin sugar free for coughs

    My pony has had a cough for just over 10 days, I have taken his temperature every day and no temperature, good appetite etc as he was getting worse than than better vet came out and has said probably he has picked up a virus, his lungs sound clear so probably upper respiratory. He has been on...