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    To all the people who answered my calls for help, regarding my mother's springer spaniel. I can thankfully let you all know that Springer Spaniel rescue have come to our aid and are now involved with the responsible rehoming of this little dog. This has been a very stressful situation for...
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    Spaniel aggression to other dogs

    A few pointers please people. 1. Can anyone recommend a good sympathetic dog trainer in the Wellingborough area please. 2. Springer bitch of indeterminate age (somewhere between 2 & 5) Unsocialised with other dogs. Very friendly and happy with people. Couple in their 80's. I didn't...
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    Information please

    Does anyone have any feedback on the company Anything Equine? Good or bad it's no matter. PM me please if you have any thing helpful to say. Thanks all.
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    Canned foods

    What canned foods are deemed the best option for a picky spaniel with an itchy skin. He is 9 years old and neutered. Regularly clipped and bathed (which I feel is too much and this is going to be done less often) There is no possibility of feeding raw food. My mother just wouldn't. (she's 82...
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    Kennel cough

    Symptoms and treatment please?
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    Wheat allergy

    We are looking after a friend's dog for a few days. She is a 7 year old spayed whippet. We are told that she is wheat/gluten intolerant. Does anyone know anything about this in dogs? I've not come across it before except in people. I'd be interested in any information and personal...
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    Importing dog into Australia or New Zealand

    Does anyone know the current requirements for bringing the family dog into either of the above named countries? Son & family are going at rather short notice (not yet sure how they get the choice of countries) on working visa. Any information gratefully received. Thankyou.
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    Show riders

    Can anyone please point me in the direction of a show rider in Lincolnshire who would coach someone for showing? Many thanks in advance.
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    Dysplasia in Labradors

    Can anyone please advise me regarding Dysplasia in young Labs. My brother has a 10 month old black lab dog which, following jumping out of the car was lame. All tests and scans have been done by the vet and the diagnosis is confirmed. This is affecting his elbow and not hips. The parents...
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    Boots for barefoot horse

    We have an elderly pony, he's 21. He is just about retired but is in really good nick and we only ride him occasionally these days. However he does "feel" his feet if he steps on a pebble or similar and I was wondering about getting him some kind of boots for the odd occasion that he will be...
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    Attempted theft of horse

    Just for information. Information sent on behalf of Lincolnshire Police (Please do not reply directly to this email, please use the Reply button at the bottom of this message) Good afternoon, On the 21st August at around 330pm three males were seen in fields off of Heath Lane...
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    Slighty puzzled

    We have a 21 year old retired polo pony. He is very well but suffers with sweetitch which is kept controlled and he doesn't appear to be too stressed by it. He has the Boett rugs and fly repellents etc. No scratches anywhere so he seems happy. Teeth, feet, back, worming etc all up to date...
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    Stolen Horsebox

    This has been sent to me via Lincs Police farmwatch. Maybe someone might see it and do the necessary. Feel free to share on FB. Information sent on behalf of Lincolnshire Police (Please do not reply directly to this email, please use the Reply button at the bottom of this message)...
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    British Bulldogs

    Just picking brains here. My stepson and his partner have a 10 month old British Bulldog bitch. Not my cup of tea as I have issues with extreme breeding in anything but for all that she is the most delightful character. Really sweet girl. I know that the breed has potential problems due to...