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    ride with your mind on the bit survey

    Did anyone else take part and see the results video? I am curious to see what you all thought...
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    BE rider unseated at fence?

    Think the problem is more for those with hybrid ones, can't take them off!
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    Done 5 million times, but, wood pellets?

    I think you must be putting too much water in if they aren't absorbent? I put in Max half a bucket of water per bag and "soak" them for only a few minutes so all it does is break down the outer casing. I personally think they are great, save me lots of time, effort and money :)
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    Show jump trainers East/West Sussex?

    Carol Green based in Ringmer 100%
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    PE GCSE Horse riding

    Things must have changed in the ten years since I did mine! I did mine at a riding school. I showed mounting and dismounting, leading, riding on the flat, riding across uneven ground (aka galloping up a hill, think my PE teacher was more impressed at me staying on the bucking horse who hadn't...
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    When does a friendship group become a clique?

    I'm glad you have said this. I've worked, lived and socialised in male dominant environments and they are just as bad, women being bitchier is just rubbish. I think a group becomes a clique when they are unwelcoming to others.
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    Lectures/demos in the north west

    I do and we are ready to affiliate BD and get out and about but I have no transport to get him placed :(
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    Lectures/demos in the north west

    Hello all I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find out about demos, lectures and the like that are going on in the north west? I've recently moved and want to get more involved with the local horsey scene as I've just moved, but don't know where to start looking for things like these!
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    Looking down - breaking the habit

    In all seriousness, I find that when I am training myself to adopt a better position, I have to periodically make myself stop and check everything off. So every time I do a transition, check my position. Remind remind remind and eventually you get to a stage where you're always aware and can...
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    Looking down - breaking the habit

    After you do this please promptly bin the hat and go and buy one that fits :lol:
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    Regionals - whos going?

    Thought I already asked this but apparently didn't hit enter! Would you all say it's worth going to as a spectator? Prelim/novice regionals are something I'd be interested in aiming for in the future so I was thinking of popping over to Myerscough to watch.
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    Farrier - will he come or not????

    I've never had a bad farrier! One was a bit weird, one was fantastic and so far the current one seems good too :) I would kick up a fuss if they were regularly late, it's not on.
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    Dressage lessons - how often?

    I used to have them fortnightly, worked really well as it gave me time to work solidly on things and made my instructor happy as she could see a noticeable difference each session!
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    Horse drops shoulder and jumps to throw you off...

    I 100% second this, absolutely lovely place I had great lessons with Nat on some stunning horses :)
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    Ad lib v. Behaviour

    My boy gets ad lib and always has some left over, yet every time I walk in with a topped up net he attacks it like he has been stood there starving all day. When they've not had turn out in this awful weather he gets through a good 35lb a day on estimate. I definitely think some are just greedy.
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    finding out about possibly? fatal accident at event

    You can't assume that because you can't find mention of it, that it's a hushing up job. Bit of a leap in logic!
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    How many rugs do you buy a year?

    Two fly rugs (his field friend kept eating him) and a 100g turn out for this weirdly warm winter. Owner of said field friend replaced his no fill turnout when that was ate too if that counts. Hopefully next year I won't have to buy any! He has ripped two middleweight turnouts but I've...
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    Gaiters for skinny long legs?

    I've only ever had tredstep chaps/gaiters for this reason. I can normal find them at a reduced price for around £45 as its an odd size.
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    The Naughties have struck me.

    I kept my horse a secret from my mother for 6 months :)
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    Boxing day sales

    If anyone knows of a full neck lightweight, or a full neck very minimally filled (I.e. 100g or lighter) please let me know!
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    Clear name of Bertram Allen

    That's a whole other argument though. The fact that someone else was worse is no justification at all, it's like saying oh let this man off for murder because someone else committed a mass murder which is worse. I don't disagree that harsh hands are an issue, but the way I see it it's not...
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    Clear name of Bertram Allen

    I can't get my head around the thinking that spur cuts of any kind are okay? Because that's essentially what supporters of this petition are saying. Welfare comes first.
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    Clear name of Bertram Allen

    Ditto all the others. Very unfortunate but blood is blood.
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    As the year draws to a Close ---- achievements and aims?

    I've had an amazing year. Only managed four competitions though. Competed at the unaffiliated hickstead championship as my boys second ever prelim test, (and second ever comp), then came fifth in our first Novice, then went out again and came 4th in one prelim and won the other, then a few weeks...
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    Seeking narrow bridlepath near Lewes E.sussex with good footing

    Laughton woods are ridable but not canterable, surface is too stoney. There are byways in Berwick which by memory would be suitable. We used to drive down them for a canter, but this was a couple of years ago. There is also a byway if you carry on down past Golden Cross which comes out Ripe...
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    WARNING! - KEP riding hat safety - please open

    In terms of testing and standards I mean, not them falling apart!
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    WARNING! - KEP riding hat safety - please open

    Thanks for the update, I find this all very interesting. I fear there are similar issues with body protectors too.
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    new book master dressage by Peter dove

    I have the version before this. I found it useful for making me more aware of how I ride, the pages on accuracy and the mathematical breakdown of shapes I found very helpful. It just changed my perspective on that for the better. I can't even remember what was in the rest of the book so it can't...
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    wet weather - riding gear

    I also have a Mac in a sack! Also flummoxed by the extra tail but! I haven't had issues with my boy sweating in it though. But that, waterproof trousers and coat for me and we are away riding in anything :)