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    Herefordshire/Gloucestershire/Monmouthshire peeps read and pass on.

    The latest I have heard is we are to keep a sharp eye on things and if necessary keep horses in.
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    Real News: Release from the Police

    Or one incident spreading and being turned around.what i feel sorry for are the people unwittingly involved in this. I hacked over to my mates today and a photographer (who we all know and see regularly) was taking photographs of her horses and the view behind them for his college work) Some...
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    Number of horse stolen from...

    I cant get over til tomorrow now, I just hope our guard dogs do their jobs.
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    Number of horse stolen from...

    I do wish people would stop these hoaxes. Its incredibly hard to work out which is true and which isnt.
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    Real News: Release from the Police

    Its a scary scary thought. i recieved a message yesterday and having just moved my horse voer to the roadside fields overnight (to prevent lammy returning), I'm becoming increasingly paranoid!
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    I cant believe silenceis on the waitlist, yet Ot has 4 horses in...yes 4! and 1 in the waitlist. Cant they move Silence up? He's a poss for Olypics too isnt he?
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    Strange lump on chin

    I was wondering could it be a hornet sting? i didnt put any fly repellent on when i turned him out at the weekend so i was wondering if it could be something like that.
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    Strange lump on chin

    21. Had him since he was 9 so nearly 13 years now. Had his teeth rasped and checked November I think it was
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    Strange lump on chin

    heya wondering if anyone can help. I went to check my little shetland earlier and he appeared to have a lump under his chin just about on the bone. It was the size of a small marble and it has come up in the last 2 days. There is no heat and the skin over the lump is fine if a little bit thin...
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    Strangles theres a lot about

    Does anyone know if it is the in the Essex area? I hyeard a rumour it was...talking about the South Essex side...
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    what xc colours do you think would look good on this horse?

    A purple with a darker/lighter colour. Depends on your shade of purple. Ot but i bought my new colours yest, they are green and white and my others are cornish so goldey yellow and black...
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    help needed

    im looking to make a picture of the NZ and AUS team members at WEG last year. problem is i am having trouble finding some pics So far I have Clayton Fredericks, Andrew Nicholson (although if someone could find a better one it would be great), Andrew Hoy. if anyone can help you will be stars...
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    where did we come in the end?
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    Bramham results so far...

    heeeey andrew nicholson is in the lead after dressage....Am I reading right?!?! So gutted I couldnt be there this year. Stupid exams
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    Andrew Nicholson

    John his brother is the spitting image of him!!
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    Andrew Nicholson

    He's hilarious as a person Fairly fit too but too old for me...Love his accent though, probably because I love the kiwi accent full stop lol.
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    Has anyone else seen the 3 horses on M4 just after Jnct 17??

    I'd go with the ILPH, Redwings are useless-I@ve stopped supporting them now because of previous experiences. ILPH or RSPCA are the ones
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    amazing!! Something oli didnt win!

    Oli's round was sooooo obiviously an "I dont care I want to win". The Belgian guy was just amazing! So gutted Matt Ryan got 4th, would rather seen Oli in 4th etc. It was a really good show ansd I can do a writwe up if people want,and your right tigers_eye it was Raf Kooremans and he was riding...
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    List of entrants for Ballindenisk International Horse Trials...

    Aaah Knew I had seen it somewhere just not sure who with lol. But Still Geese in the lorry park. At least dinner was provided
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    Toggi Xtreme sponsorship

    ^^ I was joking by the way.
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    List of entrants for Ballindenisk International Horse Trials...

    Geese swimming across the lorry park? Jeez! Hasnt Polly hadn't Nyali Beach from the end of last season?
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    Norton Heath pics

    Great Pics. Lol at the second one. That last one is beautiful lol!
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    Toggi Xtreme sponsorship

    He deserves to get selected into a team sometime soon. He just needs a constant 4* ride bless him. Maybe he should take one of Oli townends?
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    List of entrants for Ballindenisk International Horse Trials...

    It wont let me edit so double post. I forgot to say seems to be a decent line up
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    List of entrants for Ballindenisk International Horse Trials...

    Where isnt Oliver Townend? His poor horses never seem to get a break
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    Eventing / SJ - cant do both?

    I've never had/seen any trouble because Sj is part of the eventing discipline albeit with a different technical areas but surely they could do both. Otherwise why do eventers show jump in winter? Surely Im not alone??
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    Toggi Xtreme sponsorship

    Has neil retired Haka know? OMG!! Last I heard they might be going to Burghley. Gaah Im confused!!! Oooo a new advanced ride *is interested lol*
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    Toggi Xtreme sponsorship

    Lol have fun!! Hope it was good. And your right, certain people are all about winning where a vast majority choose to educate their horses making them "minor" in a businesses eyes
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    I'm off...

    ooo where abouts have you going/gone? Have fun hope the weather stays nice
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    Toggi Xtreme sponsorship

    BLess 'em lol. I still think it's a shame Toggi are concentrating on the likes of bloomin oli townend 9sorry fi any offence caused) because having people working on youngsters is good too. Aah well when will businesses learn