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    New Centre: Chelwood Equestrian in Nutley (E. Sussex)

    I hope they do hold some events there as it is very close to me! Facilities look super, may have to hire the XC course/indoor school. Looks brill! :)
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    Liveryman harmony(mains) Vs Liveryman calypso

    Hi, I wondered whether anyone had either of these clippers? Will be used to do a full clip and to maintain legs and hogged main. My lad has a typical native coat and is currently nice and fluffy! He is however not very good with clippers below the knees so they cant be too loud. Any...
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    Brenchly Saddlery

    I have been given their number for a saddle fitting. Was just wondering whether anyone has used them or knows anything about them? They are in Tonbridge Kent. I have got penfolds coming out but am wanting to have a seond opinion from another saddler so got this saddlers number from a friend...
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    Clipping advise. . .looking at buying some. .

    Hi, I am looking at buying a pair of clippers so i can do my lad myself. He has everything of, legs and all. He is normally clipped every 6-8 weeks(ish) so i will be using them a fair amount but i wont be doing any other horses but him. The ones i am looking at getting are the Liveryman...
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    Would this be possible. . .

    I have thought about it alot, he has missed out on doing alot this summer due to me being unable to ride, and seeing as this is probably the last season i will have him, i really do want him to go out. I think it would suit him down to the ground, he has never been out but i dont think he would...
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    Would this be possible. . .

    Im pretty sure he would go out with the Southdown and Eridge hunt. And im not currently the best person to comment on his fitness, seeing as i havent been riding him for a while now, from my point of view he is in the best physical condition he has been in for a while, but hunting fitness i dont...
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    Clipping advise needed. . .

    Chesnut cob- He had the worst mud fever with the feathers on that is why i take them of, he is also clipped all year round. I know other horses who are the other way round, where they are better with them on. He is also v. pink skinned so that doesnt help. I woud love it if i didnt have to take...
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    Clipping advise needed. . .

    Hi, I have a very sensitive lad, but only from the knees down. He never used to let you clip him, but over the last year i think he now quite likes it. However due to him having a pretty bad history of mud fever he will not happily let you clip his legs out. The last time he was clipped out...
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    Would this be possible. . .

    Am in the South East :)
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    Would this be possible. . .

    Hi, Im wanting my lad to go out and do some hunting this season, however i have a slight problem. I am currently not able to ride and even when i can (6 weeks yepeee!) im not going to be able to take him out myself. Is it possible to find someone who may take him out for me? Im not sure...
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    Splat, Nap, Giggle - Phoebe's Burghley, Blenheim and Outtakes!

    I love the website! have been following the video diaries for a while now and they are brilliant!!
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    Felbridge. . .quick qu. ..

    Super thanks :)
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    Felbridge. . .quick qu. ..

    Yep that does help!! thanks :) Is it in the 20x40? :)
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    Felbridge. . .quick qu. ..

    Hi, Have planned on going to felbridge next sat on the 4th, just for the clear rounds. I was just on there printing of the timetable for the lady who is taking my lad and i realised they have bsja on the same day? The clear round schedule (unaff) says 10.30-12(12.30). But when you look on...
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    Not Sure, Hog or Not Hog??

    Hog!! I have just hogged my lad(connie x) and it is sooo much easier, he also looks very smart! Piccy would help though :)
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    Horse shows in South East this weekend, ideas

    Hi, Wondered whether anyone knew of any dressage/showjumping etc going on this weekend in the South East? The lady who rides my horse has just pulled out of firle with another ride, so we are looking around to see if there is anywhere we could take him out this weekend? Thanks :)
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    Has anyone/ does anyone Event a LW Cob?

    My boy is a MW cob, and if it hadnt been to rider injury, we would have gone out and done some BE events this season. Instead he is currenty prancing around being a dressage pony:) He is very bold and honest and as others have said about their horses, he is very trainable! :)
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    Saddle fitter East Sussex/Kent area needed asap

    Andrew reiley is very busy, i wouldnt recommend him as had a bad experience with a saddle he fitted. I use Joules from Windmill feeds and i really like her, has quite a selection of second hand/new saddles. Martin from penfolds is the one everyone at my yard uses but he has about a 6 week...
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    schooling programme for cob

    I have a 7 YO middleweight cob who i do mainly dressage with. I have an amazing instructor who has helped me and my lad and we are working novice and a few elem movements. Things i have found that have helped with him are things like: 1- Transitions- within and between paces. Recently...
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    'Relax' your thigh/knee? Classical V conventional dressage - what do you do??

    I used to ride with my knees in, not so much gripping but against the saddle knees up. I then changed instructors and his main issue with me was that i gripped with my knees and thighs. He would constantly badger me to let go and stop gripping and free up my hips. I found for the first few...
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    Connemara's good first horses?

    YES!!! I have a conni X and he is my first horse, and he is brill!! He has been super, he has gone eventing, showjumping, HT, currently turning his hoof to dressage due to me not being able to jump, and he is doing really well. He always trys his hardest and has got a lovely nature! He has...
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    opinions on premier equine rugs

    Im a weatherbeeta fan, and i love most of PE stuff so i think i might order one :) thanks for all opinions :)
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    opinions on premier equine rugs

    I have quite a few of their boots, and i really like them but have never bought any of their rugs. Just wondered if anyone has bought any and what they think of them? Also wondered if anyone can give me some good websites like rideaway, robinsons and derby house. I used to use another one but...
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    Tell me about your horses?

    name: Flint breed:Connemara X height:15.3 age: 7 what you use them for: Currently just dressage and hacking as am injured, but before injury and hopefully after i am fixed (3 months woop woop) he will go back to showjumping, cross country, hunting basically a bit of everything :)
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    Help/ideas needed on what to do. . .

    i will do that:) good idea thanks :)
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    Help/ideas needed on what to do. . .

    money isnt really a problem(well ish), but i dont realy want to have to pay around £500 to send him away. I could pay someone like that to so it, but its the mornings which i will get stuck at, as he as to be brought in and all the people who i would ask, like me, this year have their A-levels.
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    Help/ideas needed on what to do. . .

    Hi, I had a back op just over a week ago and im out of action riding wise for three months(currenty cannot do anything). Someone is looking after my lad for a month, but they are now leaving the yard so im stuck from then on. I am hoping that after two months i can start to do some stuff...
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    Dentist or vet for suspected tooth abscess?

    He is seven, and never had problems with his teeth when he was younger. It is not pussing today, but he really does not like me looking at it, it feels like a solid lump and then around that it feels squishy, and obv a bit sore/tender seeing as he doesnt like me touching it. I will see how...
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    Dentist or vet for suspected tooth abscess?

    thanks :) i will see how he is in the morning, he has been eating as normal, so i will see how he is. Thankyou
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    Dentist or vet for suspected tooth abscess?

    My lad came in yesterday with a pussy lump under his jaw. I have had different people at my yard say it is an abscess, but others say it is an infected fly bite. I have never seen what a tooth abscess looks like, so im not 100% either way. If it has not cleared up by tommorow, i was going to...