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    Anyone use the Micklem bitless?

    Got rid of my Dr Cooks as although horse went better in that than a bit, I hated the noseband being so tight - it would ride up otherwise. How is the noseband on the Micklem fitted - does it have to be done up tight too?
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    Mastitis - Phantom Pregnancy

    Terrier had her first season aged 9 months in September. Normal season, nothing unusual. Since then her mammaries have gradually engorged. I have tried to exude them & nothing has come out. Tonight they have reddened around the nipple. They don't appear sore to touch & pup is fine in herself -...
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    H&H report - could someone explain this please? This report worries me. The Donkey Sanctuary & Trading Standards were involved. Yet, the donkeys concerned were returned to the owner & now cannot be traced. I understand that the Donkey Sanctuary...
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    This is why you should check your horse morning & night

    Sincere sympathies to the owner but the horse wasn't checked until 4.30pm & they suspect he had been trapped since the early hours. Poor boy.
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    Kill your speed, morons
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    Onesies does not maketh a baby & other ridiculous

    Equine 'inventions'. Please help me understand this absurd trend in dressing up horses as if they are a surrogate baby?
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    RATS - Aint they the Best!

    Now, I own a lean, mean rat killing machine in the form of a Border Terrier. The most efficient killer of rats I have ever seen. He once decapitated a rat in 0.5 seconds. The head left, the torso right, end of. I've also loved and lost (naturally :()fancy rats and what delightful little...
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    Confessions of a Dog Owner

    OK, I'm slightly obsessed with Simon Mayos Confessions, on Radio 2. My confession takes you back to 1982. I was obsessed with dogs. After five years of persistent pestering my parents, Ben arrived. A Sheltie x Cavi, a saint in dogs clothing and the sweetest dog I have ever known. Now, I was 10...
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    Blue Cross Ad >>>>> Where art thou Alvin?

    So the advert grabs my attention - "Can I help a dog like Alvin?" I click on it, as Alvin is a Sheltie - i think - (my secret dog crush) at the same time thinking what methods to employ to persuade my husband;) for another dog and Alvin is nowhere to be seen. I've clicked on Border Collies...
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    Resting paddock after harrowing and rolling?

    I feel like I am going slightly mad. I have always been told to rest a paddock after harrowing and rolling which makes absolute sense to me. My new farmer who is harrowing/rolling for me states that he has never heard of resting paddocks after h/r. What is the correct procedure? Many thanks.
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    The Scum are Out in Force :mad: :mad: Last paragraph, another greyhound dumped.:mad:
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    Pet Shops stilll selling pups, WTH?

    Had a text earlier today from my daughter. She's visiting a friend during half-term and they both went 'shopping' in the nearby large town (should have cCty status - but that's another story!) Text "went into pet shop in town and there's a puppy all its own in a cage. Feel so sorry for it."...
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    Out of the depths of darkness.... What a charity. :)
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    Any Western Riders on Here? Recommend Me a Good Book.

    On western training and riding please.
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    Fudge - Pomeranian Needs Home

    Any Pomeranian lovers on AAD? Fudge needs a new home and is in kennels through no fault of his own just due to the misfortune of previously having a numpty for an owner. By all (personal) accounts he is an absolute sweetheart and if I didn't have enough dogs, I wouldn't hesistate to welcome this...
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    Mablethorpe Beach Donkeys - Disgraceful Condition thread pulled?

    :mad: A member brings an equine welfare problem to light and it's removed. Please can all members that commented on the pulled thread re-comment. It is paramount that this issue is not disregarded or forgotten. Tim Johns at the BBC is very interested to hear from anybody who has any...
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    Five minutes, that's all I would need

    to punish this trio of low-lifes. And I don't require £30,000 to do it either. I'll give my time for free on this occasion.
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    Dallas Denton Cox Owner of the Mablethorpe Beach Donkeys

    Just felt like putting it out there.;):p
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    All Staffies are Evil and their Owners are Idiots.

    Yeah right. This owner is a grade one ar5ehole and these staffs are delightful.
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    All Staffies are Evil and Their Owners are Idiots. Yeah, right. These owners are grade one A5SEHOLES and these pups are delightful.
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    FFS, Two More Police Dogs Left to Die in a Car I give up. You join the police force, after a few years you apply to become a dog handler. You succeed, you are trained, you train a dog and then, for some unknown and...
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    RIP Murphy Sympathies to all involved.
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    Country lanes - mine are fecking lethal....

    I hack out daily and riding a spooky mare in conjunction with slippy tarmac is lethal. Today she spooked at an inoffensive small plastic bag and went to spin, slipped and off I tipped! No harm done, got back on and carried on merrily;) but was bl..dy fuming about the state of the roads. I ride...
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    Breeders - Would it be cheeky.....

    to contact the breeder of my mare, whom I am considering selling due to being ridiculously outgrown? They are an established & highly regarded stud and fairly local to me and wondered if approaching them with regards to her availabilty for sale would be a no-no:o
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    Feel like a good mummy........

    ..........and sign Fairynuffs petition!:D
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    Doggy Lovers - Other Creatures Need You!

    Be brave, try to avoid the conflicts ;) bite your tongue and get over to NL to sign Fairynuffs Petition. I know some from the puppy quarters have already signed - thank you so much - but the more the merrier I say!:D
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    COME ON PEOPLE - Sign Fairynuffs Petition -If You Give a Stuff about Animals!!!!

    As above, takes a minute of your time, that's all and help stop unnecessary suffering to animals. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!
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    RE Katielou's Halloween pics.....

    ...I came across this article, whilst searching for industrial furniture!:confused: Watch the slideshow & check out the Pug. :eek::D Some great costumes, lots of tolerant dogs & many, many, many...
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    Chelmsford Dog Wardens - a bit of advice

    Firstly, it would be of great benefit to you, if you could learn how to differentiate between a canine bitch having a pee or a poo. I am astonished that on two separate occasions you have mistaken one of my bitches having a poo, when it is as clear as day to anyone with half-decent eyesight...
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    Staffie Fans & Fashionistas!

    Thought you might like one of these:D A donation is made to Battersea Dogs Home & you will look as cute as pie!