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    Ticketmaster - royal highland show

    I bought tickets online via ticketmaster for RHS Friday. This was a few days ago. However my account which I had to create says they are still being processed. Is this normal service for ticketmaster? I don't usually do online purchases but this seemed to be the only way to get RHS tickets this...
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    Correct position for tail strap on turnout rug

    I'm not keen on leg straps on rugs and normally when I get a new one I take them off and put a tail strap (fillet string) on instead. However on my latest new rug the D rings seen set really low and the fillet string would be well down her tail beyond the end of her dock. This doesn't look right...
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    Saddle repair question - any saddlers around?

    The stitching which attaches the seat to the panel is starting to come away on one side of my saddle. Its an old leather ideal vsd which has flair airbags fitted. Would this be a straightforward repair or would the flair make it more complex. I just want an idea of what's involved before...
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    Bob champion charity walk 40for40

    I don't think anyone has posted this already. I heard him being interviewed on the radio this morning. At 72 years old he sounded in great form and is just about to embark on another fund raising walk for his cancer charity Here's a link to his site if anyone wants to know more. Hope it's ok to...
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    Headcollars question

    Can you still get headcollars that fasten with a buckle rather than a clip? I was in the local tack shop at the weekend and they all seemed to fasten under the chin with a clip - and the clips were pretty flimsy too. (though at our yard no-one ever seems to fasten their clips anyway, just leave...
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    rosettes - need your views please

    We are having a yard show just for the liveries and are trying to source rosettes as cheaply as possible. The really cheap ones have a safety pin fastening but I think they are tacky and would prefer to spend slightly more to get a 'hook' fastening so they can clip on to a bridle. Would you be...
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    Bedmax - has size of bale reduced?

    I have used Bedmax for years and love it, but the last couple of bales I've bought seem to be smaller in size than previously. I can't see a weight/volume on any of the packaging. Anyone else noticed this?
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    what colour are your cushings horses?

    I wonder if there is any link between coat colour and cushings? If anyone knows of any research on this I would be interested in links. Out of interest, if you own, or are acquainted with, any cushings horses/ponies could you say what colour they are. (I was trying to create a poll but don't...
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    When horses and ponies had proper 'horsey' names....

    I will admit to being of a certain age but I remember back in the day horses and ponies hardly ever had 'human' names. We had a Pixie, a Punch and a Taffy when we were kids, and in our local area there were Sinbad, Brandy, Oberon, Cola, Star, Misty, Brandy and various others. And all the pony...
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    worm count query

    couple of queries folks. how much do you pay per horse/pony for a worm count? how are the results delivered to you - post, phone call, email? does it specify which type of worms horse has? Are counts considered to be accurate? This relates to a situation at a friends yard. thanks xx
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    Cushings dilemma - what to do?

    My 18 year old horse has had cushings for 4 years. She got her 6 monthly blood test at the start of March and it came back slightly raised (39 when <29 is normal for this time of year)so we upped her prascend from 1.5 tablets to 2 tablets. She was re-tested this week and it came back at 41. I...
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    The cob thread - target to reach - need your posts...

    you all know the 'why do people want to own cobs' thread? It has been going a long time and now has 2848 replies. As I am a sad anorak who likes numbers I have made it my mission in life to help this thread reach the 3000 mark. Would you all like to assist? To help things along I am going to add...
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    Is a Happy Mouth wilkie bit dressage legal?

    Can anyone advise if a wilkie happy mouth bit is dressage legal? We have been asked by a competitor at our forthcoming RC dressage if they can ride in this bit. It is not one I am familiar with and an online image of it does not appear to match any of the bits shown in the BRC rulebook, but I...
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    Did anyone else watch the penalty shoot out - amazing! Another Gold for team GB. After the stress of watching show jumping earlier I don't think my nerves can take much more. What a day.
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    is it national stirrup day or something??

    Came on for my daily browse and there are no less than 6 different threads about stirrups on page 1 of the tack room. Is this just a coincidence or is something weird going on :) I know stirrups are deeply fascinating but still.....
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    incident between my horse and a car - where do I stand?

    I would be grateful for advice from any insurance experts on here or anyone who has been involved in a similar incident. Here is a quick summary of what happened. My friend and I were returning from a hack last night and were on the access road to the farm, which is a single track private...
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    aaargh - digibox failed to record badminton!

    I watched it on 301 until 3.30 then (I thought!) set it to record the rest of the XC as I had to go up and get the horse in. It was still recording (so I thought!) when I got home at 5.30. So I waited until the recording light had gone off, poured a glass of wine and opened the pringles, only to...
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    Anyone got theirs out at night yet?

    For those of you who keep their horses in a night during the winter - have you taken the plunge yet and put them out overnight? I nearly did it tonight but the forecast from tomorrow night through til midweek is wet/windy so think I'll wait a wee bit longer. They were definitely out this time...
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    anyone use J&A Ferrie farriers?

    Does anyone know what's going on? I am (was?) a client and have been told that they are not coming to us any more but the farriers who worked for them are now self employed and we've to deal with them from now on. Just wondered if this has affected anyone else on here.
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    hacking etiquette - quick question

    When you are hacking on a bridle path or track and another rider is coming towards you, is it correct to pass right shoulder to right shoulder (like driving a car) or left shoulder to left shoulder ( like in the school)?
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    Giraffe fight!

    Did anyone see the giraffe fight on the new David Attenborough 'Africa' programme tonight? Totally awesome, but I couldn't help thinking if my horse had cuts like that I'd get the vet, and probably be given bute and antibiotics, whereas those giraffes just have to go off into the bush and heal...
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    bad omen - please tell me I'm being silly

    I have a little horse charm on a silver neck chain which I have worn constantly since my friends gave it to me for my 50th a few years ago. This morning it broke - the little ring which was attached to the horse snapped, so I can't thread it back on to the chain. I can't help feeling that this...
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    what are you up to this Xmas eve?

    I've been to M&S and Morrisons to get the last minute supplies (M&S heaving at 6am this morn!), been to the yard, turned out and mucked out and am now tackling the housework with Classic FM christmas music to inspire me. Back up to yard later - had hoped to ride but forecast is rain again :(...
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    Which human olympic athlete would your horse be?

    Just for fun :D Mine would be one of those big hammer throwing women!
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    Drat and double drat - 30th July!

    Had it all planned - book the day off work, stock up on pringles and juice and sit back and watch the Olympic X/C on TV. But sadly not going to be as I've just received a summons to do jury duty starting on the 30th. :( :( :(
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    Congratulations to my Farriers

    Just heard that they have won the Scottish Farmer Equestrian Service Provider award at the Royal Highland Show. :) :) Well done guys and keep up the good work!
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    Cushings Update - Got the result of her follow up blood test

    Good news! After 6 weeks on 1mg of prascend my mare's ACTH level is down to 25 (was 54 in her first test). So now dilemma is do I keep her on 1mg as this has obviously worked or try reducing it to 0.5mg to see if her level stays down on this reduced dose, and retest again in 6 weeks. My feeling...
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    Sorry - another question for cushings owners - insurance?

    My horse has just been diagnosed with Cushings and has started on pergolide (having read the thread on here I think it is the new expensive version!). She will also require further blood tests. I'm not sure whether I would be able to claim on my insurance for any of this. I suppose I'll have to...
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    support group for cushings owners?

    No-one is replying to me in New Lounge:( My horse has just been blood tested for Cushings and has come back with a positive result. She is in early stages we think - no hairy coat or bulging eyes just not 'right'. She'll be starting on a low daily dose of peroglide (sp) when it arrives from...
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    support group for cushings owners?

    My horse has just been blood tested for Cushings and has come back with a positive result. She is in early stages we think - no hairy coat or bulging eyes just not 'right'. She'll be starting on a low daily dose of peroglide (sp) when it arrives from vets and is to get re-tested in a month to...