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    Mounted Branch and trimming whiskers

    I'm just watching Mounted Branch on Together channel. It is really interesting but I was surprised they completely trimmed off their whiskers. I was always told that was an awful thing to do. Thoughts?
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    Cat bearing gifts

    My cat is 13. I have her since she was 2 initially as a yard cat but since my dog died a year ago she has become a part time house cat. Very occasionally she used to bring mice to the door step but recently I am getting insides of animals of some description. Twice this week. I can't leave a...
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    Out of Date wormer

    I planned worming my horses tomorrow. I bought 2 today as had one at home. I've just discovered the 1 at home expired 08/2014. Should I use it or bin it?
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    Tom Cat being a nuisance

    I live in a rural area. I have a spayed female cat who is mostly an outdoor cat but comes in each evening for a few hours for the past few months. Lately a Tom Cat has been visiting. He is a large, healthy looking cat and I didn't have a problem with him as he wasn't aggressive or trouble but...
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    Albion Selecta v K2

    I need to buy a new GP saddle for hacking/RC as my saddle came with my horse and while it fits him it doesn't fit me. He was away getting schooled and he was being ridden in an Albion K2 which fit him nicely and I found comfortable and secure. He came back last week and I got the saddle fitter...
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    Crystals in Urine

    My 8 year old Irish Sports Horse has crystals in his urine and a low white blood cell count. The vet put him on Vitamin C and a tonic (5 days ago). He is kicking at his sheath with his hind legs causing small specks of blood to appear on his legs.He is otherwise in good spirits, good appetite...