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    Has the vet suggested what your horses ideal weight is? You should be feeding 1.5% of your horses ideal weight,unless he was deemed obese by the vet & then you could go down to 1%, including any hard feed. Soak the hay for a minimum of 12 hours & feed in a small holed net - preferably divided...
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    Baby gecko in my bathtub

    A baby gecko - you lucky thing! They are fascinating. We had them climbing over the inside walls of a property we rented in Portugal. Great for keeping the mosquito population down. I would capture him/her as I would a spider - clear receptacle over & carefully slide thin card underneath.
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    Laminitis routine / prevent / please share your's

    Out 24/7 unless risk of frost. Bareish paddock of 1/3 acre. Fresh grass of approx. 4 square foot given daily. Supplemented with soaked hay calculated at 2%of her ideal weight divided by 2. Fed in small holed net on the ground (unshod). Lunged 4 times a week & will be led out (with hoof boots)...
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    Soaking hay

    I soak hay, but to be honest, it’s a bit of a guessing game regarding reduction in sugars. If it’s only dust spores that you’re concerned about, then soak for an hour & rinse or buy a steamer.
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    Would you buy a horse that windsucks?

    If she suits you, buy her. Personally, windsucking puts me on edge, a bit like hearing other people eating. But that’s my problem.
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    Doing a u-turn on selling?

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    Puppy neutering

    Get him done in a few months. He’s a terrier & you don’t want him turning nasty towards other males. His anxiety is part & parcel of his particular genetic make-up. Manage it & get those balls off.
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    Can you freeze tinned dog food once opened?

    A week opened, kept in the fridge to prevent drying out, won’t do it any harm.
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    Aaarrrgghhhh! Imminent puppy arrival!

    And breathe.....�� you sound like a responsible person, everything is set up, you will mess up but you will learn from it. It’s a bit like having your first baby, you’ve read all the books but it’s still a curve ball. Enjoy your puppy more than getting it right...
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    Vaccinations for older dogs

    I don’t vaccinate mine after two years old. We’re fairly rural & interaction with other dogs is minimal. I keep an eye out for bites from rats & the like but to date have never had problems. They never go to kennels or shows anymore so the potential for contamination is small.
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    Now then, these Designer Breeds ….

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    foal rescued?

    Well said.
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    Pony tethered to a tree

    Legally, I have no idea. Morally, administer hay & water & monitor.
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    Tips to get a horse more forward :)

    Squeeze, kick, then schooling whip & mean it!
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    Petition to curb RSPCA prosecutions

    And? A forum user called Poison Pen has stated an opinion about the Donkey Sanctuary vet & linked an article regarding the seizure of donkey. That's what happens if you don't provide appropriate care. Half the field was a flood plain, no solid shelter from the rain & overgrown feet. Plus this...
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    Petition to curb RSPCA prosecutions

    Is this the 'instigator?' She's got it in for The Donkey Sanctuary too. It must be a conspiracy.(rolls eyes)
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    Does anyone else have 'script' problems on HHO

    Me too - frequently.
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    Petition to curb RSPCA prosecutions

    because if the petitioner is the Carolyn Shires responsible for neglecting her many, many animals for which she was found guilty by a court of law, then I wouldn't wee on her if she was on fire, let alone sign anything with her name on it.
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    Petition to curb RSPCA prosecutions

    This thread does not highlight anything of the sort. You are quite clearly anti- RSPCA & that is your right but I will not take the written word from a handful of strangers whose anecdotes regarding alleged RSPCA corruption as truth without evidence. I would still like to know if Carolyn...
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    Petition to curb RSPCA prosecutions

    Very good spot if true. Fenris, can you confirm or deny the Petitioner is the person involved in the above case? If it is, I shall await a petition for the curbing of opinion from the Donkey Sanctuary too.
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    Petition to curb RSPCA prosecutions

    Who would protect animals & charge those suspected of cruelty if not the RSPCA? The police? They are in the midst of massive cutbacks both in money & workforce. My local station is due to close soon. The police are no longer responsible for strays so how on earth are they expected to protect the...
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    Petition to curb RSPCA prosecutions

    And to add, the RSPCA are not perfect & some of their actions may be questionable but to wish to curb their powers to prosecute alleged perpetrators of cruelty &neglect is a step backwards for animal rights.
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    Petition to curb RSPCA prosecutions

    No, will not sign. A court of law will decide if a case is dubious or not, not the general public.
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    I hate having a livery yard :(

    Am I missing something? Liveries are paying customers. I'm not aware of any other business that slags off it customers quite so much. If you don't want people invading your home then don't livery. And as for paying full whack for a flooded stable, I don't blame the livery for with holding the...
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    1. Who owns the track?
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    Amazon Prime Advert...

    Well, he wasn't bred for a useful purpose was he? Ridden work, harness work? Field ornament, perhaps. Cuteness is the new black, regardless of potential health conditions, affecting these animals.
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    Amazon Prime Advert...

    I hate it. The horses look at him like he's a freak. Which, I suppose is what he is. Deliberately bred for his dwarfism, which is now a desirable condition in animals.
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    Amazon Prime Advert...

    I hate it. The horses look at him like he's a freak. Which, I suppose is what he is. Deliberately bred for his dwarfisn.
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    Livery yards and winter turnout?

    I'm with you. Two acres ( that otherwise would not be utililised) & a stable for £150 pcm. The YO does FA. I maintain my paddock, fencing & stable.
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    Daughters hat causing headaches

    Hats will 'relax' after several months. I've recently changed my 4 year old CO which had become loose for the same design & size & the new one feels like a vice at the mo.