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  1. PapaverFollis

    Best mask in terms of eye clearance for Welsh Sec A?

    I checked the size of my Shires one that Little Dragon is wearing above and it is a small pony and very generous on her.
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    Best mask in terms of eye clearance for Welsh Sec A?

    I have a Shires one for my Welsh A... seems to work fine for her.
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    Fly spray…. Is it me?!

    Power Phaser was certainly the most popular and repeat purchased fly spray when I was working in the shop.
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    Fly spray…. Is it me?!

    Having a grey horse and riding out with a dark bay or chestnut horse helps with the clegs. πŸ˜‰ I've never found a fly spray that genuinely works for horse flies or the blue bottle type flies but I've fortunately never had a horse that was particularly bothered. I think the icaridin spray I use...
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    Which bedding would your horse choose?

    Mine would definitely, definitely choose straw. I used it this winter and they all spent so much time asleep, looking very cosy and happy. Unfortunately it also seemed to give one of them a cough despite keeping their beds very clean throughout. So it is shavings now. Hoping to get rubber...
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    I'm so sorry.
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    Oscar had pneumonia a few years ago now. He hid it for ages, being a bouncy spaniel who had always been thin anyway (honestly the only thing I noticed was him pulling on the lead less... I thought I'd finally cracked training him! πŸ™„), then suddenly went downhill. He was quite run down with it...
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    Weigh-taping: didn't realise how inaccurate this was!

    I weigh tape The Beast at 620kg on a thin day. Given how long she is, how voluptuous her bottom is and how large her scapula and general skeleton appears to be I dread to think how much she actually weighs. I assume 700kg for worming as the margin for overdose on wormers is high enough for...
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    How hot is hot?

    It's all down to acclimatisation I think. I spent a couple of months in Belize while studying for my masters and I have NEVER been as cold as I was at night, in my camping hammock, when the temperatures when DOWN to 20 degrees. πŸ˜‚ I couldn't sleep unless I put on every stitch of clothes I had...
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    Bramham horse trials accident

    After some recent pothole filling on the roads round here there were two broken shovels left sticking in the verges on my hacking routes. They have been moved now but I almost drove out and did it myself because since was convinced my horses were going to somehow impale themselves on them at a...
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    Maybe try icaridin spray. (Bite Back Products is where I first found this). I use it on the horses and it seems to work.
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    I looked up the essential oils when you posted the first time but hesitated because they all seemed to state "for external use only". So I got worried about the idea of feeding them.
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    Making sure horse has 24/7 access to food in the stable?

    My vet advised "give her her ration and don't worry about it" when I had concerns with mine finishing up an overnight net in a very short time. I'm still struggling with it but gradually accepting that that is the only way to have a slimmer Beast... I use small holed nets and Top Chop Zero...
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    Cost of euthanasia. (Sorry!)

    2019. Can't really remember but probably in the region of 500 pounds including disposal and a couple of emergency call outs and antispasmodics and pain killers. πŸ˜₯ I'm sorry. It is the worst time.
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    The fattest pony I've ever seen

    If they were serious about getting it a new home for the sake of its health then they should be giving it away, preferably via a charity to ensure its future (with a donation to the charity to boot). Letting a pony that will apparently stay behind electric fencing get that fat is pretty...
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    Hairy or not and why not ?

    The Beast won't let me anywhere near her beard with anything sharp. πŸ˜‚ "Not the beard!!!" She's a bit weird though, fine to be hogged with clippers, even all round her ears no problem. But try and body clip her and it's a negotiation and some areas are a nope. The beard is a definite nope...
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    So which is anatomically the kindest bit?

    The kindest bit is the one attached to the kindest hands. Which tend to be attached to the human with the most balanced seat. If you want to be kind to your horse find an instructor that will teach you (or teach yourself if you have good self awareness) to move your body in harmony with the...
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    Hairy or not and why not ?

    Every time I put a bridle on now without having the claw through a thick mop of forelock and mane I feel so happy! πŸ™‚ Plus I can see MrT's handsome face and The Beast's beautiful one all the time.
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    Is this a red flag in a youngster?

    If the seller is genuine then they could have booked the physio for either their own peace of mind going into the vetting or to make sure the vetting wasn't going to pick up on any non-permenant tightness that a quick physio session wouldn't just sort out? Or even to save you the vetting fee if...
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    Hairy or not and why not ?

    A non-hairy horse with substance and a sensible outlook is harder to find than a hairy horse with the same. Mine are much more comfortable when their hairy bits are clipped off.
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    My Bear cub-quite a sad post

    I knew a woman with a deaf and blind dog who swore he would recall if she waved her arms around as he seemed to pick up the scent! A testament to the dog's sense of smell rather than a comment on her personal hygiene I'm sure! And rather dependent on wind direction. Perhaps Bear would enjoy...
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    My Bear cub-quite a sad post

    My older boys are both quieter since the little menace showed up... but seem happy with it rather than subdued. Like they are happy to let the young idiot be in charge so they can relax and someone else can manage the mischief for once! Although Hugo does sometimes give me a look as if to say...
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    Why do people want to own cobs?

    Cob is an attitude.
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    Have you ever had puppies?

    I had a few people ask to use Oscar as a stud when he was younger. Always got a firm no from me too. It seems like a lot of responsibility, unlike breeding one foal (which I would do, with the intention of keeping it, if the opportunity presented itself). All those little lives to consider!
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    Asthma update

    That is fantastic. I think I might need to give boswellia a try.
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    How to manage extremely good doer out 24/7

    Can you section off an L-shaped or U-shaped track for him around 2 or 3 edges of their current field. Restricts grass especially once it is eaten down and increases movement. And he can still move around the field with the herd, he'll just have to travel further than the others. If it is...
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    Help with forum manners

    πŸ˜‚ I got a notification ages ago that you were "following" me. I thought "weird, but OK... whatever you like I guess" πŸ˜†
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    Help with forum manners

    Conclusion... it's definitely the number of likes you've got.
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    Help with forum manners

    Just to check, like this post and see if my number increases? 😁
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    Does anyone need a mule?

    I wonder what kind of mule The Beast would cook... I'll never stop being slightly annoyed that the tying up episodes mean that breeding from her would be a really silly idea rather than just a silly idea. πŸ˜₯