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    Facing another vet bill !!!

    I am interested in opinions on my current situation. My mare came in with wound to her leg last week which is needing ongoing vet treatment and box rest. At the time I was more interested in making sure she was ok and correct treatment was received. Now looking back the story I was told by the...
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    Livery yard dilemma For those with kids

    Ok so I am currently looking for a new yard for myself and my 12 yr old daughter. I have seen 2 cracking yards that offer everything we need / want. One is medium sized has a few more luxury facilities and a wee bit more expensive. The other is very small, only 5 horses , great turnout, great...
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    Thinking of giving up horses.

    Looking for some opinions. We currently have 3 horses on DIY livery. My WB and my daughters 2 ponies. We have had a particularly bad year this year with 2 of them requiring very expensive surgery and being on prolonged box rest. At the same time we have lost our business and nearly lost our...
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    Rosette stealers !!!!!

    Having slight rage tonight. I went to watch a local showing show today and was completely gobsmacked at the number of serious showing folk who were competing. for example there was a novice ridden class ( walk/trot only ) which was won by a child that then asked to leave the ring proceeded to...
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    Pony Club Pony Showing Class

    . We are just back from a local showing show where there was a pony club pony class. I would like to know what type of pony would win this, I presumed it would be an kind of safe , steady all rounder that didn't really fit in to the traditional showing classes. The winner of this class today was...
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    Should I stay or should I go ????

    Sorry another livery yard thread, I moved 3 months ago to a lovely small yard and it's been great. Really nice facilities, nice people very little bitching. Unfortunately the turn out is awful very boggy, clay type soil. , my mare has lost shoes, been injured etc but nothing major. When I moved...
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    Separation anxiety , getting worse help

    I have recently moved yards, my normally laid back mare was great for the first few weeks but over the past couple of weeks she has become more & more stressy when my daughters pony leaves her. Tonight daughter was out competing and I got a phone call to say my horse was circling her stable at...
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    Breast plate or neck strap ?

    Big ginger giraffe had a bit of a moment today so thought I had better get my self something to hang on to rather than forcefully removing her mane . My instructor suggested a breast plate would this be better than a neck strap and could anyone recommend one please . ?
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    Oh No I'm the yard moaner !!!!!

    I moved to a new yard a couple of weeks ago and it's been great. Small, brand new , indoor school, nice people etc. Yard owner us nice , very obliging but can be a but naive. When we visited we were told horses would go out in 2 fields of 4/5 horses for daily turnout until summer fields were...
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    Dealing with separation issues

    Just looking for wee but advice, I moved my 2 horses yesterday to a new yard. Great new place , very little mud and a lovely indoor school. I have a mare & a gelding and they are very bonded but were ok when ridden separately . My daughter tried to ride her normal Saint of a pony and my big girl...
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    Cold hands & painful fingers

    Sorry bit of a wimpy question , but I'm really struggling with the cold in my fingers. I wear gloves all the time. Can anyone recommend a really good hand cream my hands are covered in hacks and skin is constantly sore.
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    Help with the Bin Raking Flabrador Please

    looking for some help . I'm at the end of my tether with my golden Lab , he's a lovely boy but I really struggle with his weight He is huge. I feed him on Arden Grange light and no treats, he is walked regularly but can't seem to shift the weight. My biggest problem is he will eat anything , he...
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    A wee bit excited :

    Going to visit a new yard tomorrow , it's just opened and it's got an indoor school !!!! and offers part livery ( currently struggling on DIY ) so fingers crossed we will love it . As a final wish please have hard standing and no mud ( hippos could wallow in the car park at current yard )
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    Lunging equipment ??

    I don't really do any lunging but would like to start especially cause I don't like riding in crappy weather ( ridiculously nervous rider ) and horse is getting less turnout than I'm happy with. My question is Shoukd I just buy a pair of side reins and pop them on the saddle or Do I need to get...
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    Mounting block argument !!

    My very big girl has suddenly decided she can't stand at the mounting block , so I am currently doing the leap of faith onto her back across a very large muddy void. I am just looking for some tips to help me nip this in the bud before it becomes a huge problem .
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    Recommend me a bridle please

    I'm looking for a brown comfort bridle with a cavesson noseband. Nice soft leather around £100. I was looking at the Mark Todd one but would appreciate any other suggestions thanks
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    Oh for Goodness sake Get a Grip of your self !!!!

    I am so annoyed with myself , my nerves are back with avengence , thought I'd got over this stage !!!! My lovely big horsey is taking the p*** out of me shooting forward then reversing making me think she is going up . I know it's my fault inconsistent contact with my outside rein and not being...
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    Silly question about grumpy mare

    Ok my lovely willing good natured girl has turned into a nappy grump. Over the last week. The only difference in her routine is she has been clipped and the 2 horses we share a block with are now in 24/7. They were out 24/7 previously. She has become a bit spooky, she is normally really chilled...
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    Should I stay or should I go ?????

    I have a dilemma . I have been on my yard for 2 years great school, rubbish facilities, mad yard owner, no off road hacking & very little winter turn out which is super muddy. It used to have a girl that helped with turn out etc but she is unreliable & has her favourites. But I have loads of...
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    Recommend livery around Falkirk / Stirling

    Can anyone recommend a good yard for 2 horses, ideally would have winter turnout and off road hacking and a decent school. I would also like if it offered reliable turn out bring in and would do holiday cover. Thanks in advance
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    Winter Boot for skinny child with giant feet

    Can anyone recommend winter boots for my 11yr old daughter, she has size 6 1/2 feet but has skinny legs. I would prefer she could ride in them and they need to withstand lots of mud. Thanks in advance
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    Looking for an instructor central Scotland.

    Can anyone recommend me a good all round instructor. Would prefer if they came to my yard but have transport so could travel. Must have the patience of a saint coz I do get nervous . Any ideas Scottish peeps . Thanks in advance,
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    A wee bit riding advice needed

    I have a lovely but slightly lazy warmblood. When I am schooling her I am finding she really hollows especially through transitions. I am trying to ride her forward & make her work her work from behind. She has a lovely soft mouth & I don't want to be hauling at her mouth. The only way I can...
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    Mare in season , riding question ???

    Hi there, I have an super laid back Dutch warmblood who I have had for about 8 weeks. This week she is in season big style , flirting , squirting, shouting, and just a little bit wired. This is her first time she has come into season when I have had her. My question is tonight when riding she...
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    Advice needed re : buying horse

    I'm so annoyed I went to see a horse last night , who is perfect for me . This was a second viewing & we had agreed a price at the last visit. I put a deposit down, got a receipt and arranged to pick her up next week. The person I dealt with was selling on behalf of someone else. So when I got...
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    Where are all the 16hh + for sale in Scotland.

    I'm searching for my new horse & have been watching the market for a wee while. I am looking for something between 16hh & 17hh. Safe RC type horse. I could get every size above & below but there seems to be a lack of that size. Has anyone else noticed this or am I too picky . Don't really want...
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    What Does "not a novice ride " mean to you ?

    Really title says it all. I'm currently searching for a new horse. I am reasonably competent but initially nervous rider. If I see " not a novice ride " I assume it means it bucks or rears & can be naughty. I was interested in what other people's opinions are on this statement .
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    How to encourage bend .

    Hi there, just looking for a few tips . i have a a nice cob x who is nice & forward but not silly. On the left rein she is lovely bends round my leg & works in a lovely outline. on the right she is like a different horse its like trying to bend an ironing board. i know i can be very one sided...
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    First viewing ... Bit of a disaster

    Well I had my first viewer today, I had advertised my horse as a confidence giver which I truly believed she was. And she tanked off with the lady in the school !!!!!! The lady was nervous but I'm gobsmacked . She seemed a competant rider. I am a nervous rider myself so she is used to me. I have...
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    Selling Question ??

    Hi I am currently selling my horse, I have had loads of interest & have 3 viewings this weekend. My first viewer is really keen & wants to have her vetted if she likes her. I have no problem having her vetted. My concern is that if this person likes her & vets her do I put off the other viewers...