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  1. J

    Broken Collar Bone

    I got bucked off yesterday and broke my collar bone. Does anybody know how long it's likely to take to heal and how long before I can ride again? Also as this has happened right at the start of the summer holidays does anyone have any ideas for horsey things I can do without going to the yard to...
  2. J

    Jumping lessons

    Can anyone recommend somewhere in or near to Gloucestershire for jumping lessons? I'd like to have a couple of private lessons to work on my jumping technique in general but I've got no idea where to go. Thanks for any advice :)
  3. J

    Falling for the wrong pony

    (Warning: The following post is just a self-indulgent moan and probably makes me seem like a completely spoiled brat. Sorry about that. :p) For the past year I've helped out at my local riding school as a way to be around horses more. I love it there and I love the ponies too. Recently a pony...
  4. J

    Would I have any chance of finding a share horse?

    I've read posts from this forum for a while now, and I've noticed that lots of people talking about sharers seem to not want teenagers straight out of a riding school. I was going to start looking for a share / part loan pony, but I'm wondering if I'd actually have a chance of being taken on by...