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    Auction Houses selling passports.....

    I have just read this on a certain Auction house's website: [ QUOTE ] We have been advised by the Local Trading Standards Authority that we are now able to issue passports on the day of sale as long as they have no existing breed registration passports. [/ QUOTE ] Surely this makes even...
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    Geograph website

    Putting a link to this in here as I know not everyone goes in LN.
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    Browbands....what do you use?

    I've seen a lot of *bling* browbands which can actually look really nice on the right horse and then I've seen some that are just awful! What kind of browbands do you use? Do you have different ones for different competitions? Is it for your fashion or that of the horse? Come on, confess all!
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    Tragic Accident on the M6
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    Is the price of Horsehage going up??

    We haven't started feeding yet as we've still got a lot of grass we're strip grazing and haven't been to buy as Horsehage as we have 2 bags left over from last winter but I'm worried that the prices are going to go up as normal haylege and hay starts to run out.....should I go out and stock up...
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    Is he a bargain?? I don't really have any idea about horse prices but I would've thought he'd go for at least twice what they are asking?? Am I wrong?
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    Fell Pony Breeders/Experts/Owners of studbooks

    I'm trying to find out more about the pedigree of my Fell Pony who died a few years ago. Her name was Wolds Feral. Her sire was Dunnerdale Richard, I know his sire was Waverhead Duke and his dam was Dunnerdale Judy, but can't find any ifo on either of their parents. Her Dam was Limeguards...
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    Pen-Y-Bryn Riding Centre, Wrexham.

    Anyone know this place? Please PM me. Thanks.
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    Council 'fobs off' riders' concerns over road surfaces....

    ....and tells them that their horses should be wearing 'appropriate shoes'! What exactly are they?? They don't explain that, a nice pair of walking boots maybe??
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    Hi, I'm not sure if all members are aware but we have a 'Soapbox' section of the forum which is for general non-horsey posts so that the New Lounge can be kept free for horsey related posts.....sorry, I'm being REALLY patronising to most users but I have noticed a few non-horsey related posts in...
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    Beautiful short film

    Go here And choose Maddie Kitchen on the player. It made me cry!
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    VW Transporter Horsebox Conversion?

    Anyone got one or seen one? I'm thinking that I could fit a couple of shetlands and even a section a or two in the back of a T4 or T5 once converted. Any info??
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    Now that's my idea of a Section D

    Mr Wow!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    Rather disappointed....

    Rushed down the motorways back from Yorkshire to get to Robinsons before it closed to take a look at the fantastic bargains they emailed me about......well I was quite disappointed TBH. Everything was dumped in boxes on the floor, anything that had packaging was out of it, nothing had prices...
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    How much sugar beet?

    I was at a (public) yard a few weeks ago and they had a horse that had been on field rest due to needing shoes.....after the farrier had been the owner of the place (who owned all the horses) said 'oh he looks thin, get him on some sugar beet!' TBH I think she was more bothered about the way the...
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    Madrid Plane Crash
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    'Horse' Jumping!!!
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    Have horses evolved to do Dressage?

    Or do the movements play a part in their natural life? The horse is predisposed to jump to escape from predators but would Dressage movements help wild horses?
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    Winter Essentials

    What are your winter essentials and what will you be buying to prepare yourself and your horse for winter?
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    Anyone do Jump - Cross?

    As above, just interested how many people do it and what it's like.
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    Anyone need any help around Cheshire? Cheeky Post alert!

    Turning out/bringing in, feeding, mucking out etc. I only charge my diesel money and a few pounds Please let me know if you need any help. Apologies for the blatant cheeky asking for work post!
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    Lunging problems

    Have just started lunging Merel, we were told she has been long reined but TBH I don't think she has done very much if at all. We have started by my mum lunging and me walking on the outside with a leadrope on her headcollar. At first we brought out a lunge whip and she absolutely freaked out...
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    Feed Trial before and after pics....

    Before After Apologies as she was reluctant to stand still in any of the photos. So..notice any difference? She has quietened down and her coat is certainly more glossy. Feel free to add your own.
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    Weird Coat Colours

    Have just found this website with some interesting coat colours:
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    Anyone got a spare £250 for me?? I love him!
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    Aireview EC

    Has anyone ever sent their horse here to be broken? Or know someone who has? Just need some opinions and maybe prices. My horse is kept literally next door so I think it would be the easiest place to send her.
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    Rubbing tail...

    If a horse is rubbing his tail and has no sign of sweetitch whatsoever, is the most likely reason worms or could something else be to blame?
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    Rubbing tail...

    If a horse is rubbing his tail and has no sign of sweetitch whatsoever, is the most likely reason worms or could something else be to blame?
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    Do you wear a hat whilst leading?

    I've just spent a week working at a trekking centre(wasn't for me so I'm home now). When I was leading the little ones from the ground I wore my hat and the other workers asked me why. I explained that I wanted to be safe etc etc and they just thought I was weird.... Out on one of the treks...
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    Anyone going to Bold Heath EC points show....

    ....tomorrow? I might go along to watch, depending on the weather....