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    Riding after hysterectomy

    I’m currently waiting for a total hysterectomy, should be in the next few weeks. I haven’t been able to ride or barely even to see my horses as I have to stay covid free otherwise they cannot operate. They are currently turned away in a field off the yard so I can just do a quick check and don’t...
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    Exercises for weak left leg, me not the horse!

    Really struggling with a pathetic left leg, I do yoga 3 x a week and pilates twice, been doing that for 3 months now with little improvement. I’m in my mid fifties and the horse is XXXW which I don’t think is helping! Anyone have any specific exercises I can add in to my current regime which...
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    Equitack rugs..

    Anyone got one? I’ve never heard of them before but they do a high neck lightweight which I’m after for my cob. Any info on them would be great :)
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    Pictures Saddle fit again...sorry

    Opinions on this fit please, there is a good 6 fingers between wither and pommel. It’s an Albion Platinum Ultima, stamped E on the stirrup bars which is medium wide. Thanks
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    ROST shoes, anyone tried this?

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this? (Reimer open shoe technique). Basically a glue-on open-toed metal shoe, so two separate branches glued on. Seems to still be in the fairly early stages of development, not much info online, but an interesting concept as a short term measure to...
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    Vet Cellect excellR8 topical cream anyone?

    Just seen an ad for this, it’s mega expensive and the website seems to be about stem cell technology, but when you click on the ‘learn about excellR8’ button, it says page not found. Anyone know what it is? It’s around £130 a tube, with no explanation of how it works as far as I can see, or what...
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    Anyone got a horze helmet?

    Need a new one after landing on my head week before last, seen these, some of them have VG1 01.040 (2014-12) as well as the EN1384 which I’m fairly sure makes them current standard. They seem quite a good price, and some of them look quite smart, but I’ve not seen one in the flesh...
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    Anyone tried hoof boots with wedge pads?

    Horse has developed very low heels behind over the last 6 months, fronts are fine, have been backing his toes every other week in an effort to grow more heel but it’s very slow. It has coincided with our local roads being resurfaced with a very rough gravel. It has been suggested that I use...
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    How many shims in Wintec easyfit saddles?

    Anyone know what is the maximum number of shims that you can use in a Wintec wide saddle with cair and the easy fit system? I can’t find anything on their website, thanks.
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    Time to retire?

    Bit of background, old boy nearly 20, been stumbling a bit in front for a while, not much, usually in trot, sometimes in canter, has always managed to recover ok. Checked by vet on several occasions, nothing found, was barefoot for many years, but have shod him temporarily to see if that makes...
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    Worrying behaviour, wwyd?

    New mare plus pony have joined my older cob on diy livery, they seemed to settle ok, but 3 times now over the last 2 weeks the mare has, out of nowhere, squealed, reversed at speed into my old boy and double barrelled him. This is only what I’ve seen of course, she could be doing it repeatedly...
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    Probably a crazy thought but..

    Need some help before making a big decision. I'm thinking of buying a local 5 yr old who was born, bred and has lived 2 fields away from my yard his whole life. His mother and sister will be within calling distance all the time and within sight of him when they're in certain fields. The fencing...
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    Making THAT decision

    Have just arranged for the vet to come to the house and put my 2 oldies to sleep together. Feel awful, wondering if I've made the right choice. They are 16 and 14, the old girl has anal adenomas and has started passing thin, black stools the last few days. She can't squat to poo/pee anymore and...
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    Hat standards and insurance

    Just been told today that if I'm wearing a hat which doesn't comply with the new standard and I'm in an accident of any kind, my insurance will be invalid. Had no idea this was the case, and wonder if it's just me that didn't realise the full implications of the new hat standards? I have a...
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    Negligent owner driving us nuts!

    What would you all do? 3 horses all on diy livery, set up is a large barn and yard with a round feeder and free access to the fields all year round. Horses are out 24/7 365 days, and we share the cost of round bale fodder as and when. Problem is one owner just doesn't bother to come and check...
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    Brecon Beacons rides with barefooter

    Anyone know if the Crychan Forest trails are suitable for barefoot horses? Mine is pretty good on fairly rough tracks but miles of stoney tracks wouldn't be pleasant for either of us! I've printed off the maps and some info which tells you what type of track the ride has, but it doesn't specify...
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    Horse Grimace Scale app

    Anyone have it and is it any good? I'm constantly worrying about my EMS horse and monitoring his digital pulses and soundness, would be useful to have another method of assessing how he's feeling. Would be very interested in any feedback.
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    Glove wide power strap grrrrr!!!

    Bought power straps for my glove wide boots, they're 2.5w in size, punched the holes in the boots, no probs there, then go to punch holes in the power straps and the hole guide goes from 0w to 5w with no half sizes. Glove wides only go up to size 3 anyway, so what's that all about? Anyhow...
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    Towing legislation, who's right?

    I was told a while ago that you could be prosecuted if the plated MAM of your trailer exceeded the towing capacity of your car, even if you only ever take one horse and you never actually exceed the towing capacity. Met a chap today who says this is total rubbish and that you can only be...
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    WWYD.. Farrier messed up

    Ok so turns out that my farrier nail pricked my horse on both fronts, resulting in severe, but luckily short lived, lameness in both front feet. Both shoes have blood spots on them, so to my mind, the...
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    Worst nightmare....., or is it?

    Sorry this is a bit of an essay, some of you may remember my threads about my EMS horse and how worried I've been about laminitis, well seemed like it had all gone horribly wrong yesterday. Horse came in from the field at 10:30am, muzzled as always, sound and full of beans, trotted straight up...
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    Accused of trolling, someone please enlighten me!!

    Ok everyone, a few users on here have accused me of being a troll and I'm pretty pissed about it.!! I joined this forum initially in 2006 but didn't really come on here or start posting till August 6 2012. Every...
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    Sick to death!!

    Of worrying about my EMS horse.... He is now covered in muzzle sores to add to everything else, I'm just sick and tired of worrying about him..He's come in today with raised pulses and a bit footy again, so back to being stabled with just a few hours out, and no riding. He has 3 different...
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    WWYD - EMS and low grade laminitis

    Horse is 19, he's slightly overweight and has EMS. He's out overnight from 7pm til about 7:30am on a sparse field and muzzled, in all day on high fibre horsehage. He has been in a constant state of low grade laminitis since around the start of May, digital pulses palpable though not bounding...
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    How big might he get?

    I'm interested in a 2 year old gypsy cob who is 14hh now, his sire is 13.3hh, don't know how big his dam is. What are the chances that he will get to 15hh? I've seen pictures and can't get him out of my head for some reason, but I don't want to view unless there's a good chance that he'll make...
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    Air bag jackets with shoulder they exist?

    As title really, I've had surgery to my shoulder, now post op 9 weeks, and I'm desperate to ride, but if I come off on said shoulder, I will probably destroy the repair. I have had a little ride today but my family and friends have gone nuts, and I need some way to pacify them! I'm quite...
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    Anyone tow with a volvo V90?

    As title really, we're looking at getting a new car, the D5 AWD version looks good on paper, towing capacity of 2200kg, anyone had any experience of it? Thanks
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    National Equine Health Survey 2016

    Morning all, don't know if this has already been posted somewhere, but just come across this today, sounds like a good idea
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    Working cob height limit

    As title, I'm assuming it's 155cm, but are there maxi working cob classes or are they all lumped in together? Can't seem to find the definitive answer anywhere...
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    Other people riding your horse....public liability

    Hi all, I'm currently unable to ride for probably 6 to 9 months whilst I recover from some surgery. There are several people at our yard who have kindly offered to ride my horse in the meantime, but I'm a little worried about the insurance implications. We don't have a school so they would be...