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    Touch early to predict I guess

    But Camelot all the way for his win in the Ledger and thereby gaining his triple crown..
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    Well played Mr Murray, your first Gran Slam!

    Cracking match, just adding to the fantastic parade earlier. 2012 has proven to be a superb year for British sporting achievements.
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    xc olympics!

    Have to go back to tv now, but come on Lionheart and Minors Frolic. Go on Team GB and what a wonderful cross country section..
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    BE ban coloured tack

    Interesting thread.. For me personally, I would always match my tack to the horse and have so far never seen a pink or light blue pony. Doesn't matter what you like to dress them up at home, but then maybe I am a traditionist and proud to be one..
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    Can I cry pls?

    Firstly am so sorry for the loss of your beloved mare, just read this whole post and was with everyone hoping for a better outcome. I can empathise with the feeling of being robbed, but just for now take care of yourself and try and rest. Thoughts will be with you..
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    How to WIN best turned out- help cheer a little girl up!

    All great tips, the only other thing I can add is a touch of baby oil on the plaits, just before going in and on a freshly washed mane. Good luck..
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    Whose awake? 2.25am

    Thank you for a more than entertaining night, the snorer is right next to me now but managed to grab a few hours of sleep. Still wanting the bacon sarnie and the fridge is calling me. Hopefully she won't drop your precious bundle in the middle of the field.. Still looking forward to the...
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    Whose awake? 2.25am

    Sorry people, really deprived of sleep right now. Too long ago for me to remember having a seven week old bub, but know they get you up at odd hours of the day. Quality moments with them though at that age.
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    Whose awake? 2.25am

    Tried going back to bed but he just rolled over on me and starting snoring again. Now whoever has suggested a McDi's breakfast please can I have a Bacon and Egg Mcmuffin with a hash brown on the side thank you She sound's really uncomtable bless her, which as women don't we get when giving...
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    Whose awake? 2.25am

    Now your being the tease Smiles24. Snoring now stopped, think i will stay on the couch though for risk of it starting again, and that really cute EDF advert has just come on. Look forward to your pics Smiles and hope your not too cold
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    Whose awake? 2.25am

    Hope you feel better soon Mrs Mozart.. My kitchen is 10 seconds away, still cant be asked,so please lets stop talking bout the bacon cos I may just have to make a sarnie
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    Whose awake? 2.25am

    We have two remotes thankfully, curtesy of a cable company mistake. It can get quite amusing sometimes especially when he's watching his beloved footie and I use mine. However, I am enjoying the freedom of having the internet all to myself. Checking out the odds for Camelot to win the Derby...
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    Whose awake? 2.25am

    Exactly you need to be there it a wicked moment even if means losing a little sleep. Me snoring is still continuing, and the Law and Order SVU that I missed earlier has just appeared so looks like I won't be going back to bed for a while. Hope all goes well, with mum and awaited baby.
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    Whose awake? 2.25am

    Sorry, I'm settling for a packet of cheese and onion as really cannot be asked to the griddle pan out. Will have to wait for the sarnie till the morning, with ketchup though lol. On the plus side you maybe cold, but there is nothing like welcoming a baby into the world..
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    Whose awake? 2.25am

    Are you close to seeing a baby yet by the way, or is it going to be a really long night for you?
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    Whose awake? 2.25am

    Me, am awake, other half is snoring like a trooper and has woken me up. Now feeling like a bacon sandwich but not sure I can be asked to make one. Happy early Monday everyone
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    tips on teaching child on keeping hands still

    You're daughter is very young, never taught that young to be honest. What I would try and explain though is that, the pony needs your legs to give him/her the energy to move forward but also needs your hands to be gentle, give a constant rein length in order for them to balance the power from...
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    Hickstead died of Ruptured Aorta

    Have seen many a round of Hickstead's, but the one that comes to mind foremost is his first round of the individual final at WEG. No disrespect to the Saudi guy who rode him first but the horse was just sit there I'll take you round in my own way, and he did in spectacular fashion. I think the...
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    Hickstead dies in the ring......

    I thought this was meant to be a tribute thread. Have seen many a round of Hickstead's but the one that comes to mind foremost is his first round of the individual final at WEG. No disrespect to the Saudi guy who rode him first but the horse was just sit there I'll take your round in my own...
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    What's worse?

    It's a good job I didn't hold him to the pact.
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    What's worse?

    Tell me about it.. When I first met my partner, who is a dog person I told him my little man was a Lancashire Heeler. It was an ongoing joke with him for many weeks and then one day he went out, came back and said I've met another Heeler. Mind you he didn't hold up his end of the deal of...
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    What's worse?

    Lovely pics, and they are great dogs. Like I said I aquired mine as a sort of rescue, and he was tricky for a long time. If I hadn't been informed he was a Heeler I wouldn't have known but spent the next 9 years with him, going everywhere and having to inform people he's not a JR. Was even gonna...
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    What's worse?

    Hope you enjoy your pups have you got pic's? I had one for many years funnily enough from a rescue situation but the best little buddy I ever had. And only on learning the history of the breed as in originally bred from a corgi and a manchester terrier. A fantastic little working dog that...
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    What's worse?

    Can anyone tell me what an Ormskirk Terrier is please?
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    The breeding of dogs, for profit.

    Mr Swan I have read your posts on this forum, and always found you to be a very positive and thoughtful person. I don't often post on here and I hope when I do I have a valid reason reason for doing so. Having just read most of that breeding thread again and am shocked as to how it...
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    Congratulations to Nick & Carlo

    Well done Nick Skelton & Carlo for your individual bronze to add to the team medal..
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    Education, not character assassination!

    I'm thinking this AAD's forum is pushing a lot of people out, and whilst not all dogs are Kennel Club standard they are the real Heinz 47, so as long as they get a good long term home, as stats go they seem to have the least health issues. Whilst I understand people's concerns with selling...
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    Draw reins for people who agree with them.

    Glad that you did some research and yes I do believe that for your situation a bungee would really help you, as I said start off loose and adjust accordingly. A bungee is a really soft aid, as in it gives and takes with the horses natural movement. Try lunging in it first if needed. You...
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    Draw reins for people who agree with them.

    Why don't you try a bungee, works from the poll so therefore doesn't rely on the softness of the riders hands. Easily adjustable and start off loose, but does sound like your horse needs to work more from behind and this can only be done with forward. Hope this helps.