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    Likits and fussy horses

    My horses (all 4) are normally greedy pigs, but none of them like likits. Am I missing a trick for introducing them to them? as I have likits and likit holders and no one touches them! Or do I just have odd horses? After tips please!
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    Final Height Question?

    I know no one knows for sure, but I'm curious as to people's thoughts on how big my homebred arab filly will get to. I've not bred before, so I'm not sure how much they grow between the ages of 18 months and 4/5 years. I measured my filly tonight and shes just over 14hh on the withers and...
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    How do I teach to stand up square?

    I'm doing my first show with my yearling next week. I've been trying to teach her to stand up nicely. She will now stand still and stretch her neck out (breed thing) but I can't get her to stand square. Does anyone have any ideas how to teach this? Shes an arab if that helps.
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    Rolling after eating

    My mare does love to worry me. For the last few days she's rolled straight after being fed. Just a normal roll, no pawing, no belly watching, kicking or anything. Shes out 24/7 on minimal grass as she is fat and just gets a handful of happy hoof once a day with supplements in, watered down...
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    What size rug to buy for yearling for winter?

    I'm after advice on this one please, as this is my first youngster! Arab yearling is now 15 months old. Shes in a 5'3 amigo or just starting to get too long for 5 foot in other makes. I'm starting to think ahead for winter and want to get her a medium weight turnout with no neck, as at...
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    From foal to yearling :)

    Thought I'd update and share some pictures of my arab yearling. Not sure who remembers us from last year. She's a bit special, in that her dam had colic surgery when she was three months in foal. Their story was in horse magazine a couple of months ago. The vets didn't expect the foal to...
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    Does Anybody know when the next issue of Horse magazine is out?

    Question in the title really! Thanks
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    Horse with fever... why?

    My mare didn't want to eat her breakfast this morning, which is very unusual for her, she also wasn't savvy in getting out of her fieldmates way etc., so I brought her in and called the vet. she was shivering, so I put an extra rug on. Vet came out and examined her and her temperature was...
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    Feeding a Weanling

    My foal is now 7 months old and has been weaned. shes purebred arab and the vet says shes perfect weightwise, so i'd like to keep it that way. She lives out 24/7 and gets hay thrown in, but I don't think its ad lib. I feed her once a day, as I can't get up to the field she is in more...
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    Long Manes and Combo rugs

    Ok, This is an EXTREMLY important post! My arab mare does not normally wear a combo rug, as I'm so paranoid about her mane. However, she is now living out 24/7 and has zero winter coat, and very little shelter. so I'm thinking she ought to have a combo rug on... so Please tell me how to...
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    Jazmine at 10 weeks

    Just a couple. Aged 10 and a half weeks of my little (big!) arab baby
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    Jazmine at six weeks old

    My arab foal is now six weeks old. Can't believe it is that long already! She's starting to lose her foal coat and is turning darker, so looks a bit moth eaten! Can't believe how much she has grown and changed! here she is
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    When foals change colour...

    what are the first signs of what there final colour is going to be? I might be being hopeful but Jazmine is now four weeks old. She was born bright chestnut, but her mane appears to be growing darker and she has darker bits round her eyes. but as I said it might be wishful thinking, but...
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    Jazmine at three weeks old

    Heres my arab foal at three weeks old. Can't believe how fast she has grown, she's like a weed! And the wondermare is doing well too. She's fat, which actually, I'm quite happy to see given that she had colic surgery nine months ago. anyway, heres Jazmine. Still struggling to think of a...
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    Feed advice needed please

    I'm at a loss. My old gelding has just been diagnosed with cushings and started on pergolide. I need to change his feed as he currently has conditioning mix, which obviously is now unsuitable. However, what can I give him? He can't eat hay/chaff due to his teeth He won't eat soaked...
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    Gelding just diagnosed with cushings. Tell me all you know!

    My 20 year old gelding has just been diagnosed with fairly bad cushings disease. He is due to start on pergolide (prascend). I just need to speak to the vet about the dose. His symptoms were his coat, weightloss, fat distribution, muscle loss, tripping and also his teeth have been affected...
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    Update on my arab foal :)

    Thought I'd post an update and some unfolded pics of Jazmine, my arab foal. Both are doing really well, Dina has taken to mummyhood really well, much better than anyone expected, so I'm really pleased. Such a relief and so lovely to see after everything she went through last year with her...
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    Introducing Jazmine!

    Dina decided that she was having baby in the field at lunchtime! I missed it as I was home having a shower, but my friend was there. Bright chestnut filly foal, pure arab. Mum and baby doing well. Have named her Jazmine. Really pleased, as my mare had colic surgery at three...
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    so close! Streaming Milk!

    I was going to take pics this morning and post them asking how much longer, but looks like my mare answered that for me! She has milk all down her legs. I touched her leg and it was so wet and sticky I had to wash my hands before doing anything else! anyway, heres pics. Think we might...
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    Dripping Milk, waxed up, Belly dropped.... hello sleepless nights!

    My mare has had wax for a few days and today she has been dripping milk down one of her back legs :) Her belly has dropped and moved backwards, her bum isn't that soft, but is relaxed and she is a maiden mare, so who knows? Now very nervously excited! she's 328 days today. Think I will...
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    Livid with police tonight

    Words cannot express how angry I am tonight. Earlier on, two teenagers were leading a two year old filly (big tb x cob) up the road from her field where she is kept, to our yard to use a stable, as the horse had injured itself and they were waiting for the vet. As they were leading it up...
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    Showing Section A's

    I'm taking my two year old section A filly to her first show of the season this weekend. But how much should she be trimmed up? ie whiskers, tail length, feathers etc. ? Thanks
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    Day 317 .... looking closer!

    My maiden arab mare is on day 317 today. she's certainly getting closer. Thoughts appreciated! This mare had colic surgery in September when she was three months in foal, so I'm a bit twitchy! udder vulva Belly :) When do you usually start your foal watches?
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    How close do you think she is?

    My maiden mare is 309 days in foal today. I've taken some pics, and would really appreciate you experienced people giving me your opinion on how long she has left, as I'm thinking I need to bring my leave forward a bit. I know it is difficult with maidens, but this is my first foal too, so...
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    Hows she looking? ~ six weeks to go...

    My mare now has just six weeks left. She had colic surgery in September, so has been through the wars a bit and is a maiden. This is her yesterday and her bag yesterday It's a first foal for me too, although I've been around other peoples foals and read a lot of books! My...
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    URGENT! Alum Chine beach

    Please can anyone answer this? Are horses allowed on Alum Chine beach? I want to take my boy to a beach this week and I can only see restrictions on dogs. Thanks
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    Driving Section A's

    I have a young section A that I am planning to back at age 3 next year. After she is backed and being ridden on nicely, I would like to break her to drive too. (doing it in this order to make sure that we get canter sorted!) but what I would like to know is how much weight they can...
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    Would clipping now affect the summer coat?

    Question in title... I have a 20 year old gelding who has a very thick long winter coat. Generally, it takes until June to come out and is just horrid. As he has a trace clip, it also means I can't really show him, as he still has clip lines. So, would it be ok to fully clip him, say...
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    Advice and Re-assurance appreciated please

    My mare is almost 8 months in foal. It is her first foal, she is a 10 year old arab. Now the worry is this. I am terrified that she will reject her baby when it is born, and then today I was told by someone (fairly experienced) that he thinks she will reject her foal. Arabs have the...
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    Advice and re-assurance appreciated please

    My mare is almost 8 months in foal. It is her first foal, she is a 10 year old arab. Now the worry is this. I am terrified that she will reject her baby when it is born, and then today I was told by someone (fairly experienced) that he thinks she will reject her foal. Arabs have the...