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    Those who have had youngsters.

    Did they grow up to be the horse you wanted? I got LC as a 3 year old so pretty much knew what size and shape he was going to be (round..and round), obviously the fact he is clinically insane and the maddest cob I've ever met was a suprise but by the time he was backed I trusted him enough to...
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    Grass pellets v Alfafa pellets?

    I have fed a bag of Alfafa pellets to the boys with much success...they enjoyed the feed, it was a good price and it bulks up when soaked to make a good amount for fatty's who don't actually need much feed!! So was happy with it, BUT went to the feed place and they only had grass pellets in this...
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    Opinions??? 2nd to bottom 'HocusPocus'...To my eye she needs some weight but I'm really liking!!! Think she's over priced personally. Remember I like my horses 'solid' and am a pleasure rider/hunt fan so don't need or want anything...
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    Anyone feed alfalfa pellets?

    I've bought a bag to start the Cob boys on..mainly to save money, maintain their weight which is about what I would like, and because Little Cob cannot have anything which has sugar in it seems a easy feed that will suit both of them. So questions are if you do feed it have you found it good...
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    Anyone got a DreamTeam treeless saddle?

    A fellow livery said they have one to sell which she is going to let me try. I've ridden treeless for many years but don't know much about these one's so wanted some first hand opinions. She's letting me try it on trail but would be interested to what people think. Thanks :D
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    Thank you peeps.

    I asked the other day about keeping a horse in a stable, as I've always had field kept heavy boys being forced to bring one of my cobs in for the evenings threw me as I wasn't sure the best way to have a stable! Anyway long story short I was advised to invest in stable mats and have shaving...
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    New to having a stable kept horse!!!

    So need some experianced advise!! My smaller cob needs to come in at night for the foreseeable, he has a sugar intolerance so I have to ensure he has no haylage which can't be done while he's out in the field as obviously other owners want their field kept horses to have haylage this time of...
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    Mark Todd....I thank you!!!

    I got some Mark Todd Cook Long riding boots in the sale earlier in the year. Threw them in the cupboard to keep for when I needed them!! Well after a snow attack like we've never seen here before, I saw them and thought..oh those have good grips I'll give them a go!!! Well for the last week...
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    Dope question!!

    I've decided to bring one of my boys in for a few weeks because he's not eating properly out in the field,he's nosy and keeps hanging over the fences to talk to the other horses who are being turned out for a few hours!! (He's in love with on of the mares so gets scatty when she comes out to...
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    Bulk buying Brewers Yeast?

    Help please. I know I've seen it mentioned but where was the place you could buy the big bag of brewers yeast again? I can't for the life of me remember the sites name!!!:rolleyes: I'm due to get some soon and need to save some pennies.
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    You can't put a price on some horses!

    Today I had to move my horse back to my old yard. I'd moved him on saturday to a private yard but unfortunately the other 3 horses just didn't like him and he's spent the last 3 days being traumatised and we honestly couldn't see it getting better, the mare was even attacking him over the stable...
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    Huge sigh of relief.

    Just so people know there are good places out there! I've just been up to the place where I'm moving to at the weekend to chat things over with the owner. I have come away feeling like I'm walking on clouds. After being on a 'professional' livery yard for the last nearly 3 years I'm moving to...
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    Moving to barefoot.

    I'm thinking of moving 1 of my boys over to barefoot. He's a medium weight cob and has been shod since being backed at 3. He's now 9. He's moving to a new home next week and will only be hacked out during weekends in the winter and more hacking when we have light nights. It's mostly lanes with...
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    Really is it me?

    Senario for you. 4 new ponies arrives at the yard, they are all from same place so know each other. 'Owner' then turns them out into the main paddock. Main paddock has herd of 5, 2 mares 2 geldings and 1 very riggish. Main paddock is a skating rink. 'Owner' and YO are suprised that livery kicks...
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    Pressie idea's for 16 year old horse mad girl!

    I need to find a gift for my friends daughter. I'm not really kid friendly so have no clue what's the 'in thing' (god I'm old). :( Anyway she's 16 next month and with it being Xmas I wanted to try and get her something different. She's horse mad, got 7 of her own and helps her mum run a...
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    What supplements do you feed?

    My YO thinks I'm a bit of a supplement queen because I like to help my horses diets with added extra's. :D Mine get garlic with mint in spring/summer. Brewers Yeast year round for digestion and coat, Rosehips for joints year round and seaweed as a balancer for winter. I'm currently also...
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    I believe there are some GSD fans on this forum???? Form an orderly queue...I SAID ORDERLY ladies!!! :rolleyes:
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    Worming woes!!! Need advise/help please!

    The yard I keep my horse on isn't the most luxurious BUT we have fabulous hacking, an indoor school, it's cheap, my horse is extreamly happy there and the other liveries are lovely!! The only major problem is the grazing is appauling and the YO isn't the best at organisation or maintance...
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    Horsey people are slightly strange.

    Last night arrived at the yard as usual. My lad was inside his stable eating his afternoon hay allowance. He shouted hello, I said hello back. I said hello to the other liveries around, had a chat. Went over to his stable, went inside, checked his water, checked he had hay, then stopped...
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    Grass Pellets?

    Someone at my yard has suggested I try using grass pellets for my cob. He's a good doer but suffered some stomach problems 2 years ago so now is prone to scouring. I'll admit it's not something I've heard of using before and don't really know how you are to use them so would be interested in...
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    Winter blues!!!

    I sadly have to work all day so have no choice but to ride in the dreaded indoor school. Yes I know I'm very lucky to have access to it but it still is dirty, dark and boring as hell!! I'm a 100% hacker girlie and I find any form of schooling a chore. I love jumping but the school isn't set up...