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    "Chip", previously whipper-in horse with the Albrighton

    I bred Chip (OFS Amiro Blue) and would love news of him - he was sold to the whipper-in of the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt as a four year-old in 2013 and then sold on the following year, and I can get no news of him, which worries me as to his fate. If you know of him or have any possible...
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    Seeking "Chip" OFS Amiro Blue

    Breeder seeking very much loved 6 year old 17.1hh AES dark grey gelding, stable name "Chip", registered name OFS Amiro Blue. Believed sold on as a 4 or 5 year old by the then whipper-in to the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt. Have tried several leads but have been met by a stony silence which...
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    Does anyone recognise Chip, was hunted with the Albrighton?

    Chip, (OFS Amiro Blue) a 17.1hh going-grey 6 year old gelding, (his tail is part silver, and he has a "starburst" on his face) was hunted by the whipper-in with the Albrighton and Woodland over the 2013-14 season and then sold on, possibly to someone in an adjacent hunt. I bred him, and would...
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    Seeking Chip

    OFS Amiro Blue, stable name Chip, 17.1 going-grey 6 year old gelding. Ridden by the whipper-in of the Albrighton and Woodland Hunt over the 2013/14 season and then sold on. I bred him and can get no news of him - would love to know that he's OK.
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    Fungal skin infection/rain scald

    My little TB brood mare has what looks to me like rain scald or a similar fungal skin infection, having researched it on the internet. I've never had a horse with this before - she came back to me in January after having been loaned out as a brood mare, and she had dropped a lot of weight and...
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    British Breeding Network South East Meeting 2nd November

    The British Breeding Network is a potentially really exciting and inclusive movement to support, develop and promote British breeding that started with a meeting of almost 60 breeders, ranging from the small hobby one/two mare breeder to large professional studs, at Moulton College last month...
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    Lauries Crusador

    Very sad news from Celle - their lovely stallion Lauries Crusador has died today, colic and a spleen disorder apparently. He's very special not only for his important influence on sport horse breeding but also for being one of the few TBs approved by the Holsteiner Verband. RIP and sympathies...
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    Some of the Stars at the SSGB

    There are going to be some amazing stallions at Addington for the SSGB this weekend, including John Whitaker's stars Arko and Argento, and I've just seen that the gorgeous Treliver Decanter has joined the list. I think that this is going to be a fantastic weekend, a chance to see a John...
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    Whose Going to the Stallion Showcase GB?

    The list is just going up on their FB page and its looking to be a fabulous list of stallions this year, with some really exciting eventing and showjumping sires as well as the outstanding Woodlander young dressage stallions. A friend who isn't herself a breeder went last year, and had an...
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    Stallion Showcase GB

    Just seen the first photos that have gone up on the SSGB Facebook page, and there are some fabulous stallions coming to the SSGB this year. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the eventing sires, with some very proven names like Uptons Deli Circus, but also new youngsters like the TB...
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    Transport to Scotland

    Does anyone have any experience of transporting a horse from the South East to Scotland (border country), and if so who would you recommend to use, and what were the approx costs? Any information gratefully received!
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    Where do you advertise your youngster?

    I'm drawing a complete blank at the moment on selling my three year old, and wondered if anyone has found any online site or magazine better than another. I'm really surprised that there has been no interest at all, and have got to the point where I'd almost welcome timewasters, at least there...
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    Where Do You Advertise Your Horse?

    Have people found any particular online site or magazine very much better than another for selling a young horse? I've just drawn a complete blank to date, and can't understand why I haven't had even one enquiry, I would almost welcome timewasters!! (Not really, but at least I would think...
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    Allergic reaction

    Several of our horses have suffered what we think must be an allergic reaction this year, and my two-year old 1/2 TB has had one of the most severe ... Overnight he developed what looked like tiny warts all over his muzzle, lips, and under his chin. He also has small patches of small scabs on...
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    Denver at SSGB

    I was so impressed by all the Routledge's stallions at SSGB, and especially pleased to see Denver again. I have used him in his first year of standing at stud, when I saw him as a three-year-old, but there's always that moment of doubt with a youngster ..... will he look as good when I see him...
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    A Feast of Stallions at Addington!

    I've just seen the early list of stallions put up on FB that will be attending the Stallion Showcase at Addington on the 4th and 5th February, and its stunning! Talk about spoilt for choice. There's an amazing range of proven and young SJ, eventing and dressage stallions, I don't think that...
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    Foster Mare Available

    Urgently seeking foal for 15.2hh cob mare to foster, based in East Sussex. Lovely calm mare, will make a super mum. She lost her newborn foal in the early hours of this morning (Saturday), and has plenty of milk. Please PM for further details
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    Of Power Line and Pedigrees .....

    Oli Townend's recent success on the son of Power Blade, Power Line, sent me back to remind myself of his pedigree on the dam side. At first glance its fairly typical of many ISH pedigrees - lots of "unknowns" further back. But then you start digging .... ... and realise that although they...
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    Stallion Showcase GB

    Hope that lots of HHOers will be going today and tomorrow - we are there already, and its WINDY but not wet, and in any case at Addington its all under cover, great! For anyone wanting to see the Funnells "doing their stuff", and their great stallions; John and Robert Whitaker; the legendary...
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    Stallion Showcase GB Today!

    The SSGB kicks off today with an amazing list of stallions, all doing their bit at Addington (good caff too!), and tomorrow we'll see the dual purpose and dressage boys. Yippee!
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    SSGB Silent Auction

    This has attracted the most amazing contributions, and even if you are not into breeding, there are a whole range of products now on offer, including Townend Online Products, a Mark Todd Coat, website development, saddle cloths .... All contributions are going to Help for Heroes. If you are...
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    Futurity Dates for 2011

    Have these been posted by the BEF anywhere in Horse & Hound or HHO yet?
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    And On to the Next Stallion Show!

    Great news that the Hartpury Stallion Show on Saturday was enjoyed by many people, and interesting to see which stallions caught the eye. I'm really encouraged to learn that several posters liked Power Blade as he's definitely one that I have my eye on, and he will be at the SSGB at Addington...
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    John Whitaker, Funnell demo - who's going on Feb 5th & 6th?

    Just looked at the programme and timetable for the Stallion Showcase GB at Addington on February 5th & 6th - who else is going? It looks brilliant, and there's a chance to see some of the greats there - Peppermill, Randi, the Funnells doing their demo with the Billy boys, Fiona Bigwood giving...
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    Stallion Showcase GB

    I see from the website that the list of stallions signed up for the SSGB at Addington on the 5th and 6th February is growing all the time, and there are lots of really exciting names! I'm so chuffed that we will now be able to see Power Blade over in the UK; the great Peppermill is on the list...
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    Capitalist Colt

    We are lucky enough to have one of the small number of foals born posthumously to the Holstein stallion and international showjumper Capitalist, who was standing at Cullintra Stud, Ireland until his death earlier this year. Ballyshan on here also had two and both have been sold very quickly ...
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    Open Day Reports

    The new edition of the on-line Horse Breeders Magazine is just out with some really informative and full reports on three recent open days - Hobgoblins Stud, the Billy Stud, and Brendon. There's also a very interesting interview with Leon Melchior, which I'm kinda bouncing about, as it not only...
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    Coming into the Foaling Season ....

    ... the next edition of the on-line Horse Breeders Magazine is just out, with some really useful articles in it as we come into the foaling season. There's a great piece by Amanda Bliss on milk testing, with a step-by-step guide on how to do it; Nikki Peirce has written a down to earth guide to...
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    Holstein Stallion "Capitalist" could be available in UK!

    The stud who stand the 20 year old stallion Capitalist in Ireland are considering whether to bring him over to the UK to collect and freeze semen before taking him back to Ireland for the real busy time of the stud season. They are needing to make a quick decision because time is getting tight...
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    Stangles, West Sussex

    Just to let everyone in the Sussex/Hampshire areas know that I learnt from my neighbour yesterday that there has been an outbreak of strangles at a yard in West Sussex - it may be a hunting yard, as the phone call that she received was from a hunting contact. They think it was brought in by a...