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    August Bank Holiday Weekend Plans

    My lesson today was really interesting. The horse was an absolute saint - he’s obviously ridden well in between the beginners because he was sensitive and well schooled, but still put up with me being unbalanced and giving him confusing aids sometimes. All the side saddle has definitely helped...
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    August Bank Holiday Weekend Plans

    Hugely excited to have something to post in this thread for once! I’ve got an assessment lesson at a dressage yard that has Iberian schoolmasters tomorrow - I’ve warned them that I’m very much a novice, so I’m not expecting to be on a schoolmaster any time soon but it’s something to work...
  3. J

    Where to try sidesaddle (SE)?

    There aren't any riding schools that offer side saddle lessons in the South East. Talland is great for side saddle or there's Valley Farm near Ipswich or Knights of Middle England in Warwick. Everywhere else I know of is much further away.
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    Tell me about side saddle

    Your left leg is in pretty much the same position as riding astride so depending on which hip the issue is with riding on the off-side could be more comfortable than a normal side saddle. The saddle also needs to fit you as well as the horse, so you might find it uncomfortable if your friend's...
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    Weekend plans

    I've got my fourth side saddle lesson on Saturday, I'm trying a different riding school that's nearer to uni (well, still three hours on public transport!). I've been well and truly bitten by the bug, I wish there were more places to have lessons on school horses as owning is still a good few...
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    Pre Christmas Weekend Plans

    My side saddle lesson was amazing! I've never ridden such a polite and well schooled horse before, the instructor was lovely, and I had so much fun. Going back next weekend :D (photo attached, although looking at it I'm already picking out the things that need fixing)
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    Pre Christmas Weekend Plans

    Long time lurker with no access to horses who gets her fix vicariously through this thread here - hello! I'm not competing but I'm having my first side saddle lesson on Saturday and I'm ridiculously excited. It's been about four months since I last rode so I'm hoping my lack of core strength...
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    Horses in central London

    I've seen the yard in Bermondsey (assuming it's the same one you're talking about). It's tucked away in a residential area, just a stable yard and a school, only really noticable if you're looking for it or if you see the sign for free manure!
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    Riding after broken collarbone

    I broke mine and had it plated a few years ago. I was riding (still wearing my sling!) after about 3 or 4 weeks, but only in the school in walk. A couple of weeks later to trot and canter in the school and then by 8 weeks after the operation I was hacking, jumping and doing yard jobs as normal...
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    Fall, Broken Collarbone & Now Operation :( - experiences?

    Ouch that fall sounds horrible! I broke my collar bone two years ago, I had the same thing of waiting a few weeks to see if it healed but then had a plate and six screws put in as it hadn't moved at all. I wasn't even kept in over night from my surgery, however I was back in the next day as I...
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    Collarbone broken, when could I ride again?

    I broke mine four weeks ago and had a plate and six screws put in a week later and all being well my plate is meant to stay in. I've had the sling on continuously for the three weeks after the operation and am now starting to take it off for short periods. At my physio appointment two weeks...
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    Broken Collar Bone

    Oh wow its_noodles, there's no way I could ride now! That said I'm so squeamish I can hardly walk because of the movement jolting the break, I'd imagine a lot of riders are a fair bit braver than me! Would it be possible to decorate browbands with one hand or would it be too hard to keep the...
  13. J

    Broken Collar Bone

    Thanks, I'm in a sling for now and going back for another x-ray in a week's time to find out if it's healing on its own or if it needs pinning. It looked like quite a bad break to me, it was right through the bone with a gap between the two pieces and one piece sticking up at a funny angle.
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    Broken Collar Bone

    I got bucked off yesterday and broke my collar bone. Does anybody know how long it's likely to take to heal and how long before I can ride again? Also as this has happened right at the start of the summer holidays does anyone have any ideas for horsey things I can do without going to the yard to...
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    Information on Aigle Rubber Riding boots?

    I'm a narrow size 5 and a half and I bought size 6 aigle boots, they felt fine to start with but now it takes a lot of effort with a boot jack or being dragged across the tack room floor to get them off. That said, they're really comfy when they're on and it's great to be able to hose them off...
  16. J

    Jumping lessons

    Just bumping to see if anyone knows of anywhere as this has fallen back quite a few pages. :)
  17. J

    Jumping lessons

    Can anyone recommend somewhere in or near to Gloucestershire for jumping lessons? I'd like to have a couple of private lessons to work on my jumping technique in general but I've got no idea where to go. Thanks for any advice :)
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    Falling for the wrong pony

    Thank you for all of your kind words and advice, it really does help. Unfortunately he isn't owned by the YO, she sold him to a relative who has since grown out of him. They hardly ever rode him so he's back for schooling before being sold. However I have talked to the YO about it, and she...
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    Falling for the wrong pony

    I'd love to buy him but unfortunately the parental powers say no due to funds. I can afford to pay for his livery and keep out of my own money, but I don't have enough saved up to buy him, he's £2.5k! I could save but by the time I had enough he'd probably already be gone. The thing is I...
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    Falling for the wrong pony

    (Warning: The following post is just a self-indulgent moan and probably makes me seem like a completely spoiled brat. Sorry about that. :p) For the past year I've helped out at my local riding school as a way to be around horses more. I love it there and I love the ponies too. Recently a pony...
  21. J

    What fictional horse did you want to own?

    Swallow from K.M. Peyton's High Horse series, or Drummer from Flambards. :)
  22. J

    Would I have any chance of finding a share horse?

    Ok, thanks, I'm in Gloucestershire. I'm getting so excited now that it might actually be possible to find a share, I was so worried that I would never be able to. :D
  23. J

    Would I have any chance of finding a share horse?

    Thanks for replying so quickly and helpfully. I do stay whole days at the riding school, leading, tacking up and untacking, poo picking, tack cleaning etc, so I'd be more than happy to do 'chores' to do with the horse. I actually enjoy it almost as much as the riding itself. I've ridden there...
  24. J

    Would I have any chance of finding a share horse?

    I've read posts from this forum for a while now, and I've noticed that lots of people talking about sharers seem to not want teenagers straight out of a riding school. I was going to start looking for a share / part loan pony, but I'm wondering if I'd actually have a chance of being taken on by...