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  1. Tihamandturkey

    Thank you 💗

    I have been overwhelmed reading the posts on my thread re the loss of my wonderful mare. Thank you so much everyone for your incredibly kind words of comfort, support and understanding. To those that shared their grief at losing beloved equines to this awful disease and other causes I send my...
  2. Tihamandturkey

    Heart is broken 💔

    On Monday I lost my beautiful mare to laminitis. Onset was sudden - she was galloping and playing with field mates the evening before she came out of her stable presenting as laminitic on the morning of 1st December. Initially she responded to anti inflammatory injections and meloxicam and...
  3. Tihamandturkey

    Cabotswood Amberley boots In case anyone is looking for country boots - these are fabulous I have 2 pairs & am sitting on my hands atm to prevent me from ordering another 😬
  4. Tihamandturkey

    How to pick out feet using one hand 🤔

    As above 😬 Due to recent injury (3 broken fingers) it's just occurred to me that I'm going to have to do this one handed for a while 🙄 Have use of index finger & thumb & Madam is very obliging and lifts feet easily and politely 🙂 Was thinking maybe I could balance foot on my forearm somehow 🤔...
  5. Tihamandturkey

    Can't catch my bl**dy mare 🙄

    As title Madam is being a right pita - not been able to get anywhere near her for the last 4 days. She's just gone on to 24/7 herd turnout with her fellow mares - anyone else having the same issue?
  6. Tihamandturkey

    Astra Zeneca jab

    Had first vax at 3.20pm today - waiting for side effects 😖 Doc said would be approx 6 hours - anyone not have any? Heard so many horror stories 😧
  7. Tihamandturkey

    Going back to work tomorrow 🙃

    So it seems I have been made unredundant 😅 Back to my childcare position full time tomorrow. Farewell lazy days 😆
  8. Tihamandturkey

    New rescue dog arriving tomorrow 🥰

    This lovely boy is coming to be a brother to our Collie Springer x Bassett Hound Beagle x Am so excited 😃
  9. Tihamandturkey

    Covid redundancy

    Hi - anyone else made redundant due to Covid 19? I lost my lovely job in an Early Years Setting due to new staff to child ratios and a future policy of not taking in children under 2. This will result in a significant cut in numbers when the service reopens. Staff were cut from 13 down to 5...
  10. Tihamandturkey

    Horsey pic thread anyone?

    The Princess 👸 looking angelic the other day 😇 Would love to see yours 😊
  11. Tihamandturkey

    What do people think about this?

    By Dr David Marlin - I don't follow him but it popped up on my FB feed for some reason
  12. Tihamandturkey


    Just started to watch the box set I bought on Ebay. The theme tune alone took me right back to my 16 year old days in 1979 when I eagerly awaited each episode 😆 I'm sure it's horribly dated but will while away a few hours 😅
  13. Tihamandturkey

    Threads with no vipers

    Are there any? I'm getting so pi$$ed off with the endless needless petty squabbling and point scoring on here by some posters - so many threads seem to be turning unecessarily nasty these days. If anyone can point me in the direction of a thread with none I'd be very grateful. Stay safe and...
  14. Tihamandturkey

    Long reining established horse

    Since I've decided to stop riding for the duration I'm looking to vary the way I'm exercising my mare. Even though I'm mixing up the lunging ( no gadgets) pole work - low jumps - changing rein - lunging down long sides of large arena etc. I can see this getting repetitive after a while so I was...
  15. Tihamandturkey

    Milton with Caroline Bradley

    1981 what a pair 💖
  16. Tihamandturkey

    Blonde pony tails in show jumping

    Am just watching a recording of Hickstead - very curious as to why every female rider seems to have an extremely long very blonde pony tail 😆
  17. Tihamandturkey

    Galloping in hayfield

    Lucky enough to have use of yard owners cut very large hayfield atm. Is there anything better than a gallop around same? Lovely feeling of freedom 😊
  18. Tihamandturkey

    When was your last lesson?

    For me - 3 years if I remember rightly 🤔 I'm super critical of my riding and am always reading/researching & my horse seems to be coming on nicely - we don't compete but she's working well over her back & into a genuine contact. We school and lunge once or twice a week - hack out on the...
  19. Tihamandturkey

    Standing martingale 😯

    So - madam has been a right madam lately during fast work - flinging head all over the place (not tack or teeth related) just fit giddy & loving life. Running martingale not making enough of a difference & winding her up more I think - I was in danger of getting socked in the teeth so I put it...
  20. Tihamandturkey

    Rimell saddles

    Has anyone got one or know this make at all? Have seen a GP on Ebay which looks very like my lovely old Penwood which I treasure as I can't replace.
  21. Tihamandturkey

    Trying to identify saddle make if anyone can help?

    Hi I'm looking at a saddle on Ebay and I can't seem to identify the make - can anyone help? Thank you 😊
  22. Tihamandturkey

    Fly rugs - apologies for a rug thread 😆

    This nice weather has me thinking ahead 😎 Looking for recommendations please for fly rugs that definitely won't rub sensitive horse's shoulders - have tried Gallop Masta & Amigo with no luck even though the rugs were lined 🙄 I don't mind shelling out for an expensive one if I know it's...
  23. Tihamandturkey

    Cheltenham - Topofthegame ðŸ˜Â

    Oh my! What a beauty - I'm in love 💜
  24. Tihamandturkey


    Hello returning after a leave of absence 😊
  25. Tihamandturkey


    Returning after a leave of absence 😊
  26. Tihamandturkey

    Is it just me or is there a distinct lack of interesting posts

    on here lately? Everything seems to be getting very samey e.g. Wwyd re changing yards - please choose from the following - a,b,c,d,e,f,g - or - I can't find a bridle without a xxxxx noseband or - What balancer do I feed my obese, laminitic, 3 legged, 45 year old semi retired good doer yada...
  27. Tihamandturkey

    Rugging posts

    Does anyone else have a fascination with reading these threads even though the subject has been done to death? ��