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    Change of ownership

    I’ve had mine 15 years and his passport is still in the name the person who originally passported him, who is not the person I bought him off or the owner before him. He’s had loads of vet treatment, vaccinations etc, been out competing and no one has ever asked to see his passport apart from...
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    Car battery charger

    Halfords do one which is reasonably priced and quite quick, I’ve had mine for 6 or 7 years and it’s still going strong.
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    Advice please

    Would you be very upset if the riding didn’t come off? If you really want to start riding again then I probably wouldn’t go for this mare, but if your main motivation is just to love and pamper her and give her a wonderful life, with riding just being the icing on the cake, then 100% yes! No...
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    Ok to trot on roads? 21 year old horse

    My oldie is the same, stiff after standing in, not lame, probably a bit arthritic but not formally diagnosed. I was told last year by my vet to keep him moving as long as possible and if he needed Bute, then fine, it’s much better to do that than to stop riding. He was great up until March...
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    Old owner... would you?

    I found my old boy’s early history after I’d owned him for about 8 years, it was eye-opening to say the least. I’m just really glad I didn’t know any of it, or I would never have bought him in a million years, and would have missed out on 16 great years together. Poor boy had 6 homes in 2 years...
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    Best Wellingtons - Reviews

    Noble outfitters muds, got them last November, they’re still immaculate despite a hard winter, super warm and comfortable, very impressed so far.
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    VIP Pad useless shape!

    The smart dressage, I love it but the foam panels are quite firm hence the vip pad. Horse has always gone well in it though, pad or not, it just makes me feel better I think!
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    VIP Pad useless shape!

    I use one under my solutions saddle, it’s plenty big enough but we don’t really have withers, never mind high ones!
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    😳 I just spent £65 on a bit of plastic

    That is exactly what mine did, made a dreadful mess of his face, silly boy. These look interesting though, but wondering about durability, watching with interest..
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    Riding after hysterectomy

    That must have been terrifying oldie48, I’ve never had a c section, just 5 normal deliveries, so hopefully they won’t come across anything unusual and I’ll be back riding soonish. I’ve never had to turn my horses away before, they’re both EMS cobs so I was terrified, but this dry weather and a...
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    Riding after hysterectomy

    Thanks everyone, bit of a mixed bag then really, I guess I’ll just have to keep everything crossed and hope I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m post menopausal so won’t miss my ovaries and I’m pretty fit currently, apart from the cancer of course. Just desperate to get it done and back to some sort...
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    Riding after hysterectomy

    I’m currently waiting for a total hysterectomy, should be in the next few weeks. I haven’t been able to ride or barely even to see my horses as I have to stay covid free otherwise they cannot operate. They are currently turned away in a field off the yard so I can just do a quick check and don’t...
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    What happens if whole country on lockdown???

    It would be a death sentence for both of mine to be chucked out for the summer, 2 EMS cobs who need very tight management to stay healthy. I’ve no idea what’s going to happen, only that I cannot allow them to suffer, one is early 20s but the other is only 8, I’m worried sick..
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    Head Camera

    I bought a go pro for the same reason and I’ve had nothing but trouble with it. It’s the hero 7 white, and from day one it has just randomly switched off whilst we’re riding. The longest clip I ever got off it was about 18 mins, battery still has loads of charge when it stops, no rhyme or reason...
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    Laminitis with no improvement

    Will she eat Marksway hi fibre haylage? It’s less than 5% sugar and is the only forage that works with my laminitic, their Timothy haylage is the same sugar level I think, but mine doesn’t like it as much. Maybe worth a try as she won’t eat soaked hay.
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    Horse leaning quarters against wall

    She could be sleep deprived due to lack of REM sleep, which they can only get when laying down. Seen it a lot in older horses who don’t lie down for whatever reason.
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    Anatomical bridle with simple cavesson noseband?

    Me too, struggling to find anything suitable
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    Coldbacked help

    He’s so young, poor boy to have been through so much. I would turn him away for a good 6 months, let him get over all the trauma and just be a horse, and then start him from scratch again yourself at home. Spend the 6 months just getting to know him better and gaining his trust in a relaxed...
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    Sudden silent treatment

    This happened to a friend of mine, on a small yard, just 3 owners but 6 stables, and she was hounded out by a pair of harpies who wanted their friend to join them. They really made her life a misery, it was shocking. She had no idea what was going on at the time, and only found out weeks after...
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    Quick hoof boot and feather question

    I’ve got scoots size 9s on my fully feathered traditional, his feet are massive and they only just fit. According to the size chart, his feet are too big, but he can just squeeze into them. The feather isn’t an issue, it just goes over the boot, and the straps are easily long enough to go around...
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    H&H faceache posts

    I have a retractable towbar on my MB glc, factory fitted and up to the weight I tow according to them, but even so, I do worry a bit that it’s not as solid as a normal one. Anyone else have any experience of them or heard anything negative?
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    What do you feed your veteran ponies?

    Unmollassed sugar beet, I use Equibeet, and linseed, both quite high calorie but non heating.
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    Orscana - liking this product a lot

    Was just talking about these today, I’ll link this to a friend who’s interested in getting one, thanks
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    Who’s horses hardly roll??

    One of mine never rolls, he’s always laying down in stable or field, but never rolls. I put it down to the fact that he spent the first 7 years of his life kept on a tether, and learned that he could get tangled up so best not to.
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    Horse cannot canter at 13yrs old... HELP!

    Makes you wonder why you bother, well mine’s cantering willing now, just needs tidying up a bit, so it worked for us (ex traveller, cob type, driving horse)
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    Horse cannot canter at 13yrs old... HELP!

    Mine was the same, same background as yours too. We started with a lead out hacking and tons of praise whenever he broke into canter, even if it was just a couple of paces. A few months down the line and he’ll now canter in front happily, transitions aren’t great, and the canter is still a bit...
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    Sycamores - how much to worry?

    I left a yard a few months back because of a serious sycamore problem, the field was covered in seeds, literally tens of thousands of them. They’ve never had a problem, been horses on the land for at least 10 years that I know of, probably a lot longer, but I just didn’t want to risk it. I...
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    How to manage mud fever?

    I use cold-pressed neem oil, rub in thoroughly daily, no washing or clipping. Smells awful but works really well for me.
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    To think this rider was partly at fault?

    Driver error IMO, he was not paying attention for whatever reason, we encounter it all the time around here. Last week, myself and friend hacking along a fairly narrow road, good weather, lots of hi viz on us both. Car passed my friend ok and then just drove straight at me! I was at most 2 yards...