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    Who remembers the Caroline Akrill 'Eventer's Dream' trilogy.... there's a NEW 4th book!

    Great have the three in one. Always loved her books,what about Not quite a horsewoman?
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    Offensive plants!

    A pile of ash on the bridleways,had to go another way round. Wild rhubarb has big leaves which often shimmer but passed a field that had a raging fine in the days when stubble burning was allowed.
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    Happy gentle falling off stories please!

    Funny one. Coming down a narrow track to a farm gate,old mare hated narrow gates. Went forward to open it and she shot through I slid off into a great puddle of cow slurry. Cue gales of laughter from friend and a mile back to stables at a walk no rising trot
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    Trooping the Colour

    Whoops. Read somewhere during mounted warfare the plume deflected any blow from a sword.
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    Trooping the Colour

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    Full monthly cost of DIY livery

    Wow. Just realised how lucky I am. Have been on same yard for years. Gradually got smaller so only two of us now. We pay £90 a month,get our own hay big bales delivered £45. This year they have lived out all year
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    Aaaagh, the midges have arrived!!!

    Not seen any here as yet flies but nothing that bites,we have a secret deterrent our bottom field is covered in wild garlic horses will demolish the lot.
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    Tell me about Arabs....

    My best ever horse was a part bred,she was bred from Cranleigh Red Shadow,she would go anywhere and do anything,if I could have cloned her I would have,my next was a pure bred crabbett tough as old boots
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    Lucinda’s book The biography of Be Fair

    Got this and her other one Four Square.
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    Wildlife around the yard.

    We have buzzards, kites,deer,badgers that have big sets in the banks,ducks and a family of pheasants that we feed,and all the usual birds.
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    Countryfile Exmoors

    Been going off Country File for quite a time. We have Exmoors on the Downs near Devil's Dyke.
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    Knowall novices

    Read it to my OH who laughed and he is totally unhorsey
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    Yard problems

    I'm an older livery (70 plus) and have always enjoyed young company,have been a shoulder to cry on in times of heartache get to know us were good fun really.
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    ALL Ok everyone?

    Neighbour had a tree come down on her stables,luckily her horses were out,our yard has a large tree down on fence horses in,few minutes earlier they were under said tree grazing.Sussex a bit bumping but settled now.
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    Hay in the field

    We put loose hay round the field,there are two cobs,the Shetland doesn't seem interested,also use a hay hutch that has a net inside,no waste.
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    Buying an ex-brood mare

    After I sold my last Arab,a friend who had always bred Welsh cobs,offered me her last brood mare.Before having her foals she had been driven and ridden,she had at least four foals,I only hack but she is a delight her temperament is fantastic hope you enjoy
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    Sussex folks - livery recommendations

    Recommend Truleigh live down the road. Got a friend who has been there quite awhile
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    Changing a horse's name ...... yes or no?

    I have. Got a horse from local riding school and he was called Eric,had just read Tolkien and as he was black he was renamed Roha.n
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    So that's why there were fresh skid marks in the field this morning...

    Found one couple of weeks ago in our field we get them often they float down from parties on the Dyke
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    How far do you travel to your yard?

    10 mins by bike downhill,bit longer coming back!
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    Omg farrier! Shut up and go away!

    Our farrier always books in advance and yes just looked our next date in 20th December.
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    Feel embarassed & defeated

    Fell of whilst horse was at standstill. Then fell off at gate into cow slurry and had a long ride home.
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    People who rode in London/urban areas before the 2000s

    My sister worked at Civil Service Riding stables nr Marble Arch. She used to take me riding in Rotten Row.Later she worked at Wimbledon Village stables so used to ride there as well. The Common was wonderful.This would have been the 50s.after I got married and moved to Dartford rode at Bexley...
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    Can only say how sorry I am.
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    Broken ribs!

    Got mine from being double barreled by my friends cob. Took at least 6 weeks sleeping on sofa it was the right height,wonderful bruising. Still play up sometimes this was back in 2001.
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    Woodchip/Shavings shortage?

    Tackroom/pet shop near us seems well stocked today,we're in west sussex
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    Just playing ponies (rant alert)

    I play ponies too,yesterday had first ride in ages due to colic and it was great both out of condition but never mind and she was allowed to snack on cow parsley as well
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    Astra Zeneca jab

    OH and I had ours same day both had similar effects ie aches,very tired I had a headache and both last appetite. Second jab tired again and a bit woozy.
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    Anyone else need rain?

    Need it very much now for the garden as well as fields. Having to water pots. May have a bit Thursday.