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    Pony spooked for the first time, yippee!

    I know it doesn't sound that exciting, but I'm really pleased. Pony had an unpleasant start to life & as a result is fear aggressive. It's very rare for her to display it these days, she's learnt there's little she needs fear, everyday situations she's fine with, & even unusual ones she's happy...
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    finding out who land belongs to, where to start?

    There's about 3/4 acre not far from my house that I always assumed belonged to the council. It's bordered by disused warehouses, & unkempt. However, it has lovely long unfertilized grass & good drainage. And would only need fencing along two sides, that already have posts from an old chainlink...
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    Do you agree with keeping a horse in permanent isolation?

    Another thread has got me thinking. By isolation, I don't mean as a temporary unavoidable situation. Or with a donkey etc. Or even individual turnout with horses in adjacent fields, or on a busy yard with other equines in sight. Although tbh, even any of those I'm not keen on, (excepting...
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    Would you leave a wet turnout rug on an arthritic horse?

    Just a musing really. Lots of people leave wet turnouts on in the stable, provided the inside isn't wet. However earlier this morning I was speaking to an older lady I know who was saying the damp air, wet dog walking clothes etc make her creak more than usual. ( General age problems...
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    fao strictly clipping.

    Please can you stop bumping every thread about clipping, with links to your website. The free advertising is getting rather tiresome, & the site would be ruined if everyone with an equine business did the same. I'm not a button pusher, but if you continue with the constant advertising someone...
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    Rapid melanoma growth in old horses

    My 23 year old has had a small, unchanging melanoma under her dock since her early teens. Over the last few years, a few more small ones have grown very slowly in the same area. However in the last 6months she's grown another 6 under her dock, which vary between pea & marble size. And much as it...