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  1. windand rain


    Just getting around to sitting on Kitten been leading her around today with a rider on board but noticed she is pulling odd faces while moving almost like she is pinching her lips and nose. I expect it is tension but it looks really odd. Is this normal or should I recheck stuff again
  2. windand rain

    standing up

    after months of keeping her feet on the ground and me believing she had grown out of it while at the vets for sedation for the dentist he applied a bit of pressure to her head (which always was the trigger) and up she went so any suggestions as to how to deal with it before it becomes a handling...
  3. windand rain

    Pictures Best reason for teeth checks in young horses

    Preparing to start Kitten so had all the checks done went for routine rasp of teeth and discovered this since her last check removed to allow new tooth to come in straight The best reason for dentals every 6 months or so for horses changing teeth
  4. windand rain

    Pictures The slowest clear ever

    Think Rowan takes the first prize for the slowest ever clear round:):rolleyes: she dawdled as slowly as possible up to each jump jumped cleanly over every fence and dawdled out of the arena collecting her rosette on the way. In the class she did manage to trot a few was clear in a time almost...
  5. windand rain

    driving choices

    OH wants to drive again we still have his driving pony but he isn't the easiest so choices are 1) retrain the driving pony we have 2)break the dozy welsh A to drive she is very very sensible in traffic etc 3) buy a new experienced driving pony It is a few years since he has driven but it looks...
  6. windand rain

    Any way of assessing pain in horses

    Beyond the usual lameness etc cortisol levels perhaps
  7. windand rain

    Have we got to the end

    Little black git should have been shot years ago he escaped as he is containable away from people and is a great companion but his aggression has escalated in the passed few days. He used to be fine as long as his tummy was full and he got lots of fuss but recently he is coming for the fuss but...
  8. windand rain

    Pictures The autumn years

    A few of Hazels pro photos had the back ground changed and some black and white that were wonderful too I didn't want photos taken at deaths door either so these will be my memory photos shows how cream she still is when you see good photo everyone sees her as grey
  9. windand rain


    Has anyone used this product Kitten has a persistant crack in a front hoof and I wondered if this would clear it up
  10. windand rain

    Smelly dog

    I hate to say it but Willow stinks very doggy with a wiff of damp dog about her. She has skin problems since being spayed so needs everything to be gentle on her skin. Does anyone know of a wipe ot deodorant for hypersensitive skin that works bed is changed daily in her crate the mats on the...
  11. windand rain

    That's Hazel on pen rest

    Showing lame on off hind so vet came and said rest and bute she is usually a pain if separated from her field mates but is really happy today in knee high grass, pen is about 10x15 meters so no doubt will be chewed up quickly in all this rain still got another acre of long grass if she needs it...
  12. windand rain

    Stifle lameness

    Have had the vet to Hazel she has stifle lameness that they want to treat conservatively initially but at approaching 26 I need to have some idea of prognosis. We believe it to be an injury due to twisting but the next step will be scans and xrays so what next. Recommended rest but does it need...
  13. windand rain

    growing girth

    Bought a second hand girth was very diligent in making sure they knew I only wanted a 40 inch one even put it on the paypal payment reference. It arrived this morning and is 56 inches long but the woman insists she posted a 40 inch one so be careful if you post anything it grows in the post. I...
  14. windand rain

    Fence problems

    Livery is repeatedly going through the fences. the fence in question is 5 strands of rope all new and tight is on permanent wooden posts 10ft apart the fencer is new and mains operated it is chucking out 12500 volts and 7.9 joules It has a new earth She is not jumping but climbing through...
  15. windand rain

    Clicking stifle

    friend pony nearly fell over next to me while grazing because her stifle slipped. She is young and growing after a less than ideal start what sort of exercise does she need
  16. windand rain

    where do you

    carry your phone when trousers dont have pockets or they are too small for the phone. old fashioned me thought a bum bag type of belt but if so where to find one Have to have it on me until oh is safe on his feet
  17. windand rain

    Too much or okay now 6 months on

    worke really hard keeping her fed and happy which she certainly is but should I keep her at this weight or put her out on the track with the others. She is a lot easier to ride cannot feel her ribs and has 24/7 turnout on short grass Until I took the photo I was happy with her weight certainly...
  18. windand rain

    Track system and young horses

    The livery is a bit of a git with the fencing even managed to get wrapped up in the permanent stuff last week. The question is will it be safe to let her into the track to eat off the grass before the laminitic sensible one goes in or just strip graze the sensible one around it to eat off the...
  19. windand rain

    Where do you find

    A reliably trained first eventer for a 2 year loan. Preferably about 15.2 to 16hh at biggest. Up to giving an amazing young rider a chance at BE The young lady in question has endless patience and talent but no large cash input to buy and will be heading to uni in 2 years time. Scratching my...
  20. windand rain

    soap barrels

    been given some 45 gallon drums that formally held laundry soap need to wash them out but not sure if the wash out will be harmful to the grass or ultimately the ponies. I hope once clean to use to collect rainwater for the school(grass) as it gets a bit hard in dry weather, soil is sandy so has...
  21. windand rain

    meet bingo

    6 weeks old will be home on 9th of May
  22. windand rain

    Would you

    Travel a 25 year old 5 hours to a show 2 nights away and 5 hours back. Currently as fit as a flea not showing any signs of age and loves travelling and going to shows. Was supposed to go last year but was cancelled due to covid seemed okay last year but am thinking hard this year. No change just...
  23. windand rain

    Puppy sitting in an old dog

    Willow over the pasr few weeks has started to puppy sit she is almost 11 and still very sprightly but its not usual for her. She isnt obviously lame or sore and still as barmy as ever. She is eating toileting and responding normally to commands.
  24. windand rain

    digging in food Help please

    The livery digs at food in a bucket spills it, in a raised feeder digs holes about a foot deep, and I feel it is unsafe to give any of the herd haynets as I can see her digging at them too as they have to be used as pillows. So is there a fool proof way of stopping her or do I need to put...
  25. windand rain

    Chafer grubs

    the field is being destroyed by Rooks getting chafer grubs out of the soil any idea how to get rid of them and send the rooks packing dont mind them usually but they are making a horrendous mess of my usually mud free fields
  26. windand rain

    cavalier king charles spaniel puppy

    Can anyone tell me where to find a puppy that is health tested and not a mortgage to buy
  27. windand rain

    Pictures So happy

    Rowan found a little bit of go at her first ever showjumping competition She jumped two steady clear rounds not placed as not fast enough but the kid and pony had fun. Only a few weeks ago the frustration of her not moving and just standing bucking nearly made the kid give up. Determination and...
  28. windand rain

    Rugs again this time for ponies

    What brand of rug has a small neck standard fit tends to be too loose and slides back most makes seem to make necks for big horses and just shorten the back for ponies. All the pony rugs I have bought have been the same and had a few brands now. Need rugs with small necks but slightly longer...
  29. windand rain

    drinking mouthwash

    The welshie is obsessed by drinking the dilute mouthwash I am using to flush Hazels mouth I can stop her if with someone else but not if doing it on my own I guess it is because its sweet and minty but will it harm her it is one cap diluted in a litre of water
  30. windand rain

    manger height

    I appreciate that eating from the floor is ideal but with sandy soil and the risk of sand colic what are the issues if any of chest height mangers