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    Could you please help me with a project survey? :)

    Hi All Would really appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes of your time to fill out the enclosed survey for a project im doing as part of a course :) Thank you
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    Men's breeches

    Why oh why do all the manufactures seem to think that all we want is white, navy, black or olive? Are there any companies out there who have a range that are a bit less boring? Just a touch of colour would be nice!
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    Which Supplements?

    When you shop online which supplements do you think it is necessary to stock? I was thinking NAF, Some of the Protexin, Lincoln & Dodson & Horrell, Global Herbs possibly. Is there anything that you would want to find when shopping online, And do you prefer to buy online or in store or is it...
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    Right, After some advice here. Horse is a typical TB but short backed, I'm 6' with long legs. Saddler reccomended an Albion Kontact as its forward cut for me and short and comfortable enough for him, Obviously this is a near on £2000 saddle and I can't just pull that out of my arse. Are...
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    Albion Kontact saddles

    Horse is a high withered thoroughbred with not a lot of top line, problem is he can only take a 17" saddle and I'm a long legged person of 6ft 1 Tried a kontact lite on him and loved it but not the price! Have come across a Kontact dual on eBay, my question is are they the same fit? The...
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    WWYD? horse not advertised truthfully?

    Said horse is advertised on H&H, spoke to owner to get some further details and she said horse had never been sick or sorry or had a days lameness etc so decided to drive over 2 hours to see horse. I get there, pick its foot up and it has a bloody heart bar shoe on, obviously I was fuming as...
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    Team Two Mills Sports Horses

    Has anybody had any dealings with the above people? Going to look at a horse they have advertised on Friday Found a couple of threads mentioning them but they date back to 2009 Seemed lovely when i spoke to them
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    Gastric Ulcer Supplements from Vets

    Right, Getting royally pee'd off at having to pay £86.66 per tub from our vet when it's quite clearly all from the same company who ship out to vets all over the country who just slap their own label on it. The one I'm looking for is this: It's a 3.2Kg tub and they are very thin pellets...
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    Eurgh Filthy animal

    Any suggestions for bedding to make him less of a minger? Shavings worked out expensive as he was just as dirty.
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    Micklem Bridle

    Right I know this will have been covered a million and one times but I'm asking if people think this would suit my horse, Not someone else's horse so please don't tell me to use the search function. He is a fussy mouthed Tb who is very inconsistent in the contact and spends alot of time...
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    Nunney horse trials

    BE are waiting to release a statement regarding an incident there on the cross country course. There are unconfirmed reports that a Canadian rider has died :-( **** week for eventing
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    Tri Zone All Sport Boot Sizing

    Quick question In people experience with the Tri Zone All Sport boot, What is the sizing like? Have a 16.2 TB with spindly legs so he takes cob size boots. Would medium be the best fit for him?
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    Jo Boots for XC?

    I'm going to Primrosehill XC in a couple of weeks time. Only practice as its our first time. Would we be ok to use just Jo boots on front or would I be better off getting some tri zone type boots?
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    H&C TV - An Evening with Carl & Charlotte

    Who from here is going?
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    Gastric Ulcers (I know, again, right?)

    Pretty confident that my lad has ulcers now, I can't put his many flaws down to anything else and it all points to the signs of EGUS. Miserable ******* Girthy Very erratic ridden behaviour, Can be fine one minute and an absolute arse the next poor doer yawns a lot (I have been told this...
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    Correct turnout

    Just a quickie For unaffiliated dressage and SJ will I be ok to wear Navy jacket, White Breeches, Black Hat but with my Burgundy Sergio Grasso long Boots? They aren't bright as they have dulled down with age but I'm loathe to get a new pair as these had to be custom made just to be used...
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    Mens Show Jacket

    Why is it so hard to find a cheap(ish) mens show jacket 38" in black? Any suggestions, Found a Dublin one on DH for £30 but its DH so I'm scared to order from there lol
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    Rowan Barbary Solution Mash

    Does anyone on here feed this? Currently feeding my TB Saracen Re-Leve, Alfa Oil and a bit of Fast Fibre but its inevitable he will attempt to imitate a hat rack when the temperature really drops. Was thinking of perhaps using the mash instead of the fast fibre? He can be a bit of a knob...
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    Liveryman Harmony charging

    Thick question alert Right, Bought some of the above clippers the other day second hand. All fine etc When charging, if the green light is flashing does this mean charging, charged or something else?
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    Help me!

    Really need some advice with my great donkey. He used to jump perfectly with no rushing into the fences etc but now he tries to bolt into the fences and launches his head in the air all the time. Any advice on how I can help him regain his brain and help us enjoy it again? He's a thoroughbred by...
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    What bridle to match Bates Classic Brown?

    As above really. Need to find a bridle with a good colour match to Bates classic brown. Most I can find are havana which seems to dark Thank You HHO :D
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    Rebound Hoof Pack

    Has anyone used this product? I know people will have used Magic Cushion but that tests and my farrier mentioned this product. Thanks :)
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    Country Boots

    Right, I really want a pair of country boots, Trouble is i have size 10 feet and skinny as hell calves. My riding boots had to be custom made they are that scrawny :D Is there anywhere who does them with a slim calf, I dont mind them being a bit baggy but all the ones I see would be able to...
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    What bargains did you have at YHL?

    As above, Sheepskin over reach boots - £10 Hot Chilly leg wrap for £5.75 5kg of Baileys Garlic for £15 Premier Equine turnout boots - £20 Going back tomorrow for more spending lol :D
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    Well this is a can of worms Fuller Fillies are now making saddles up to 22 inch seat. I'm sorry but if you know you are a heavy person then you ought to know you are too heavy to ride. When your arse sticks out wider than the horses, you know you have issues.
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    Petplan Equine

    Is anyone insured with Petplan Equine? If so did you send of a vetting certificate. Im confused by the wording on the website which says i must show any vet certificates that I hold.....I dont hold any. Hes only insured for £1000 and the only thing on his vet record is vaccinations...
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    Weed Wand

    Has anyone ever used one of these: For clearing ragwort? If so are they any good? Obviously i dont intend to use it on any full...
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    Help - Horse acting strange

    Hi Normally my TB is a quick eater. I brought him in yesterday to worm him and he went straight to his hay net and started eating as per the norm. I then wormed him (Equest Pramox) and since then he has been eating very slowly. He has been finishing but takes alot longer than usual. Any...
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    Puffy Legs

    Went up to see him this evening and both his near fore and near hind are all puffed up. There is a bit of heat in them but he isnt sore to the touch on them and he isn't even slightly lame. I have applied a good coat of cooling gel to them tonight. Any ideas what this could be? Im...
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    Little help please :)

    Please could you all visit this page and click the like button, Need to get up to 50 likes before Facebook lets you do anything worthwhile Thanks :)