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  1. Asha

    Floor/bedding mobile field shelter

    Weve finally had a lovely new mobile field shelter put up, so now just wondering what flooring / bedding does everyone use ? Thanks !
  2. Asha

    2022 Foals

    So come on who has a foal cooking for 2022 ? Ive got a full brother /sister cooking for Amara. Sire Avanti Amorous Archie out of my homebred mare Aria ( shes part bred ID x TB with a smidge of WB) Foal due 2nd May. Photo of Aria and Asha when Aria was a yearling No photos of this years foal...
  3. Asha

    Hay Bags

    Having a bit of a nightmare finding a way to feed Haylage in the stable for a couple of the horses . I’ve moved all mine to the nosebagz ( see photo of black haybar type . All good apart from 2 of the girls . They just rip them down within minutes and end up with Haylage all over the stable ...
  4. Asha

    Older horses and dental issues

    Asha is now 23, and is just starting to show her age. She looks a bit EMS like at the moment but hasnt had any lammi. Last year we kept her off the grass a lot ( in during the day ) but she would come out of the stable quite sore. I assumed it was the start of lammi, but turns out its arthritis...
  5. Asha

    Water treadmill

    Has anyone used one to help build fitness for a non injured horse ? Just curious to hear feedback
  6. Asha

    Pips not right.. any ideas ?

    I wasnt worried at first as i just assumed it was an abscess . Saturday morning Pip wasnt right. Toe pointing on left hind, swollen fetlock and quite lame. Had a prod around, and reactive to touch on the heel. I poulticed her up and kept her in for a bit. Sunday morning, still toe pointing/heel...
  7. Asha

    WWYD - Farrier

    in a bit of a quandary.. Im not one to change willy nilly, but ive had to change farriers over the past couple of years: Farrier 1 - used him forever, we moved areas 15 years ago, and he had a fair bit of business in the new area. Over the years his business over here dropped off. It ended up...
  8. Asha

    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    We need some good news / positive threads so thought id start a thread to follow any 2021 foals, be nice to share updates/photos etc We have just the one due. My homebred Aria (who is out of my old ID Asha x Royaldik) is in foal to Avanti Amorous Archie, due date approx 24th April. Ive always...
  9. Asha

    wanted adverts for broodmares

    Just wanted to have a moan really. Really fed up of seeing wanted adverts for broodmares stating they have limited budgets. No clue as to what discipline they are breeding for, they dont care what they look like, basically they need a pulse and a womb and want to pay a couple of hundred quid...
  10. Asha

    WWYD ? Anal gland cancer

    I got lots of support from you all when we had the diagnosis for Wallace, so thought id ask you all what you would do ? He was diagnosed last year, as well as having arthritis. The arthritis is in all his limbs now. He was doing great on the meds until a few weeks ago, so we took him back to...
  11. Asha

    i know its been asked before ... but trailer or 3.5t after having a 7.5t

    I sold my old 7.5t just as lockdown happened. He was getting on a bit, and although in cracking nick just thought the time was right I had decided on the new ifor williams 511 hbx, but husband wants me to have a 3.5. We have mainly irish draughts, and the trailer has more than enough capacity...
  12. Asha

    Riding with hip arthritis

    Ive been struggling for a bit now with hip pain, so finally made the trip to doctors. Had an xray and its hip arthritis, not bad enough to warrant a new one, but they will give me some stronger pain relief. I'm just finding that riding really aggravates it. I'm having physio tomorrow , so will...
  13. Asha

    Loaning horses & Insurance

    Ive never loaned a horse out before , so a bit in the dark with what is the norm. What do people expect loaners to do ref insurance ? Horse in question is my homebred , who is kept at my home ( no costs to loaner whatsoever) and the loaner comes and rides from here. However, loaner wants to...
  14. Asha

    They’ve arrived 😍

    Meet Fern and Lily . Fern is my daughters full ID ( Scrapman x Ballinrobe boy ) and Lily is mine , Connie x ID ( huntingfield ruler x Robin Hood ). Both arrived last night and walked off the lorry and straight into the stable totally unfazed . After a goodnight sleep, we turned them straight out...
  15. Asha

    Falling off.. any tips to land better?

    Ive fallen off 3 times in the last year, on one occasion I landed on my feet which im not sure really counts as falling off, but the other two occasions ive gone sort of splat, and really banged my head. Both times ending up with concussion. How do you fall off better ? Its always when we are...
  16. Asha

    Connemara x ID anyone have one ?

    Ive accidently bought one ( as you do ). She wont arrive until October as shes just being weaned and waiting on passport. I appreciate you cant generalise, but Im assuming they turn out like a small ID but with a bit of pony feistiness thrown in ? Any thoughts
  17. Asha

    Chemo - is it worth putting a dog through it ?

    Im getting a bit ahead of myself here, as its not 100% confirmed. But vets have found a tumour in my gorgeous boy this morning, and my head is just all over the place. Its an anal gland tumour, they have taken bloods and from there will be booking him in for xrays/scan to see if its spread. The...
  18. Asha

    Am I being unreasonable?

    Be honest guys ! So , we have lovely neighbours, they’ve been next door for a couple of years now and been no bother . Genuinely nice people . Before they moved in the fencing was falling down and previous opener wouldn’t replace , so we replaced it with good quality 4 strand post and rail...
  19. Asha

    Anyone good at maths ?

    So, it’s raining, I’m having a cup of tea and thinking about the week ahead . I’m planning on putting my mare in foal to a full Irish Draught , but can’t work out what % ID , TB , and WB there would be . Anyone ? So mares dam is 3/4 ID x 1/4 TB , her sire is 1/2 TB x 1/2 WB, the. As I...
  20. Asha

    Cushings, itchy and stiff

    My wonderful ole girl Asha is getting on a bit, shes 21 now, and been retired for a few years. Last year she was diagnosed with cushings, we tried meds but they made her terribly depressed. So vet said to take her off them ( after reducing amount which made no difference) . She perked back up...
  21. Asha

    adding condition without adding energy

    Hello HHO , my new mare has just come back from being started. So looking for a feed to give that will add condition without energy. Shes 7 , and has been a broodmare up until now, and came in a very poor condition. 16.3 WB rangy type. I managed to get weight on with spillers mash and stud...
  22. Asha

    Daughter wants to bring work home

    My daughter is a freelance groom and one of her customers is looking for a new home for her Shetland. Said daughter is besotted with this pony . We currently don’t have a spare stable , but she would make an ideal companion for my old mare who is over weight . None of my others need strip...
  23. Asha

    Keeping a tack room warm

    Just wondering what you all use ? I’ve a decent size tack room , made from brick with a little kitchen in it . I’d like something to keep it warm over winter . Was thinking of the heated rug dryers , but they seem expensive when they are basically a large oil radiator . A friend of mine...
  24. Asha

    Pictures update on shear mouth

    Just back from the vets. Shes going to be ok, which is great news. Ive added a couple of photos in case anyone wanted to see. The first is her lump. They xrayed, and found that its actually a tooth that's growing the wrong way. Basically when the adult tooth started coming through there wasn't...
  25. Asha

    Anyone encountered ' Shear mouth'?

    Has anyone any experience with this ? After speaking to my horse dentist, my new mare has this due an issue with one of her lower back teeth. (Which appears to have been going on for sometime) he tells me she is in a lot of pain, and needs to be xrayed to see whats going on. She is booked in...
  26. Asha

    Ive filled my empty stable, meet our new mare..

    I just fancied a bit of a project, so kept my eye open for a 'something'. My criteria was that it had to be different from Harry who passed away earlier this year. Well, shes very different ! She arrived yesterday, a 6yo 16.3 WB unbroken broodmare, just weaned her foal, and in foal again for...
  27. Asha

    Curious - How many homes/owners has your horse had ?

    Just being nosey really. A comment on another thread got me thinking - about buying a confidence giver for now, with the idea that once its done its job then getting an upgrade . ( I have no problem with that at all !!) Just made me think about my own, and how many times they have had to...
  28. Asha

    Encouraging horse to drink away from home

    Aria drinks well at home, but I struggle to get her to drink when shes away at shows. As its going to be a warm one, what do you use to encourage your horse to drink while away from home/after event ? Thanks
  29. Asha

    anyone entering the futurity this year ?

    Seeing as its now up and running, just wondering if anyone is going ? I thought I would take my yearling this year, and see whats new.
  30. Asha

    neck arthritis

    Has anyone any experience of this ? One of mine has just been diagnosed as having a bone spur in the C7, which is touching the spinal cord. The vet is going to discuss the x rays with a specialist, so i wont know much until next week. Vet says he will eventually get neuro problems as it...