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  1. ElleSkywalker

    Alternatives to Selsun shampoo for itchy horses

    Have had great success with using Selsun shampoo for itchy horses this year, I've also used Nizoral on the less itchy ones which has helped with generic bum itching, but seems Selsun (the 2.5% stuff not the blue) is in very short supply and swapping hands for stupid prices (89.99 anyone?) So has...
  2. ElleSkywalker

    Selsun/alternative for itchy horses

    Hi all, Found a few threads on here re using Selsun shampoo for itchy horses, I have a few of them but wanted to know if anyone has had success using it for itchy horses? Specifically sweet itch type itching (tails and scabby manes, not all over and not true sweet itch) Which brings me to...
  3. ElleSkywalker

    Any tortoise folks? Outdoor pens

    Hello, making my tort (Horsfield, about 6 years old) an outside run, it's quite big, probably 3m X 1.5m, sides made of sleepers (well repurposed old fence rails) on our lawn so already set to grass. What do people put in tortoise runs to play with, enrichment etc? Going to sink him a little...
  4. ElleSkywalker

    Places to recycle feed/bedding bags?

    Afternoon, Like many of us I have absolutely loads of feed and bedding plastic bags taking up space that I'd love to recycle. The bedding bags say they recycleable and have a no 4 on them but I can't actually find where to take the bleeping things to recycle them! My local tip doesn't take them...
  5. ElleSkywalker

    Taking off grazing muzzles

    When do people take of muzzles for winter?
  6. ElleSkywalker

    Museum of the Horse (Tuxford)

    Hi chaps, Bit if market research help needed, I live fairly near the museum and have volunteered to help out, so can I get some ideas/opinions? For example; Have you heard of the museum before? Have you visited before? If you have heard of it but not visited why? What sort of things would you...
  7. ElleSkywalker

    Making stone path, would this work?

    Evening, I need to make a couple of paths from my stables to drive (both in my garden, no planning required) I am waiting on a neighbour coming to see if he wants to do it for me but time is ticking on and concerned its not going to happen so wondering if building the paths on top of the grass...
  8. ElleSkywalker

    Thin Gilet update

    So my Horsewear Nessa gilet arrived today. Its certainly thin and a good fit with double zip and good pockets (bar the p*rvert pocket which is suited on and around my boob, very very odd) the zip is a bit awkward to use, (I feel this is just on this gilet not design feature) but I can't be...
  9. ElleSkywalker

    Shopping help, thin gilet

    Afternoon, I have to finally admit that my very much beloved Zara Phillips musto gilet is not up to the job anymore and allow it to retire. I tried to retire it before but due to how awesome it is dug the poor thing back out again earlier this year and squished into it, neither of its pockets...
  10. ElleSkywalker

    GFS XCH saddles, market?

    I have two GFS XCH S2 cob saddles, I got them both new and have hardly has any use. I'm looking to sell them to get a treeless each instead but seems they are only worth about Β£300! Am I missing a trick is there somewhere I should be advertising them? A special FB group or are they really that...
  11. ElleSkywalker

    Glandular ulcer supplements

    Hi all, The cute little foal in striped wellies in my avatar has grown up to be a very stressy horses who 3 years ago was diagnosed with almost glandular ulcers. They weren't bad enough to be classed as proper ones or graded but she was treated with injections anyway. She's not been ridden...
  12. ElleSkywalker

    Inspirational/motivational neck strap quotes?

    Anyone think of a good, positive few words to put on a neck strap? More inspirational/motivational than funny and only positive connotations so not 'don't cry' or 'don't fall off' more something to give a boost/smile/determination 😁 Any ideas........go! 😁
  13. ElleSkywalker

    Stable hay feeders for shetlands, NOT to slow eating

    Hi all Seems I have two of the rarest creatures in the equine world, the non greedy shetland. Both never eat their full hay ration and spread it round stables and I hate throwing it out as its dirty so looking for feeders to put hay in (around 2kgs worth at a time) I don't like haynets, prefer...
  14. ElleSkywalker

    Shetland rehoming?

    I may be in need of a companion to keep my standard shetland company. The shetland will want for nothing, live on a mini track with shelter in summer and mud free turn out in winter as well as having its own stable. It will be weighed every 3 months by independent nutritionist and see farrier...
  15. ElleSkywalker

    Bum building saddlepad/band combo

    Hi, Can anyone tell me which of the bum/tummy band/saddlecloth combos are the actual researched and effective ones? I was recommend one years ago by Sue Dyson but can't remember which one was the one to use? I've seen lots of different versions with varying prices as well as the home made...
  16. ElleSkywalker

    Are Boett rugs still worth the money?

    I have an itchy pony, not full on sweet itch but enough to need a rug on 24/7. He's historically had a rambo sweetitch rug but it's quite thick and in the heat we have had last few summers hes got very sweaty under it. He also manages to still itch his tail in it so thinking of a boett but they...
  17. ElleSkywalker

    SDD Nag Hotel tonight 6pm

    For anyone who watched the Nag Hotels by Skint Dressage Daddy on YouTube over lockdown, he has done a Christmas special playing tonight frim 6pm on YouTube. πŸ˜πŸŽ„πŸ΄
  18. ElleSkywalker

    Any point resting a field for a few weeks?

    Afternoon Getting highly sick of muddy field already and considering giving it a 4 or so week break for Jan or in Feb. Situation is that have 3 acre field that is a couple of tracks in summer and fully open in winter. I have an area by gate that is mud free with a shelter that I fence off...
  19. ElleSkywalker

    Genius ideas for rug storage?

    Anyone got any? At present unused turnout rugs are in large plastics B&Q tubs stacked on top of each other and although safe from spiders and mice are very hard to get rugs out of so most of the rugs don't even used. I do need to do a drastic rug cull but even with that I'd still like to tidy...
  20. ElleSkywalker

    Skint dressage daddy and Nag Hotel

    *Am in no way connected to SSD or Nag Hotel* So over lockdown SSD (father of a dressage mad young lady who writes amusing things about his daughter and her love of horses, can be a bit sweary but usually spot on) began to make some sweet little films using said daughters model horses. They must...
  21. ElleSkywalker

    Riding Skirts for Papaverfollis

    Got an Eqco riding skirt for my birthday,its lined with their doesitall fabric as I have old creaky knees that need to be kept extra toasty. Wore it today and kept my legs lovely warm but not over warm so loving it 😁 Fairly sure I look super ladylike and exactly like a posh Victorian side...
  22. ElleSkywalker

    Reproofing stables with back pack sprayer?

    Morning, Am very short, and stables need re doing with stablecoat woodstain stuff. On their website it mentions using a back pack sprayer to apply......has anyone tried this rather than using a brush? I'd have to spend a lot of time up a ladder to do it with a brush and sounds so easy just...
  23. ElleSkywalker

    Showjumping height measurements, cup or pole?

    Went to a combined training event today, entred class billed max height 50cms. Walked course and thought these look huge. Measured said jumps with my new BS legal 60cm whip, fences just smaller than whip at top of pole. Spread on fences width of whip so 60cms, one fence over the whips length...
  24. ElleSkywalker

    Is my tortoise lacking something?

    Afternoon, Just been out in the garden with my tortoise Cedric, hes has a bath and been for a jolly scamp around the garden and drive, tormenting cats and ignoring all my carefully cultivated tortoise food (weeds πŸ˜‚) in favour of trying to eat the concrete path, bricks, stones and dog poo 😳...
  25. ElleSkywalker

    Power phazer vs Tritec....discuss

    I currently use power phaser gel which does work but those horrid tiny black bitey flies still seem land on the bits that the gel isn't on. They drive poor delicate cobbler crazy. Wondering if worth trying tritec instead? The power phaser works quite well on horse flies but they are really...
  26. ElleSkywalker


    Afternoon, Just measured my traditional cobs bone, I think it's about 9" maybe slightly less due to floof at back of knee and her not particularly liking me doing it, but I have no idea if this is good or bad and what it means? She's probably just over 14.2 now and 5 years old. I think she...
  27. ElleSkywalker

    Getting mains electric to middle of field?

    Afternoon, *Firstly this is a temporary thing so digging channels or a large frame above ground arent viable options* I want to get mains electric from the outside of field across 10m to get to an inner field that will be it's own small track and turn out pen for lami ponies. I have...
  28. ElleSkywalker

    Who wants to hog my Cob? (Photoshop)

    Its not happening, I love her girly mane and floofy feet even if they are a pain in winter, but bored and shes clean so be interesting to see what she'd look like without mane and feather :) Just had a bath so still wet in these pics. Usually mane and feathers much floofier 😁
  29. ElleSkywalker

    Home made shetland shelter?

    Afternoon, I wanted to get my ponies another ark style shelter that was predominantly for my shetland to have so she can stay out overnight on her own mini track within a bigger track for ponies but carona has obvs ruined that plan so considering a home made one. I have; Lots and lots of...
  30. ElleSkywalker

    Pony Fight Club (introducing new pony)

    So I have 4 ponies I want to go out together on a track round a 3 acre field. Most have been in together at some point but one, who we shall call Stroppy Mare hasn't been out with the only one that earns its keep, who we shall call Cobbler and has been exceptionally jealous of her since I got...