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    Horsebox tyres - a reminder for those with boxes over 3.5 tonnes

    Folks, it's been mentioned on here several times, but I was horrified today to read that DVSA are still finding tyres older than 10 years on the front steering axles of horseboxes when they are conducting roadside checks. Please, please, if you haven't already done so go and check your tyres...
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    FAO AMP your inbox is full

    AMP, Don't want to read and run. I'll reply tomorrow, but your inbox is full at the moment.
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    It wasn't a great week until last night

    It started last Saturday when our darling cat was PTS (renal failure). Made it in to work on Monday, and have spent since then explaining that while I can and do frequently manage to produce miracles, the impossible is just that. On Tuesday, while walking back to the station on the way...
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    The house is so empty tonight

    Last night, our beloved Siamese, Camilla, didn't finish her dinner. This morning she was too quiet, and neither drinking nor eating. By 1pm she was vomiting so we found a vet practise that was open and got her there. Blood showed that she was in renal failure, and by now the spark had gone...
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    Riding school recommendation

    Posting this on behalf of a colleague looking for help. His 7 year old son with physical and EBD needs was riding last summer at an RDA group, which hasn't restarted this year. He is looking for somewhere that can cater for his lad, who was walking with one sidewalker. Any suggestions for...
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    Busby Equitation Centre, Glasgow: experiences please

    Hi All, Posting this on behalf of my Mum, who would like to pay for some lessons for a godchild. As I am 400 miles south, I can't help her out here by going for a look round, and as Mum is not very mobile, she can't easily pop round herself. Quality of instruction and suitability of...
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    Aldi Equestrian Specialbuys 30 June 2016

    I know this has been mentioned in another thread, but I think it's worthy of posting here so that it's easy to find. Aldi have one of their horsey days next Thursday - and you can order now on line, for goods to be despatched next Thursday.